Oatmeal cookies recipes

Tea oatmeal cookies
133 - 40м 8
Very tasty and healthy oatmeal cookies of the low products. Easy to manufacture, can be eaten any time of the year, including in the post, at any time of the day or night... love to adults and children.
Oatmeal cookies with raisins and candied fruit
132 - 30м -
Very tasty Lenten cookies with an interesting structure, without adding wheat flour.
Oatmeal-coconut cookies
124 - - -
This is a very tasty and easy cookies. It is fragrant, crumbly, soft and not very sweet. With tea, milk, juice, compote - delicious always!
Whole-grain biscuits with cereals
124 - 30м 30
Crispy edges, soft middle, spicy taste of cinnamon Delight your family and friends to these delicious cookies.
Lenten oatmeal cookies
122 - - -
Dry cookie with a soft middle. I love these cookies. I can eat them without stopping. Eat one and want more...
Banana-oatmeal cookies
117 - 50м 20
Cookies with a crispy crust, soft inside. Has a light banana-cinnamon flavor. Suitable as a dessert and as a snack between meals. Prepared without the addition of eggs.
Oatmeal cookies "Anne Veski"
115 - - -
I hope that I will not sue for using the name. The fact that many years ago I heard this recipe is from the mouth of Anne Veski... I will not tell you under what circumstances it happened, but... it was her signature recipe. Cookies are very tasty, tender... do Not throw Slippers at me... first, this is a historic recipe, and, secondly, it is worthy of attention))) Spring contest - meals cereal "TASTY"
Oatmeal cookies "Anzacs"
112 3 30м 4
Traditional oatmeal cookies using a recipe from the NZ website. I very much doubt whether to place this recipe or not. Still, recipes for oatmeal cookies on the website is enough. But.. when a month ago I went to find a recipe to bake oatmeal cookies, I realized that that is - not quite what we would like. In this recipe, no eggs, no cream, no milk. the same recipe in the batter added the yeast. Although traditionally these biscuits yeast are added. Tasty, crisp, easy to prepare cookies. Healthy and perfectly complementary morning tea or coffee! It is also good to give the children a Cup of milk!
Energy bars, oatmeal
112 5 25м 4
Offer to prepare healthy snack – energy bars from oatmeal. This is a very nourishing dish of oatmeal, nuts and dried fruit. Such healthy granola bars very convenient to take along, a lot of places do not occupy, but well satisfies hunger. In these bars you can add any nuts, dried fruits, dried berries, coconut flakes.
Oatmeal-coconut cookies with dried fruit
111 - 30м 3
Very tasty cookie, just a storehouse of vitamins. Preparing easy and not very costly. They can be prepared in advance, they are perfectly stored for several days in a box. And you will always have at hand a wonderful Breakfast to morning coffee or tea.
Oatmeal-carrot cookie "favorite"
111 - 40м 16
On the one hand, I love oatmeal cookies. On the other hand, drives me insane spicy carrot cakes. So I decided to combine all that I love, and cook oatmeal-carrot cookies. It turned out simply delicious and only took the best qualities from both types of baking. These cookies crispy on the outside and on the edges and wonderfully soft inside with a pleasant nut-coconut notes. Carrots is not felt, but it gives "richness" liver. To summarize: the pastries go into the category of my favorite.
Cookies carrot oatmeal
109 - 30м 4
Love oatmeal cookies and pastries with carrots. Connected two your love in one recipe. Come on, have a treat!
Oat biscuits on serum "Donetsk"
108 - 20м -
Reviewed a lot of recipes and found the recipe for the serum. And I have much of it from the Greek yogut and oatmeal humanitarian from Rinat as all of the citizens of Donetsk, cook for her and cookies. Cookies oat-nut with honey on the serum. The header is not wrote too long.
Oatmeal cookies with walnuts
108 - 15м 2
For such a quick biscuit of rolled oats take just 5 ingredients and 15 minutes of time. To make this quick oatmeal cookies even more useful, the sugar can be replaced with dried fruit. Walnuts added on request
Oatmeal cookies
107 - 40м 6
Delicious oatmeal cookies with chocolate.
Oatmeal banana cookies
107 - 35м 3
Love these cookies for ease of preparation and because it is prepared without sugar and without flour. For the sweet tooth you can add for more sweets icing sugar to taste. Very good this cookie for morning tea.
Oatmeal cookies
105 - 30м 6
Soft and fragrant, with honey-nutty flavor. Disappears from the plate in a jiffy. A very simple recipe prepared in just 30 minutes.
Oatmeal cookies with strawberries
104 - - -
Dear cooks, I want to buy you a very easy to cooking biscuits. The cookie is very soft, with a pleasant acidity from the yogurt and the subtle strawberry flavor.
Cookies made from oat flour
103 5 - -
Another version of oatmeal cookies. Very reminiscent of the store, only much tastier.
Cottage cheese-oatmeal cookies
101 - 40м 4
Healthy and very tasty biscuits.
Buckwheat-oatmeal cookies with rhubarb
101 - 30м -
A cookie consists almost entirely of healthy cereals and bran+nuts/seeds to Breakfast was not only delicious, but also useful... of energy for a few hours until the next snack or even lunch. For acidity of the rhubarb, which is not bad behaves in baked goods. The peanut butter adds even more "orechovista" by the liver and is used instead of cream.