Sandwiches recipes for New Year

Croutons with beetroot mousse and herring
360 - 20м 6
Snacks of herring is very loved by us, besides they are enough budget, and no holiday is complete without them. Suggest You try a small (one bite) crunchy croutons with spicy beetroot mousse and herring. Of course, first and foremost, it will appeal to men as it is just the perfect snack to vodka, but among the fair sex certainly there are fans of salty and spicy!
"Herringbone" for appetizer
325 - 90м 16
This Christmas fantasy - what you need for holiday or corporate event. This "Christmas tree" you can catch (not kill!!) several birds with one stone: a large number of different knaperek is served in a very compact form, beautiful and comfortable for eating. I have on a platter with a diameter of 20 cm fit 48 canapés three types! Canapés can be done any - to your taste or like me.
Sandwiches fluffy
301 - - -
As well, in the fridge is mayonnaise and ketchup. They can be banal sandwiches make a delicious and interesting dish for home meals and for holiday gatherings for work, for party, for the youth party and picnic.
Tartlets of bread with tuna
263 - - -
Simple and delicious cakes of bread for toast, perfect as a festive table and for snack. Fill can be absolutely different fillings and cooking them just a few minutes.
Canapés "In Russian"
242 - 30м -
This is a dish I was making but the New year, it is very simple and insanely delicious!!! Appetizer what you need!!!
Sandwiches "Konopasky"
235 - 15м 8
This dish I always cook on any holidays! This amazingly delicious snack that is easy to prepare with minimal cost and time!!! Konopaske madly loves all of our family.
Appetizer "Canapés vodka"
233 - 20м 3
A delicious and hearty appetizer perfect vodka for a festive table. The combination of potatoes with the anchovy oil and fish - a win-win!
With sprats canapes one bite
226 3 40м -
Every meal taken to diversify snacks) I want to share with You dear povaryata simple but very tasty sandwiches with fish, men generally look at them first!
Canapés with bacon and dates
225 5 15м 30
Dedicated to lovers of dates. First tried it with canapés on the wedding table, and I liked them so much.. so much that doing it at every opportunity. I think this recipe might come in handy on the Christmas table ... Great in combination with champagne.
Tartlets "Faberge"
196 3 - 6
It is a work of culinary art and not leave indifferent any guest at your party! For the competition "Queen of the cocktail."
188 3 20м 12
Very interesting combination of crab meat and melted cheese sausage.
Eateries cakes herring
185 4 35м 10
Delicious cold appetizer of herring and unusual cream. If you don't like beans, then you can make a herring yolk cream with butter.
Eateries puffs with egg salad
183 - 50м 12
This simple appetizer found in the latest issue of the journal "a Collection of recipes". Snack from the category of "the feast". Love to share the recipe.
Appetizer "Christmas village"
182 4.5 30м -
Depicted here is such a village))) I Hope this idea will help someone decorate a festive table... the Toppings can be very different... I took a liver pate.
Sandwiches "Tanks of a dirt are not afraid"
179 - 40м -
Preparing for February 23. It is a pity that in the "holidays" there is no Day tank. Dedicated to my beloved cousin Sergey, the husband of my sister. He is a former tanker, although tankers were not there (they will understand me) is in the blood. Invented them when he was still in the rank of the groom came to see us. That's remembered about them. Maybe someone else wants to amuse their men.
Salad in tartlets
177 - 30м 2
Crab salad in tartlets with dobavleni Mac .
Sandwich "Sharp little thing"
176 4 - -
Awesome sandwiches!!! Spicy, delicious. Very simple and always fly!!! I have used for the holidays, and as an ordinary option. Be sure to try!!!
Sandwiches "Scarlet"
175 5 45м 10
Prepared a festive sandwiches on the anniversary of the wedding and the name of course stuck, maybe because this caviar-sumguy flower something like a fairy tale?
Herring in a fur coat
171 - 30м 6
Moreover, on the topic of "Herring under a fur coat" perfectly complete Your Christmas table! Delicious, easy, inexpensive and looks great on the holiday table! The addition of soy sauce in this dish makes it somewhat similar to sushi.
Potato baskets with fish ROE filling
165 - - -
It's my anniversary 300 prescription! VERY tasty snack, and very effective. Hope you will like it.
Tartlets "Tiger star"
162 4 30м -
Continue the star theme... )). Cakes for the cub. Took a vol-AU-vents in the shape of a star-filled dream. The stars turned out a bit more than intended. My giant cakes for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".