Flan, tart recipes

Quiche with leeks
0.5k - 70м 8
Dear cooks, offer to bake a delicious pie with leeks. Among the many variants of this wonderful cake this is a very worthy place. Pie is perfect in all respects - it is beautiful, tasty and tender. Recipe taken from the book "the Art of French cuisine" from Julia child. Some ingredients are listed in cups, the Cup volume of 250 ml. my Only deviation is that I used blue cheese instead of the usual solid, highly recommend, it's delicious.
Pie "Flowering may"
499 - 60м 8
The Great Victory Day! Remember the Alps, remembers Vienna and the Danube... Pie for the holiday - shortbread with sour cream, blueberries and strawberries - just blotches of berries in a white fill and reminded me of the flowering gardens outside the window... help yourself, dear, happy holidays!
Alsatian Apple pie
452 5 150м -
Searching the website like Apple pies recipe is not found, although it may be bad looking. If you find, tell me! The beauty of this cake is the combination of sour apples and sweet cream.. Taste upload!
Pie-Changeling "Caramel-banana"
445 - 60м 8
I really liked the recipe for this cake, I again today decided to bake, but only with bananas, as the author of this recipe blogger Kimberly. Fast, easy, and most importantly, very tasty! I'm sure this cake does not spoil, Use any fruits, nuts, cream, frosting and so on. For imagination is huge, and the result is always delicious! Begin!
Plum shifter
444 3 - 12
Author - I. Kutova. A very quick delicious juicy cake from the "Guests at the door"!
Quiche stuffed with sweet potato
438 - - -
Tortured her husband sweet desserts and pastries. Asks simple boiled potatoes! Poor man! I play in a contest of desserts! What to do? It happened this tart... stuffed with sweet potato (sweet potato). And wishes made for a contest recipe! Come on, have a treat! Thank you for the recipe of our Mashen'ka (Mary Stone)
Pie "Pasted Yerushalmi"
435 - - -
A very rich cake, it can act as a full dinner. However, a bit troublesome.
Galeta on trubna test
426 - 70м 4
Great pastries to start the day. A delicate crispy pastry, sweet berry fruit and a delicate cream filling on the layer. The dough for biscuits universal, suitable for savoury options.
Flan "parade Shoes"
414 - - -
Dare to offer to Great holiday here such a "parade Shoes". Will have to try, but surprise guests always want. And such form the filing of an open braided pie flavoured cottage cheese-Apple filling will obviously make an impression! Rather, help yourself from the heart!!!
Greek pies for Easter "Kalitsounia"
390 - 50м 12
Original taste thanks to olive oil, and alcohol, sweet, curd cakes, with a pleasant cheese-cinnamon filling. And most importantly, quick to prepare.
Tart with cherries and sour cream filling
387 - - -
Not a complicated recipe is wonderful and delicious cake.
Wheat-rye biscuit with potatoes
363 - 60м 4
Lean wheat-rye biscuit with mashed potatoes, fried with NAPA cabbage, onion, garlic, Basil and soy sauce KIKKOMAN wok. Delicious and wholesome, crispy, nice and hot, and cold.
Pie "Giraffe"
359 - 40м 6
This insanely delicious pie and very easy to prepare.
Blueberry pie
352 - - -
To put this recipe convinced me was my husband. I was not very pleased with the appearance of the pie... sorry. But the appearance did not affect palatability. And the pie is wonderful, fragrant and delicious.
Cake with jam "Basket"
349 5 40м 8
Delicious, aromatic cake.
344 - 180м 6
A long time ago in the German villages bread was baked in wood burning ovens, usually once a week. Smell test stood magnificent, and, of course, the kids just couldn't wait, when removed from the oven loaf. Still had to wait when the oven has cooled silent once burned wood. And then mom came up from the remnants of bread dough to bake cakes, thinly stretching the dough, spread sour cream and sprinkle the onions and bacon, or whatever was at hand. At the same time the furnace was cooled to the desired temperature for baking bread. Hence the name of these cakes - the word dünn "thin". In different regions they are called Dennete, Deie, Dinnede, Dinne, Dinnele oder Dinnele. The recipe and description from Lerele with the bread machine.
Quiche with chicken, mushrooms and broccoli
340 - - -
The site has a very similar recipe, slightly different recipe and cooking technique, but the recipe without step by step photos, so I dare to upload my own version. Cake is very nourishing, filling tender.
Banana Tatin
339 - - -
Simple, but not delicious pie with bananas in ginger caramel. I recommend to those who've never done inversions, start with that. And there are such?)))
Rhubarb pie
339 4 60м 10
Rhabarberkuchen mit Baiser. It is time for rhubarb. We now have rhubarb very cheap, fresh, awesome. A pleasure to recycle it.
French pie "quiche Lorraine"
335 - 90м 6
Today we wanted to prepare French pie "quiche Lorraine". Incredibly tasty cake recipe will not leave You indifferent. Quiche Lorraine – French cuisine, which is an open pie with meat, fish, vegetables, herbs or berries. This is one of the few dishes that you can eat cold and hot on the Breakfast, lunch and dinner. They love to eat during holiday feasts, convivial get-togethers, and you can take on a picnic. Hope you will appreciate our recipe and this dish will take a worthy place in your home cookbook. Look and cook this wonderful dish with us.
Galeta with boletus
335 - 75м -
Season the mushrooms of the forest! Varied menu mushroom. Probably not such people who do not like the aroma of mushrooms, freshly picked. Offer the biscuit dough with their crispy fried mushroom with onion. If the filling is not laying an egg, hard boiled (so I did), then this recipe is perfect for meatless table when the permitted oil. In short, it's delicious!