Sandwiches recipes for 8th of March

Snack Martini "Under the hood"
317 - - -
10 years ago I started Dating a young man who later became my husband and the most reliable and faithful friend and protector. Then I had no idea what to eat wine or a Martini can not only mayonnaise salad, or a juicy piece of "meat by-francuzski". In one of the romantic evening, the husband decided to treat me that made it all himself. Poured into a Martini or two, threw a handful of ice. And prepared sandwiches: a slice of cheese, a cube of pineapple and a slice of chocolate. My gastronomic ideas about the combination of cheese and chocolate were such that, when the husband said, "Try it. Need it all together to eat". I obeyed of course. Put it in his mouth conapesca, chewed, tears rolled down the face.. and suddenly at some point my inner I stopped fighting him and said, "Dasha, it's very tasty!" Since then I have under the hood of the snacks and appetizer was under the hood of the glass..
Burger with brie and cherry-orange sauce
269 - 50м 2
My family love homemade burgers, so I am often experimenting with them. This time I wanted to prepare delicious and unusual sandwich that will satisfy not only the male half, but will please the girls. The highlight of this Burger is the sauce. It turns out very tasty and perfect for a "noble" cheese and juicy beef. It has a light sweetness and sourness. This sauce can also be used for cheese plates and meat cooked on the grill.
Tartlets of bread with tuna
263 - - -
Simple and delicious cakes of bread for toast, perfect as a festive table and for snack. Fill can be absolutely different fillings and cooking them just a few minutes.
Sandwich "Bourgeois"
260 4 5м 1
Maybe on the website there is something like that, I don't know, but this idea came suddenly)) Would both eventually decided to join - that is, greed!)) Do not judge strictly!
Canapés "In Russian"
242 - 30м -
This is a dish I was making but the New year, it is very simple and insanely delicious!!! Appetizer what you need!!!
Sandwiches "Konopasky"
234 - 15м 8
This dish I always cook on any holidays! This amazingly delicious snack that is easy to prepare with minimal cost and time!!! Konopaske madly loves all of our family.
Sandwiches "Mimosa"
234 - 30м 8
A beautiful Breakfast for your favorite women on March 8. Hopefully, men will make us happy! And if not, then please yourself!
House Burger or chicken burgers
233 - 120м -
Of course make homemade chicken juicy burgers, well, then the Burger. In the recipe I want to share with you how I make it. Try.
With sprats canapes one bite
226 3 40м -
Every meal taken to diversify snacks) I want to share with You dear povaryata simple but very tasty sandwiches with fish, men generally look at them first!
Canapés with bacon and dates
225 5 15м 30
Dedicated to lovers of dates. First tried it with canapés on the wedding table, and I liked them so much.. so much that doing it at every opportunity. I think this recipe might come in handy on the Christmas table ... Great in combination with champagne.
Appetizer "shrimp Crackers"
204 - 10м 3
Spectacular and tasty snack instant food. For a wonderful, talented and heart of Masuli /cook Manusha/ Birthday!
The avocado sauce with mussels
196 - 15м 2
From the "healthy food". The spread on sandwiches of avocado, cream cheese with garlic and parsley, supplemented by marinated mussels on the traditional rolls. Breakfast.
Tartlets "Faberge"
196 3 - 6
It is a work of culinary art and not leave indifferent any guest at your party! For the competition "Queen of the cocktail."
188 3 20м 12
Very interesting combination of crab meat and melted cheese sausage.
Sandwich "Sharp little thing"
176 4 - -
Awesome sandwiches!!! Spicy, delicious. Very simple and always fly!!! I have used for the holidays, and as an ordinary option. Be sure to try!!!
Sandwiches "Scarlet"
175 5 45м 10
Prepared a festive sandwiches on the anniversary of the wedding and the name of course stuck, maybe because this caviar-sumguy flower something like a fairy tale?
Potato baskets with fish ROE filling
165 - - -
It's my anniversary 300 prescription! VERY tasty snack, and very effective. Hope you will like it.
French toast "Student"
162 4 - -
These toasts we prepared as students at all gatherings. Crispy, with garlic, flew instantly.
159 4.5 10м 20
Very simple but very effective dish. Suitable for festive table, buffet and quick cooking food intruders!
155 3 30м -
Cooking quick, healthy, delicious and cute snacks.
Bread tarts with mincemeat
149 4 45м 8
Of course, "the Queen of the cocktail" - tartlet and my tarts are no exception, their filling can be varied, today I chose mincemeat, and dignity of these tartlets is that they are prepared very simply and the most accessible products, try it and see for yourself.