Savory biscuits recipes

Crackers cheese from pea flour
163 - - -
Recipe from the category of "Express" - is very.. Simple as everything genius! Of course in the presence of pea flour. These cookies I saw on the website culinary e-shop. Made a few changes to the tastes of the family and got the cookies that are baked for the second day in a row.
Cracker with curry and poppy seeds
159 - 75м 4
Cracker - the easiest kind of cookie, perfectly kept without loss of taste properties. To cook it at home just. Crispy and tasty cracker with curry and poppy seeds — a great snack, it is perfect for sweet tea, coffee and even the basis for sandwiches.
153 4 - -
Cakes of rye dough. Tastes like bread crust. Love my babies! The name they gave, too, because the German name sounded quite different on our way!))) The recipe has been taken from "weapons" me a couple of years ago from a German publication.
Savoury biscuits for beer
151 4 - -
Savoury biscuits, perfect with beer, but with tea it is very tasty!
Cheese biscuits with sun-dried tomatoes
121 - 90м 10
This spicy and flavorful cookie served with tea or coffee, for lunch or dinner, and can be used as an appetizer for a buffet and serve, for example, for champagne.
Cracker "4 ingredients"
119 - 60м 1
I want to share my cracker recipe with the shortest list structure)) It consists of only 4 ingredients: flour, butter, milk and salt. Prepared quickly, eaten - even faster! Salty, crunchy and delicious!
Italian bread sticks "Grissini"
118 - 60м 3
Very quick and simple recipe. The dough is prepared without yeast!!! And what you will do these sticks - you decide))) Come on in, help yourself!
Baby potato biscuits "girl"
115 - 30м -
Very delicate light cookies with potato taste. Despite the lack of cheese in the ingredients, it seems that biscuits and cheese. Children, because without spices, spice and zest. Loved my son the Lion and his friends, I hope you enjoy it and Your kids. Goes well with milk, juice or sweet tea. I loved to eat cookies instead of bread with vegetable salad.
Biscuits "cheese"
115 - 20м 10
If You like to eat something tasty-solanine Kim, don't buy chips and crackers, and especially don't allow their kids is, um... GMOs. I suggest You to bake here are tasty, crunchy, crumbly cheese crackers – the recipe is simple and bold Composition of the test is simple, easy to cook. And how exciting to do the holes in the "cheese"! Try this recipe snack cookie will become one of Your favorites.
Cheese straws
115 - 30м -
Simple cheese straws, delicious, nice crunch to her in front of the TV. Long been prepared, but did not dare to expose, because the dough is normal, the appearance of straw was proposed by Julia Crybell. But I decided, do not swear. Just from this dough also makes a delicious cheese sticks.
Melting cheese triangles
109 5 30м -
Don't bake in any case. Will not stop until all not eat. And most importantly, themselves in the arm jump. Infection - no other word will not pick up. And no wonder they are in the book of recipes school "Cordon Bleu" named Melting triangles -melt in your mouth and the dish. Described Elena elaizik. A minimum of, 10 minutes of baking, beautiful and quite elegant. Decided to try out. Confirm her words.
Potato biscuits
105 - - -
Very quick and tasty crackers from the beloved potato...
Potato-mushroom cookies
102 - 40м 4
I think many people like fried potatoes with mushrooms. And many people love cakes. Autumn is like never available. So let's compatible these two dishes in one. And the sauce-marinade from "Kikkoman" the icing on the cake that is not quite normal by the liver. Come on in and get.
Ginger crackers
102 - 40м 10
Delicious crispy ginger biscuits. Perfect for a buffet table as the basis for snacks and beer. Cooking is a pleasure: simple, fast, delicious!
Rye straw
102 - 60м -
To a soup or beer, tea or coffee... So nice to eat when I shop, and their useful sticks-straws.
Cheese-cheese biscuits
98 - - -
Delicious, soft, rosy cookies. It will appeal to fans of cheese with coffee and other beverages. Cheese you can use any better and not too humid. Herbs and spices use to your taste. They only improve the taste of the cookies.
Potato sticks
96 - - -
Crunchy, flavorful Graham sticks are perfect for a Cup of morning coffee, or instead of bread to the salads and first course!
The biscuits with cheese "Morning"
96 - - -
Allow me to offer the biscuits with cheese in the yogurt. Preparing elementary, fast and affordable products. Milk or tea is very tasty. Not too sweet, with a pleasant cheese flavor. How good are these biscuits with a Cup of morning coffee!
Spicy oatmeal-cheese biscuits "Amateur"
94 - - -
Cookies for lovers of spicy pastries. Biscuits you can replace the bread with the first course or use as a snack.
Biscuits cheese "Favorite"
94 - 20м -
This recipe for cheese biscuits are my favorite!!! The result is always, the cost is low! Very fragrant with coffee and milk!!!
Cheese straws
94 4 40м -
This recipe I found on the Internet! Decided to share with you, dear Powerade))) Very tasty and with beer and milk! Originally written for storing finished strips in a closed box that remained crispy, but we ate it immediately in the evening in front of the TV))), so deposited nothing left :)))