Marinade for poultry recipes

Chicken skewers with Apple-soy marinade
171 - 120м 4
Summer is an amazing time, it's time for picnics and alfresco dining, it's time to barbecue! And then there is unlimited opportunity to indulge your loved ones with new interesting flavors! And we will help various marinades! Try and mine with Apple juice and our favorite soy sauce "Kikkoman"!
Marinade for poultry "Incomparable"
149 - 15м -
Recipe found on the Internet. The most delicious marinade recipe for chicken, which has won a place of honor on the table. The bird with this marinade produces a sweet, juicy... so yum!
Marinade for chicken wings
149 - 120м 6
A delicious marinade. Chicken can be fried, grilled, BBQ, or just in the pan.
Chicken fillet in tomato-egg sauce
142 - 20м 4
A convenience option in case you need something quick to prepare.
Turkey fillet in a spicy marinade
134 - 45м 2
Want to surprise your guests or family, prepare this recipe with meat, chicken or Turkey. Turns out flavored meat in a glossy glaze.
Chicken with coffee marinade
129 - - 4
A large part of the diet of families make dishes with chicken, so the taste quickly becomes boring. I suggest you to diversify your menu spicy chicken with a very interesting spicy taste. The chicken can be baked in the oven, fry on the pan, in a slow cooker, but it is delicious on an open fire
Chicken wings with tomato and capsicum
129 - 110м 2
A simple and quick recipe for making wings! Very tasty and flavorful!
Marinade for smoked chicken
123 - 10м 4
So I prepared the marinade for the chicken, which is then smoked in a homemade oil lamp. The meat turns out juicy and not dry. Also, this marinade is perfect for chicken, for example, in the oven.
Mediterranean marinade with soy sauce
122 - - -
Instant cooking BBQ marinades from Kikkoman
Chicken thighs in the marinade "Mojito"
109 - - -
Marinated "Mojito" chicken meat is very tasty, tender, flavorful, with a pleasant sour taste of lime. This recipe will make a pleasant variety to your daily routine, and will not go unnoticed at the festive table. Come and help yourself :)
Turkey kebab
105 - 60м 4
Simple but very tasty recipe of a shish kebab from meat Turkey breast which I do quite often, it can be prepared a pleasure, even inexperienced in the culinary Affairs of the people