Sandwiches recipes for Lent

Croutons with beetroot mousse and herring
360 - 20м 6
Snacks of herring is very loved by us, besides they are enough budget, and no holiday is complete without them. Suggest You try a small (one bite) crunchy croutons with spicy beetroot mousse and herring. Of course, first and foremost, it will appeal to men as it is just the perfect snack to vodka, but among the fair sex certainly there are fans of salty and spicy!
Pita and falafel
253 - - -
International: pita, falafel and tzatziki
Falafel with white beans Lima Eastern pita bread
235 - 180м 8
Traditional Russian meal in the post - potato, cereal, pickles Yes, sauerkraut. The food is hearty, the usual but, unfortunately, quickly boring. Another thing is the kitchen is East. Here the tradition of fasting was observed for thousands of years until Christianity came to Russia. That's why spring this year is I under the auspices of the middle Eastern and North African cuisines: Moroccan, Israeli, Tunisian, Egyptian. And the company "Mistral" helps you discover new recipes and new countries with each new packaging of its products. Today I want to offer a traditional Israeli falafel, cooked not quite a traditional recipe. The fact that the chickpeas I ran out, and replenish his inventory in the store, I did not - so very quickly we sell out. So I decided to cook falafel with white beans Lima. The legend says that many years ago it is from this beans and it was prepared in Ancient Egypt. And the Jews, leaving the inhospitable Mizraim, took a favorite recipe with you. Through forty years of desert travels white beans decided to replace it with chickpeas. Well, once chickpea I'm not, replace it back on the Egyptian beans.
Fitness sandwich
233 - 40м 2
Very fresh veggie sandwiches for those who follow the figure. Girls, cook, enjoy and lose weight.
180 - 60м -
Now post, but sometimes you want something harmful. Especially when you walk past smelling in the street bistro. So was born the idea how to calm her "want"))) And it turned out very tasty! For not fasting is also of course the option is there.
Herring in a fur coat
171 - 30м 6
Moreover, on the topic of "Herring under a fur coat" perfectly complete Your Christmas table! Delicious, easy, inexpensive and looks great on the holiday table! The addition of soy sauce in this dish makes it somewhat similar to sushi.
170 - 10м 4
Dried bread on the grill, in the oven or in the toaster oven with vegetables sauteed slightly in olive oil and garlic.
Snack "Frigate"
128 4 30м -
I saw on TV in a program about diet and weight loss, and loved the recipe. Because, really, not something that can only eat, but very original and tasty!
Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes
127 - 15м 4
Bruschetta (bruschetta) - traditional Italian vernacular dish. Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes - a great quick Breakfast, snack, snack food for wine.
Lean Burger with beetroot
119 - - -
Closed sandwich with homemade bread roll, vegetable cutlet and avocado sauce - all the components of this hearty vegetable.
The caviar of salmon
117 3.5 - -
The recipe of my mother. Tasty, fast, nutritious, healthy.
Burger "Vegan"
114 - - 4
Yes, the great and terrible Burger, or rather, is it a healthy alternative. Easy to implement, useful in use! Without meat, cutlet on the basis of white beans. And the beans is known to be rich in proteins, vitamins and fiber. In General, this is a new preference to the Americans, embarked on a healthy way of improvement of nutrition and lifestyle.
Bruschetta "Tree for the tiger"
112 - 20м -
Many of the holidays concerned about how to eat and not to gain extra pounds. Our table, you will notice that it is lean, will help to celebrate not only tasty and healthy, but not gain extra inches. For the contest "Christmas song".
Vinaigrette in a fried
102 - 15м 5
I want to offer you a salad "Vinaigrette" with garlic-ginger croutons. Juicy and crisp!
Bread from sprouts of wheat with cream of avocado
102 - - -
Healthy and tasty Breakfast.
Nutburger "Mistral"
101 - - -
Offer to your attention a delicious patties of chickpeas with a crispy crust, which, combined with vegetables and sauce, turn into a real lean nutburger)
Red caviar
97 4 30м -
This caviar, very tasty. I cook it often and I use for Breakfast. Prepare her sandwiches for tea. Fast days it really helps.
Oil with the addition of chervil
97 4 15м -
Perfectly complement a Breakfast Burger...
Pita with toppings of chickpeas
93 - 25м 5
Very beautiful, interesting and tasty dish for all occasions "for home, for family," for get-togethers with friends, to picnic, to lunch at work, etc. Light, fragrant and textural toppings from chickpeas combined with fresh pita bread and fresh vegetables. Useful, nutritious, delicious!
Pickled onions for sandwiches
93 - 60м 2
Delicious onion sandwiches. Goes particularly well with black bread, sardines and greens.
Beans on toast
93 - 10м 2
The recipe lives in my black book for a long time. I remember him not only during lent, but now it is especially important. Easy to ugliness, but no less delicious:) help yourself!