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Cookies deep-fried "Mushroom scattering"
407 - - -
Recently went through my kitchen utensils and found a long forgotten cookie cutters in the oven! So decided to share with You! If someone has these molds are and are idle, remember about them! Because cookies are beautiful and delicious! You can just tea to cook, and can be as decoration for cake or cupcakes! And if You have no such forms, then I recommend to buy! Cook! Raduyte yourself and loved ones!
Biscuits "Oracle"
340 - 60м 4
The sixth day I wanted to start with an amazing film Brothers Wachowski, who ten years ago just blew my mind. Let's dive into the fantastic world of "Matrix" and eat the cookie from the Oracle.
281 - - -
Let's make national the sweetness of Gata (kata). Biscuits prepared quickly and easily, but it turns out very tasty. Prepare you will not regret.
Whole wheat honey cookies
248 - - -
All I love and know how to cook medwecki, honey cookies. I suggest to try to cook this cookies for whole wheat flour. Believe my experience: honey is combined with whole wheat flour. It's such a harmony in any baking. Worth to try at least once.
Cookies on beer
217 5 30м -
Cookies on beer is simple and delicious.
Crunchy cookies "Bachelor"
203 - 30м 3
Bake cookies for the first time! Actually, the cookies crispy outside and soft inside. House of tea - delicious!!! Yes, I almost forgot, cookies without flour!
Soft chocolate chip cookies
202 - 45м 8
Recipes for this famous American cookie (Chocolate Chip Cookies) very much! Including on the website was a lot... So I just want to share with you one of my favorite, time-tested recipes that are delicious, simple and delicate cookie.
Biscuits "Hazelnut Taler"
191 - - -
Tender melt in the mouth nutty base, sweet frosting, rich taste of walnuts and chocolate.. Try this gorgeous cookie - "coins" (Théler is an ancient name and large silver coins). A true celebration of taste!
Cookies "Bianco e Nero"
190 - - -
Chocolate almond cookies...
Diamonds potato "Masha"
188 - - -
Recipe taken from the magazine "Delicious," perhaps they are named in honor of the author. I decided to try and I liked it, and you vote...
Vegetable coconut-oatmeal cookie pickle
186 - 20м 4
I don't observe lent, but a lifetime limit themselves in food. And post always bake something sweet. Here is a cookie I found on the forum say7, did the half portion and regretted, because the cookies turned out soft, very crumbly and even my daughter ate two pieces (and it maloezhka).
186 - 90м 4
Recipes for brownies on the Internet a lot. It is difficult to find something really worthwhile. But I was lucky! This cookie has the perfect proportions, so it turns out that the crispy, cracked crust of a brownie and compact, convenient form of cookies.
Biscuits "Arrows-Khrustalny"
185 - - -
I love to read. My favorite book series - "Chasodei". It is a fantasy of time management. In one of the classified material I found this recipe.
Crackers "Graham"
180 - - -
Homemade Graham cracker (GRAHAM CRACKERS) is a symbol of American childhood, it is in the morning, smear butter and jam, delicious with milk, it is used as a base for cheesecake. We loved it very much! Invited to a tasting)
175 5 - -
"Chambeli" is an Italian small bagels, very tasty and crumbly - prepared very quickly, however, as eaten. In Italy for this recipe, these bagels are prepared, that is, "in haste" without cause.
Crackers "5 seeds"
164 - 45м -
Very tasty crackers. Easily and quickly prepared and eaten even faster, downright lightning fast off the plate! It is convenient to take with you when you need to eat! Seeds can take any available, most importantly, that total quantity was 100 grams for this serving. Thank you so much for the recipe for WELLNESS.
Biscuits "Kolobok"
160 4 30м 6
Easter is long gone, but...
Graviola cookies "Good mood"
159 - - -
The usual graviola cookies. If you change a little and add a portion of good mood, a little love and a little imagination, you can turn in the most unusual cookies. Which will give joy not only to children, but adults too... And if you still make cookies with your child, it will cause a lot of delight to the whole family...
Kada Armenian
157 3 60м -
Delicious cookies, don't know why the name Armenian, but my mother and grandmother did.
Biscuits "Holiday"
157 5 40м 10
Almond cookies with a rich taste of chocolate with a thin crispy crust and soft inside. The aroma of hot chocolate in the baking process fills not only Your apartment, but your neighbors too, drool )))
Cherry cookies
157 - 40м 35
Bird cherry flour for our region - a gimmick. But a year ago, seeing a recipe using this ingredient, I'm just envious sigh, now, on the contrary, purposefully searching for where to apply the product. Interestingly, the Cook several options of muffins, cakes and even desserts, which uses bird-cherry flour, but no cookie recipe. Correct!