Marinade for vegetables recipes

Celery, marinated in soy sauce
230 - 15м 4
Want to run fast - eat lots of celery! So says the proverb! And we do not mind! Help yourself to some gorgeous, original and simple appetizer with an interesting fresh taste! And pickled celery is great addition for meat dishes and as a spicy ingredient in salads.
Salted cucumbers-quick
175 - 10м 4
Reviewed all the recipes for pickled cucumbers on the website, but have not found. The recipe is outrageously simple, and the result is excellent. Even by themselves, and to photograph the steps was not necessary, because they are almost there! I barely managed to capture the prepared cucumbers, because my husband sucked down in a jiffy. The preparation time excluding the marinating. Well, let's start.
Baked vegetables in a delicious marinade
107 - - -
The easiest to prepare, very tasty dish and for nature (pan-seared on the grill) and for home (if you bake in the oven). You can experiment with different vegetables. Have done already many times, here I share with you. And the recipe was I have seen in some of the rooms either "School, grocery store", or "cookbook".
Salad of marinated tomatoes brown
100 - 15м -
Late fall tomatoes are often dense and not juicy, fresh salad such as something not very much. But if a little to marinate in the flavorful filling, you get a very tasty and quite delicious on its own. I suggest you to prepare. Salad convenient to take with you on the nature, put in Shawarma, put on a festive table...