Flan, tart recipes

Strasbourg pie
2.1k - 60м 8
Delicious, tender cake with apricots.
Sand cake with cream cheese and raspberries
1.1k - 60м 10
Awesome delicious pie, which is quite simple. Fans of delicate cream cakes this cake will surely taste. You and your family he will not leave you indifferent. In my family, he is eaten immediately, which can not but rejoice. Try to cook :))
Mince Pye
1k - 80м 6
Mince pie is a traditional English pies with candied fruits, apples, and nuts. They're just incredibly tasty. Equally good in both warm and cold. The ones they poured hot custard, others before serving, decorate with whipped cream. What will you choose?
Pie "Flowering may"
1k - 60м 8
The Great Victory Day! Remember the Alps, remembers Vienna and the Danube... Pie for the holiday - shortbread with sour cream, blueberries and strawberries - just blotches of berries in a white fill and reminded me of the flowering gardens outside the window... help yourself, dear, happy holidays!
Greek pies for Easter "Kalitsounia"
1k - 50м 12
Original taste thanks to olive oil, and alcohol, sweet, curd cakes, with a pleasant cheese-cinnamon filling. And most importantly, quick to prepare.
Cheesecake "angel Tears"
1k - 70м 6
Very easy to prepare three-layer cake. Delicate and airy. Especially lovers of cheese products. This is the classic version. If desired, cheese souffle, you can add zest of lemon or orange, dried fruits, etc. Sugar can be adjusted according to taste.
Galeta on trubna test
1k - 70м 4
Great pastries to start the day. A delicate crispy pastry, sweet berry fruit and a delicate cream filling on the layer. The dough for biscuits universal, suitable for savoury options.
Quiche stuffed with sweet potato
0.9k - - -
Tortured her husband sweet desserts and pastries. Asks simple boiled potatoes! Poor man! I play in a contest of desserts! What to do? It happened this tart... stuffed with sweet potato (sweet potato). And wishes made for a contest recipe! Come on, have a treat! Thank you for the recipe of our Mashen'ka (Mary Stone)
Quiche with leeks
0.9k - 70м 8
Dear cooks, offer to bake a delicious pie with leeks. Among the many variants of this wonderful cake this is a very worthy place. Pie is perfect in all respects - it is beautiful, tasty and tender. Recipe taken from the book "the Art of French cuisine" from Julia child. Some ingredients are listed in cups, the Cup volume of 250 ml. my Only deviation is that I used blue cheese instead of the usual solid, highly recommend, it's delicious.
Banana Tatin
0.9k - - -
Simple, but not delicious pie with bananas in ginger caramel. I recommend to those who've never done inversions, start with that. And there are such?)))
Flan "parade Shoes"
0.9k - - -
Dare to offer to Great holiday here such a "parade Shoes". Will have to try, but surprise guests always want. And such form the filing of an open braided pie flavoured cottage cheese-Apple filling will obviously make an impression! Rather, help yourself from the heart!!!
Pie "Pasted Yerushalmi"
0.9k - - -
A very rich cake, it can act as a full dinner. However, a bit troublesome.
Caramel-pear butter pie with meringue
0.9k - - -
Here's a cake... cake-cake... such a range of tastes! There are aromatic pears, and sweet caramel, and airy meringue... All connected in the crazy whirlwind of the dance... the Lambada!
Wheat-rye biscuit with potatoes
0.9k - 60м 4
Lean wheat-rye biscuit with mashed potatoes, fried with NAPA cabbage, onion, garlic, Basil and soy sauce KIKKOMAN wok. Delicious and wholesome, crispy, nice and hot, and cold.
Puff tart "Citrus Paradise"
0.9k 4 - -
Juicy and delicious layer cake of tangerines and oranges.
Quiche with salmon, pear and brie
0.9k - 60м 8
Quiche with grilled salmon, pear and brie cheese. This quiche can surprise your guests palates for the gala table. Gourmet appetizer creamy sauce brings out the delicate flavor of grilled salmon, well, brie and pear is a win - win combination. Appetizer is delicious both hot and cold.
Plum shifter
0.9k 3 - 12
Author - I. Kutova. A very quick delicious juicy cake from the "Guests at the door"!
Tart with cherries and sour cream filling
0.9k - - -
Not a complicated recipe is wonderful and delicious cake.
The Weimar onion pie
0.9k 5 - -
Since the 19th century the Weimar onion market (Zwiebelmarkt) is a center of trade in onions across Central Germany. It began this tradition in 1653, when Weimar was 5,000 residents. Since 1861 Zwiebelmarkt lasts 3 days - a real "onion" festival. Now, as before, the farmers offer the colorful onion braids, decorated with flowers. Restaurateurs prepare hundreds of national dishes with onions from the traditional onion soup and cake to sweet jams and onions in the Sahara. Support - a dark German beer Bockbier. Parallel entertainment - musical performances, rides, a 10-kilometer race and a choice of Onion Queen (mater. site Weekly. ua) This is another version of onion pie. Rich, it can replace the second lunch dish.
Filler pie honeysuckle
0.8k - - -
In the summer of course baking pies with berries. We have now the season of honeysuckle, so I want to share this recipe, summer berries, fill the pie. It turns out very tender and special efforts in the preparation does not deliver. The recipe was found on the Internet.
Poppy seed cake "Favorite"
0.8k - - -
Delicate, crumbly dough, which really melts in your mouth and fragrant, juicy poppy-seed filling. Try this pie! Perhaps for you it will become a favorite. Help yourself.