Snack recipes

Anellini Sicilian
344 - 60м 4
Panelline is the bread of chickpea or corn flour. A traditional Sicilian appetizer, which perfectly complements a meal or is served as a separate dish, along with caponata or pate. Panelle are served hot, sometimes instead of bread.
Bread with buckwheat cereal, and Apple
271 - 60м -
Bread with buckwheat cereal and Apple allow you to get enough of without harm to the figures and, more importantly, are gluten free. These crispy cakes are good as a Cup of morning tea or coffee, or as a healthy snack that you can take with you to work!
Flax bread
164 - 40м 8
This recipe for a healthy diet, and for those who love all sorts of "Khrustalny". Prepare the flax bread once or twice, taste can give new, adding different herbs and spices. Try?
Salty crackers with thyme
136 - 15м 1
The recipe is simple. Just left a crumb of black bread. Make a brew of the peel cut off and the crumb remains. That's because it came out very tasty and salty crackers, with thyme, garlic and sunflower oil Oleina.
Crackers with different flavors
134 4 20м -
Crackers with different flavors: chicken, mushrooms, garlic, oregano, paprika... delicious in salads, soups, and the baby was sleeping off a handful or two of your classmate!
Spiral potato-cheese
134 - - -
New year holidays in Russia do not end with the chimes, this is only the beginning of a string of holidays with a hearty meal, so when the filler ends, sliced sausage will be eaten, and mayonnaise salads will not be forces to watch, prepare this original appetizer)
Biscuits "Salty kiss"
131 - 45м 18
Very tasty cheese-walnut cookies perfect with wine or beer and enjoy not only the strong half of humanity is delicate and exquisite taste!
Grilled cheese "Lithuanian"
129 - 20м -
Son-in-law I'm Lithuanian, so we have been there many times. And I must say, well, it is not bypassed Lithuanian beer, or, even more snacks to his side. But in the pub "the Juozas" that near Palanga, it's not just toast, it's a wonderful miracle it is Necessary to pay tribute to the Lithuanian bread - dark, heavy, leavened, insanely delicious and incredibly varied. In Moscow, of course, such a variety of Lithuanian breads will not meet, but to find the natural Lithuanian bread is possible if you want. And yesterday, it, this desire is called for, so you are welcome to our hut. These gorgeous French toast and beer, and to any, and soups, in General, "in his own way".
Meat biscuits
129 - 35м -
Another variation on the theme of appetizers and snacks. An unusual cold appetizer, simple to prepare. As usual, delicious and very satisfying dish.
Eateries rings in Indian style
122 - 30м -
How nice to get together with family and friends and have fun! There's no food anywhere! I suggest You make these wonderful rings, spicy, moderately spicy, pleasant Golden color!
Snacks from puff pastry and Focaccia
121 4 35м 5
Quick, easy and delicious.
Spicy croutons
120 - 10м -
These spicy, garlicky, spicy croutons with herbs and cheese go very well with the broth or pureed soups, on a picnic, they too will not be superfluous. Greens you can use whatever is at hand. Help yourself!
Caramel popcorn
119 - - -
What movie or multima to do without popcorn? This recipe will make your friends admire you! Because the popcorn in caramel 100% similar like cinemas and even better. Surprise your loved ones!
Village snack "Lalala"
117 - - -
A traditional Greek snack!!! Delicious salty curls with the aroma of cinnamon and orange, totally meatless!!! "in Front of the TV to" disappear with incredible speed... )))
Fast cheese sticks with bacon beer
116 - 20м 3
This recipe I spied on one English-language resource that publishes quick video recipes. And just so delicious and it seemed that immediately I wanted to try to cook. The result justified all expectations, turned out beautiful and delicious snack, perfect to any drink or soup.
Envelopes made of rice paper with a filling
113 5 - -
Incredibly delicious!!! Very crispy!!!
Bacon fried in the microwave
112 - 5м 1
On one beer website I read that the best snack to porter - fried chips bacon. It was also stated how to make them by using microwave.
Crackers with cheese and wild garlic
110 - - -
Sunny and warm weather. The nature of their aroma beckons us to bask in the sun, listen to the beautiful warbling of a bird. These cookies are good for a picnic with a beer or just to nibble on as well.
Crispy chips from the chef
108 - 15м 2
The idea is taken from an American chef, TV presenter and instructor at the Institute of culinary arts Anne Burrell. We always avoided homemade chips because of the salt on them, which significantly crunches and uneven prolivaet. But Ann has found a solution to this problem! It turns out wonderful and is very crisp! For lovers of frying this recipe, I think it is possible to adapt and under the oven and under the microwave. Over time and engraftment of this recipe in the family we made some adjustments... and voila - delicious. Happy to share with you and suggest making.
Mini pizza chips
107 - 15м 5
MINI TACO PIZZA is a quick and easy appetizer recipe made with potato chips, vegetables and cheese. It is a pleasure for your taste buds. So try this recipe at home and share your feedback in the comments below. Write if you like the video in this format!!!
Nachos with ground beef
107 - 20м 3
A delicious snack that you can indulge yourself.