Honey cake recipes

Honey "Sponge"
2.2k - 60м 12
Have you tried the honey sponge? No? Then you here! The cake fairy is instantly soft and porous like sponge cakes and delicious cream. Of honey on the site a lot, but this is not met,
Vegetable cake "Spartacus" with coconut cream
1.8k - 150м 8
Without cake is almost impossible for any celebration: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, anniversaries, and kids parties. And you want not just treats, but the atmosphere of quiet celebration at home, a cozy tea party with family and friends, the sacrament that brings people together. I think for the joy of loved ones you can make home-made vegetable cake, which will be a great gift, made with love by the hands.
1.8k - 90м 15
Tried a lot of different sweets "Chuck-Chuck", but this recipe is considered the most delicious. Like the time our cousin passed from Astana fairing in the form of home "Chuck-Chuck", which I liked, then I called and got the recipe.
Cake "cake" recipe from my grandmother
1.3k 3.5 - -
Reviewed a lot of honey. They are all almost similar, the difference in the number of ingredients. My honey is most similar to this cake recipe. But my grandmother always taught me that the honey must consist of exactly 12 cakes and the sour cream, the cake should soak in over night.
Cake "Tbilisi ideal"
1.3k - 90м 15
Very long doubted whether to put the cake. I am not able to make beautiful cakes, but it turned out so delicious and was so pleased with the family that decided to put the recipe. I would be glad if it is useful to someone. The cake is not complicated and very tasty. The cake is huge. For a cake for a family tea party reduce the number of products in 2 times.
Honey gingerbread with condensed milk
1.2k 3.5 45м 6
Very juicy, not dry - just melts in your mouth, and the smell of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg just fascinates
Trifle with Mandarin confit and Limoncello
1.2k - 40м 4
You were preparing for new year's table the cake? I cooked the biscuit "honey" and I was left with the sponge cake and the sour cream. Good option: to cook these residues layered dessert in a glass Trifle. And as the fruit layer, I propose to prepare tangerine confit with the addition of liquor "Limoncello".
Honey cake "Angara"
1.2k - - -
As I tried honey cakes tastier. Unusual method of cooking, low products cheap. Delicate, fragrant and incredibly delicious. Try it, I guarantee you will not regret!
Cake "Caramel cake"
1.2k - - -
Honey-caramel cakes and delicate silky lotion. From honey cake, few will refuse! A more interesting way to build - and you have a nice cut of the cake, so all will be delighted!
Cake "ginger" Nos.
1.1k - 75м 12
- Pick up is never too much! said my best friend Larissa - Try this, you will not regret!- And of course, I tried it and, of course, do not regret it! Favorite childhood cake, and you?
1.1k - 60м 6
Perhaps this is the most delicious cake (from honey), which I cooked and ate. Sour cream and thin soaked cakes... bliss! Cake for a perfect end to the holiday table! Recipe from the book Olesya Kuprin "birthday cake?".
Cake "harlequin"
1.1k - - -
Or rather in explanation of the cake "harlequin" TM "Luciano," if someone is familiar with their products))) Very tasty, rich cake! There are two kinds of cakes and honey and puff pastry, custard with condensed milk and lots of nuts! I want to give this cake all the cooks in anticipation of the New 2017 best wishes!
Cake "Lazy cake"
1.1k - 30м 10
The easiest and fastest recipe of Cake without rolling the cakes! The cake turns out tender and delicious!!!
Cake "honey heaven"
1.1k - - -
Cake "honey heaven" is our most favorite and the most delicious cake. When I ask my men what kind of cake to prepare for the holiday, and the husband and the son meet together - "Ladies fantasy". And make it a very long time - since the late 70-ies of the last century. Do not only for special occasions, but just when you want to indulge in something tasty and sweet. With a minimal set of necessary products is just delicious, huge and sweet cake.
Honey cake without baking
1.1k 5 15м 5
Offer to cook a very simple and quick cake without baking. He is not worse than the usual honey cake, and cooks in 15 minutes. Instead of using flour cakes fried chips. If you like sweeter cream suggest to add more condensed milk.
Cake "honey" for Breakfast
1k - 90м -
Delicious cake. Usually his wife is preparing the evening, so for Breakfast he got soaked. Nothing complicated in its preparation no. Time also does not take much. Prepared, of course, wife, I just photographed. Let's start...
Cake "honey," new
1k - 180м 12
Everyone loves the classic honey cake - with cream who who with custard, as they say on taste and color... But I was drawn to the experiments, good recipes on the Internet a lot. Slightly modified taking into account the wishes of my family. Anyone daring to try?
Cake "honey"
1k 3 - -
Well, what to say, another honey cake. The recipe for the cake I took, changed the cream!
Honey cake "square dance"
1k - 180м 10
Today I want to regale you with his creation, namely honey cake with blueberry cream. All the time looking for new taste sensations and combinations in my favorite honey cake, and also care about the aesthetic side - cut, it is like when the contrast between the cakes and cream. The taste turned out unusual, honey and blueberries - a great tandem, and the white chocolate lends a creamy shade. I highly recommend you try this cake and enjoy a taste extravaganza! The recipe author.
Vanilla-honey cake
0.9k - 200м -
Our family is very fond of honey cake, practically always, please bake it. But one and the same cake is very boring, that invent. I offer on Your court one of my options. Help yourself.
Cake "Ginger pleasure"
0.9k - 90м 12
Ginger cake is an unusual combination of spices (ginger, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, honey) cream and mascarpone! It was love at first bite!