Marinade for meat recipes

Marinade for meat
445 - - -
Marinade universal, any meat cooked in this marinade, it turns out very tender and tasty. Baked or roasted pork, beef, chicken, excellent kebab... But especially this marinade, I recommend it for meat and odor: rabbit, lamb. goat meat, wild meat.
Watering for barbecue
278 - 3м 6
This recipe accentuates the flavor of the marinade and give added richness to the skewers while roasting meat.
Pork in sweet marinade
272 - - 2
Tender and flavorful meat with a slightly crispy crust. It is also possible to cook on the grill or grill pan! Help yourself!
The dish is in the marinade, "uncle Bens"
249 3 60м -
Marinade for fish, meat, chicken.
The marinade for barbecue
203 - 10м 15
Preparing for the barbecue.
Barbecue "the Russians in America"
189 - 30м 5
Very often cook the kebabs on the nature. For his life was used marinades with kiwi, and yogurt, and with many sauces and seasonings! But recently I decided to put the experiment to prepare the perfect marinade. I mixed many, at first glance, incongruous tastes. And now, finally, found. This recipe was degustibus many friends and acquaintances... and the recipe was approved. My dear cooks, I hope you will like it!
Super marinade for meat
174 - 15м 7
This wonderful recipe has saved me when I worked from 8:00 to 19:00. Direct my wand) Workpiece I was doing early in the morning or in the evening and returning from work, cooked side dish, quickly fried meat and voila - a hearty dinner ready!
Marinade "Sabres" with soy sauce
155 - - -
Often fly to Israel. Friends in the Promised Land give us the local cuisine, and also dishes throughout the day. Here is one such
The marinade for the beef and sauce
140 - - -
If you marinate in this marinade the beef for about 6-8 hours, the meat will be soft and juicy. The sauce is very well suited to any meat. Also this recipe is suitable for Dukan diet, phase "Attack".
Kebabs "Soya"
135 - - -
"Brochettes de soja," business card Cameroonian cuisine, a unique and very interesting recipe. Meat (any beef, pork, lamb or chicken) are marinated in spicy mixture and roasted on the grill, the grill and in the oven. Try spicy kebabs will seduce You with its original taste and will not leave indifferent.
Drumsticks in your favorite marinade
122 - - -
This marinade is our family took root a very long time. Any meat in this marinade would be delicious and exquisite, and herbs. The secret ingredient to the marinade-maple syrup! Very tasty marinade, keep the proportions and it will turn out awesome! Guests are delighted! The main thing in the recipe, this is the right soy sauce and real wasabi (paste).
The marinade for barbecue
120 - 15м 8
Offer You a delicious marinade for grilled pork. This is a favorite marinade for a barbecue in our family. So you can marinate any meat, it comes out tender, juicy and flavorful.
Seasonal marinade for the lamb "Autumn evening"
80 - - -
To share our favorite way to marinate lamb, usually fry on the grill on the coals. A minimum of forty minutes and the meat is ready to send to the grill, sometimes Dozhivem the rest on the next evening, no less tasty and juicy, if the our do not dry up. Ingredients for marinade are taken based on 1 kg of meat (this weekend I bought lamb hearts... mmmm, tasty)