Hot dishes with game meat recipes

The marmot stew with vegetables
3.1k - 120м 8
The meat of the marmot (Groundhog) has its own characteristic taste. Adult baybak is a few pounds of delicious dietary meat and healthful fat. Surkovo fat is superior to the healing properties of badger. This time we together with the husband prepared the meat and vegetables. This way you can cook any game. It turned out tender, flavorful, delicious meat and rich broth with vegetables.
Stewed venison Scotch
1k - 180м -
Hearty and thick stew of venison, seasoned with sweet and sour cranberry jam, smoky bacon and grilled mushrooms. This is a classic Scottish way of cooking venison. Come celebrate the first advent.
Lagman with venison
0.8k - 70м 4
Non-traditional lagman. Long time since I wrote on the cook, recipes since that time, there were many, but for some reason this recipe I wanted to share. Still cooked it the first time. Meat was used venison. But otherwise everything seems as usual.
Wood pigeon with vegetables
0.8k - 40м 2
Let's start from afar. The wood pigeon is also called vitutej, it is the view of the pigeons. My hunter friend brought me a 5 carcasses of these birds. It was evening, not to bother about whole carcasses, only took the breast. In the morning, fresh and rested, we took over the cooking. Pigeon can be easily replaced at any breast of the bird.
Stewed cabbage with elk
0.8k - 1м 6
Once again looking for a new idea of cooking elk, found something, but didn't see the recipe for which I had been cooking this type of meat. The combination of meat and cabbage is tasty and healthy. Try..
Chicken thigh ( Palit ) in the Jerusalem marinade
0.7k - - -
This is a recipe from Israeli chef Mark Gelateria. One of the most delicious pieces of chicken is the thigh, that part which in Hebrew is called "Palit" (thigh bones). Offer a simple steak recipe from chicken meat, which is always possible and like adults and children.
Roast leg of ROE deer with a bean side dish
0.7k - 240м 6
"Punks not dead". Punk rock.. mm.. What is the first? Dirty, unwashed, unshaven guys with a Mohawk on his head, in chains and torn garments, spitting all down and screaming in their behavior: "We are against!" Against all of life's red tape. Punk sidestep how hard it is sick and contagious animal sideways glances and whispering behind my back.. But to be punk you don't have to be a dirty beast with unpeeled teeth. Let me fend off a line from a song of a Russian punk, which in the soul is such, but not screaming the whole Ivanovo on their intentions. "this is not so and now I will give you a small educational program - I'm short, not snotty, pass all the norms of SES, differ From you like from La in b flat, g sharp is the same mug, only with the guitar.. " That connects me to punk rock? Yes, in General life.. And music Hobbies. Doing percussion, and I want to knock harder, louder and exclusively in this style. What is characteristic for punks from food? Something simple and uncomplicated, but today we have on the table will be a surprise - punk the more he will produce their own meat than buy it in the store. We have extracted the most that neither is true, ROE deer while hunting on the don. "the Culinary range of tastes" dishes from the leg of the deer is very rich - in fact, the ROE deer is most similar to lamb but lamb shanks I have never baked it. But kosula for a second and let me tell you, incredibly delicious! Help yourself!
Braised kangaroo meat
0.6k - 120м 3
Meat that melts in your mouth with sauteed potatoes and vegetables.
Sausage of deer
0.6k - - -
Share the recipe sausage venison (ROE deer). Prepare first time, but happy with the result, so I share with you). Sausages are juicy by the addition of fatty pork, they taste interesting! no peculiar smell, no taste, something I honestly was a little afraid. The meat of ROE deer diet and dryish, so the fat added is a must!
Baked wild boar meat
0.6k - 120м 8
It all started just husband returned home from fishing with an unusual "catch" - almost three-kilogram piece cabanatan. After Ohoven, sighs and questioning, the question arose of what you can do with him. Recipes on the Internet for some reason found not so much. Chose the one that was most appropriate from the point of view of the available ingredients, slightly adapted to your taste. It turned out flavorful, delicious and... quite unusual, after all, wild meat has a unique taste that it is important to highlight rather than suppress completely in the finished dish. Hot enjoyed every bite, tomorrow will try the meat cold, but I think the cold and it did not disappoint us. So if your kitchen will be a piece of wild boar meat, try to cook it that way...
Roll meat
0.6k - 90м 4
Tasty and simple dish.
Stew squash caviar
0.6k - 60м 4
You still smear the caviar on the bread? Have you tried to put out her meat? If not, try it! A dish like this, even for children.
Meat cake with rice "Darling"
0.6k - 90м 6
I would like to share amazing recipe. This is a dish we cook on a holiday, and ordinary days. Of all the home like.
Zrazy "Love nest"
0.5k - 60м 3
The composition of normal noodles, but the form of presenting interesting. And besides, a very tasty dish
Dinner hunter game meat
0.5k - 90м -
It all started that one night, I jokingly suggested to my boyfriend Alex to participate in the competition "Spring in heart", what did not get a clear answer, and all was well forgotten. And what was my surprise when a few days later he came to me with a strong desire to cook a romantic dinner for me. And I didn't interfere...
Meat for my hunter
477 - 120м 6
This meat is for real men, hunters and miners - sharp, juicy and very very tasty! I think that in every home there is so, so, come and visit us, to share with you the recipe!
Venison in a mild sauce
474 - 120м 4
Delicate flavor, great sauce. You are welcome.
Venison sausage
466 - 60м 10
Sausages are delicious! Spices you can add at their discretion.
Pheasant baked "dinner for the breadwinner"
429 - 120м 4
If you want to give pleasure to a romantic dinner for their second halves and at the same time he is an avid hunter, then cook the dish they brought prey, and you will not regret it. My husband is a hunter with 40 years of experience. Last season he brought me 12 pheasants, all legal: according to the permit and licenses. This dish can also be prepared from any wild game: deer, boar or bear meat, if you got a chance to get her.
ROE deer meat is simple and delicious
415 - 180м 4
Once was in my refrigerator ROE deer meat. Vaguely knowing what to do with it and where to start, I got into the Internet. Many online recipes deer, but... it did not work out for me with them. The first time I succeeded "horror" (hereinafter rating the dishes husband :) ), the second "nightmare". The third time I decided to trust my instincts turned out - "yummy". The recipe is from the "simple but nice"
Meat rolls in vine leaves
393 - 80м 4
Looked in the fridge, I rummaged in my thoughts and prepared such a dinner. "Improvisation" I guess you can call this dish. Rolls venison in grape leaves. With caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.