Sandwiches recipes

Canapes with goat cheese and canapés with salmon
2.5k - 20м 8
Everyone knows what a canapé (canapé) is this little French appetizer has gained popularity in many countries. Weighing not more than 80 g based on dried bread or on a substrate of solid vegetables with various fillings, mostly preparing for the holiday table and buffet. Later they began to use the skewers, but not for beauty, but not to get your hands dirty while eating. Today I offer you 2 types of canapés: "canap& #233;s au fromage de chèvre" - with goat cheese and "canap& #233;s au saumon" canape with red fish, I got this smoked salmon! No complicated preparation and decoration of any table!
Kereset in Hungarian
2.5k - 20м 15
Kereset (sheep cheese with spices) in Hungarian. The first time I tried this snack in the store and not realized what it's made of... to explain in Detail how to prepare, my husband, of course, could not. Since then, she has become my regular Breakfast. And today I made it myself, and in my execution of it was even tastier. In General, I invite everyone to come to visit...
2.2k 3 15м 6
Delicious replacement pizza every day. Well suited to soups.
Sandwich with fish paste
2k - 30м 2
Fish, bread, greens - the perfect snack at work, on the road, at a picnic. Especially if all of it is cooked with mustard sauce based on mayonnaise "Mach".
Sandwiches "Mimosa"
1.9k - 30м 8
A beautiful Breakfast for your favorite women on March 8. Hopefully, men will make us happy! And if not, then please yourself!
Canapés assorted
1.9k - - -
Canapés are prepared quickly, is a recipe in a hurry, the option from the "guests on the threshold". The basis for them can be prepared in advance and finish just before serving. It is convenient for cherished parties. For a nice chat on the sofa or playing Board games in the warm company of canapés disappear unnoticed, as they do not put. So put twice, can't go wrong. The combination of flavors canapés familiar, understandable, they can easily offer to strangers, they hardly anyone will not like.
1.7k - 20м 2
Once in the United States during lunch I tried the usual fast food very simple dish - they called it pressata. Was very tasty! As they say, it was love at first bite. Came home and prepared as represented. Sometimes now indulge friends.
Tartlets of cod liver "Unpleasant"
1.6k 4 20м 17
Delicate and unique dish. Looks very good on the table. Taste the quality.. I can't pass.. very tasty.
1.5k 3.5 - 18
Wanted to cook khachapuri :) but a fantasy played out :) and stuffing the cheese went the contents of the refrigerator :):):) turned out very edible!:)
"Herringbone" for appetizer
1.5k - 90м 16
This Christmas fantasy - what you need for holiday or corporate event. This "Christmas tree" you can catch (not kill!!) several birds with one stone: a large number of different knaperek is served in a very compact form, beautiful and comfortable for eating. I have on a platter with a diameter of 20 cm fit 48 canapés three types! Canapés can be done any - to your taste or like me.
Tartlets with cheese, tomatoes and herbs
1.5k 4 10м 8
A very simple appetizer for summer get-togethers. Very fast, very easy, very tasty and no Mayo (which is very important for the summer heat).
1.4k 4 25м -
Perhaps it would be better to call the hot sandwiches... but it just so happened in our family... very convenient for Breakfast, snack or to take to the road...
Mediterranean Burger Patty with Turkish sujuk
1.4k - 90м 6
If you are tired of the traditional burgers, it's time to introduce a little variety. Very little need to cook Turkish chicken kebab Suzdal. And it didn't seem trivial, I'll do it on the basis of a delicious Burger with a Mediterranean twist. See detailed videorecipe.
Tartlets of bread with tuna
1.4k - - -
Simple and delicious cakes of bread for toast, perfect as a festive table and for snack. Fill can be absolutely different fillings and cooking them just a few minutes.
1.4k - 30м 4
Sharma, Sharma, shaverma, Shawarma, etc. How many names one dish... Let me as part of my series "Popular Israeli kitchen" show you how to prepare and serve it in our home. And although this is street food, the cook is quite capable to everyone. You are welcome for me.
Lazy tarts
1.4k 4 30м 6
Simple and quick to prepare dish for those who are too lazy to cook. Delicious and juicy :)
Canapés for the cocktail reception
1.3k 3 - -
Beautiful, delicious and practical.
Tartlet "Centipede – traffic lights"
1.3k 5 60м 6
So this creature comes into competition "Queen of the cocktail." )) This is a dish I came up with for the birthday of my 6 nieces, but the "pilot version" with pleasure my husband dare with your friends for beer and football. Proving once again that men at any age - children. Well, niece, her friends were delighted. And most importantly, this dish replaced the entire salad table, which is not very fond of children.
1.3k 5 10м -
Why "Rescue"? Prepared quickly. Ingredients available at any store. The price of all components is democratic: all the basic components are not expensive ! Hearty and delicious. Lovely starter Leaves room for imagination for the main component of crab sticks !
Sandwiches "Boats with caviar"
1.3k 5 20м 6
How you can decorate regular sandwiches with red caviar
Burger with brie and cherry-orange sauce
1.2k - 50м 2
My family love homemade burgers, so I am often experimenting with them. This time I wanted to prepare delicious and unusual sandwich that will satisfy not only the male half, but will please the girls. The highlight of this Burger is the sauce. It turns out very tasty and perfect for a "noble" cheese and juicy beef. It has a light sweetness and sourness. This sauce can also be used for cheese plates and meat cooked on the grill.