Souffle recipes

Souffle "Oranges in the snow"
163 3 60м 6
Orange cups filled with a delicate soufflé.
Carrot souffle with cottage cheese
141 - - -
Tasty, tender, bright and Sunny this souffle will all have to taste! Not too sweet and the carrot is not felt! Help yourself!
Berry candy "Weightless"
131 - 25м 20
Weightless, incredibly berry, sweet dessert on the basis of berries and jelly. The consistency is obtained as candy souffle "pigeon milk". Roll in cocoa, coconut or powdered sugar for a more spectacular presentation. Easy, simple, berry!
Cheese souffle with fruit and berries
121 - 30м 4
Cheese souffle with berries and fruits prepared without flour and no semolina in the oven. Very useful, tasty and tender. It is cooked very quickly and simply. This is a great diet Breakfast.
Soufflé from French
120 - - -
In one of the programs features the cooking souffle shared Nicolas Bussang. Knowing only a few nuances, you can prepare tender, delicious soufflé.
Souffle "Air of mystery"
116 - 40м 4
Elegant and very airy souffle!!! Very tasty!!! Taste qualities are excellent!!! No one will guess the main ingredient - kefir! Creamy delicious and unforgettable!!!
Chocolate-pumpkin dessert "In the two accounts"
103 - - -
A truly unique dessert. First, it does not contain oil and flour. Secondly, it is prepared very simply and without much fuss (especially if you have prepared pumpkin puree). And thirdly, the taste is something amazing. Weightless, soft, melting in your mouth, light, a bit with a rich chocolate flavor, spicy notes and a very subtle pumpkin finish. This recipe I found called "pumpkin, brownie", but, in my opinion, they are not quite similar, brownie still heavier, I'd take this dessert to the category of souffle. It blends perfectly with a Cup of coffee!
Quick chocolate marshmallows
100 - 30м 20
Amazingly simple and quick to prepare delicacy at the same time similar to marshmallows, candy and "pigeon milk"! Marshmallow composition different from marshmallow: it doesn't contain egg whites and applesauce. Its a factory option used as decoration of cakes and cupcakes, made on the basis of the mastic melt on the twigs on the fire or in the microwave between two crackers... well, quite a common delicacy, which You can see in the store among the sweets at the cash register. The site has a lot of wonderful recipes for classic marshmallows. I suggest You try a version with chocolate, such a shop will not find )). Help yourself with tea or use to layer in the cake.
Cheese and chocolate soufflé
100 - 40м 4
Soufflé of curd cheese and milk chocolate - a wonderful dessert for a festive Christmas and new year's table. It is good to pamper your honey for Breakfast during the new year holidays.
Cheese souffle
99 - 30м -
What is Christmas without citrus! This is probably because of the cold in winter, so nice to remember Sunny orange, like an orange, warm summer. Add a delicious Sunny flavor in a delicate cheese souffle!
Souffle "Apple cloud"
97 - 200м 10
This year in the country an incredible harvest of apples. Cook, make juice, bake cakes, but they are not becoming fewer! I was thinking about cooking apples to make something new. It is tender and tasty souffle.
Soufflé with oranges Sicilian
96 - 60м -
Very delicate soufflé with a citrus note. Baked in portion cups in which is served.
Soufflé with cream liqueur
92 - 60м 6
Souffle - fluffy, airy cake. I offer the option soufflé "adult" :)
Soufflé with mascarpone
90 - 30м 12
Souffle for agar-agar, as for the cake "pigeon milk", only instead of butter with condensed milk, I used cheese "Travertine". It turned out very delicious souffle that is prepared very quickly. If you don't count the soaking time of agar-agar, the prepared soufflé takes only 30 minutes. The main thing to follow all the subtleties of cooking temperature. I love cake "pigeon milk" and time it was prepared, but with butter and condensed milk. But this time I wanted something airy, without the pastry and chocolate, and I decided to just cook individual soufflés in small ramekins.
Souffle "pigeon milk"
90 - 15м -
Very tender and tasty dessert. Quickly prepared and quickly eaten.
Souffle "Sissy"
89 4 - -
Tender soufflé with chocolate cream. Prepared so simply and quickly, with minimum cost on products, and the result is a great dessert for a Cup of green tea or coffee. Very much like a soufflé candy "bird's milk", and I loved him so much in his childhood!
Easy chocolate soufflé
89 - 30м 4
On the website a few chocolate souffle, but everything with flour and numerous ingredients. Try my without problems.
Chocolate souffle with soy sauce and bananas
88 - 30м 6
Chocolate souffle with soy sauce, caramelized bananas, and chili pepper. Incredibly delicious dessert I want to offer You. To prepare quickly. Just before make the preform, and in the morning within half an hour, dessert is ready. Will just have to leave it on for 15 minutes in the oven, in the meantime, prepare caramelized bananas with chili pepper and orange juice. If you go on a picnic to the country, visited by friends after a barbecue and other treats, you can offer this dessert, but if friends stay overnight, in the morning is the way to apply for Breakfast this chocolate dessert with caramelized bananas and orange sauce with a slight bitterness of the chili pepper. The soy sauce gives the chocolate a certain piquancy, it accentuates the taste of chocolate. Unforgettable taste! We recommend you to prepare.
Corn casserole with cream cheese
85 - - -
Today I want to introduce you to another recipe that is prepared without dough. I will say again... "Clean pen"? And handles, and kitchen! Casserole is very delicate, fragrant, wonderful. Treat!
Cheese souffle
85 - - 6
It's delicate, like a summer cloud, a souffle is a wonderful option for a leisurely Saturday or Sunday Breakfast. I served it garnished with a cherry and small mint leaves. You can optionally sprinkle the top with powdered sugar, but without it will be very tasty.
Pumpkin casserole with apples and pears
83 - 60м 6
The year was fruitful in a pumpkin. Today we cooked the pumpkin with apples and pears. Tender, tasty and healthy Breakfast, snack and light dinner!