Fruit snacks recipes

Lemons for snacks
1k - - -
Found this recipe on file-sharing sites. Well, as a lover of things different, exotic, by this recipe I could not pass. Lemons a product that is always on sale, and all year round. And even if the final result then disappoint, then throw them not so is a pity. But... the lemon I liked, they have a salty-kravaty taste. Very suitable for lovers of tequila, vodka, you can also try them to the meat. However it is necessary to wait dolgovato 1 -1. 5, but that's okay. Oil after using lemon as well go, because it turns fragrant. Just want to warn you: this recipe is for lovers of the unusual.
Salad strawberry-mango with nuts
1k - - 3
Colorful, bright summer berry fruit salad with salad leaves, toasted pine nuts, and spicy dressing. In the spring and summer season (in-season strawberries), a strawberry-mango salad is perfect as a light Breakfast or evening snack. Prepare the salad to a friendly party, surprise your guests with unusual combination, light taste, and a beautiful view of the salad.
Snacks buffet
1k - - -
This pack of snacks is good that is very quickly prepared. After all, no one product requires no preparation. And the taste of each brand your.
Pears baked with blue cheese
1k - - -
Pear baked with Gorgonzola cheese, pine nuts and dried cranberries. It's something!!! I don't have the words to describe the divine taste of this gorgeous, gourmet snacks! A good addition to snack will dry white wine. Your taste buds will be delighted!
Chicken fillet with spicy mango
1k - - -
Interesting, exotic accent to the dish. Wild mango is characterized by a sour taste and thick pulp (you can take regular, but the sugar did not add, if mangoes are sweet). Stewed in spices, it goes well with fried chicken. Tender meat with spicy fruity notes. The dish can be served both warm and cold at snack time.
Lemon salt rosemary
1k - - -
A lot of recipes on the subject studied, a very interesting dish. I wanted to cook and I'm fit, I decided that I'd prefer this combination. For the first time preparing this dish. I hope for success! Join us! Now it is the time of lemons.
Grape garnish for chicken
1k - 20м 2
The grapes are perfect with baked or grilled chicken. Very unusual, delicious side dish from a minimum of ingredients! Try it - very tasty!
Avocado in a cheese shell
0.9k - 20м -
The delicate flesh of avocado in a crispy, cheesy crust... mmm. Very quick and simple recipe for all fans of the avocado and of course cheese)))
Pineapple wrapped in bacon "Becasie"
0.9k - 25м 6
Bukashki - the abbreviated name of pineapple in bacon, stick in our family. Very original tasty and simple dish, which takes a few minutes, but it will certainly cause a stir on the holiday table!
Appetizer "lemons"
0.9k 4 5м -
You can apply and brandy, and Martini. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Apricots with feta and spicy chicken
0.9k - - -
Very beautiful and tasty snack. Sweet apricot, salty feta and spicy chicken is very tasty! And to wine and champagne - amazing!
Baked pear with prawns
0.9k - 30м 3
Baked pear with shrimp is perfect for a romantic dinner and will satisfy the most pampered gourmet. Today I prepared this dish for his beloved!
Salad "stuff Ladies"
0.8k - 20м 2
Delicious sweet salad for a ladies ' get-togethers. My girlfriends is dedicated.
Cheese and fruit appetizer to wine
0.8k - - -
Sweet, tasty, prepared easy and fun, perfect for girls ' get-togethers!
Prunes stuffed with cashews
0.8k - 30м 15
Entry. "the Greeks are good people, but also Indians the same beautiful".:) Maybe I am one unlucky. Almost always when I eat prunes stuffed with walnuts - you get a piece of the shell.: (. Once when I almost broke a tooth, called for the idea, and why it rested in walnuts? There is a lovely Indian cashew! That's what happened.
Snack "Fruit in bacon"
0.8k - 30м 1
On the festive table, we often served a plate of cheese and meats, I suggest you to prepare a hot snack and Apple sauce to it. This sauce is also ideal for meat and cheese.
Kebab from French toast and fruit
0.7k - 30м 4
These simple French toast with fruit will set You a good start to the day, bringing smiles to the faces of Your children. The Breakfast is a great time to have a little fun and change of routine PAP-malasky. Even if there is not a lot of time in the morning to do anything complex, it does not mean that you can't a little "pooriginal to inicate".
Shrimp with pineapple
0.7k - 30м 2
Shrimp with pineapple, if you are not comfortable there, then slide onto a plate
Roasted persimmon stuffed with couscous
0.7k - - -
Delicious and unusual hot appetizer. If you want to surprise your guests with something so unusual stuffed persimmons - a win-win
Male energy paste "Casanova"
0.6k - 20м -
This pasta is nutritious and harmless effect on the body. Positive effect on male potency. The same paste is a powerful energy. Bon appetit!!!
Banana chips
0.6k - 30м 2
Who likes bananas? I love very much! Recipe You a sample of one offer! Will without any cheat chips from banana!