Canned fish recipes

Codfish salted in oil
0.9k - 30м 4
Salted salmon, trout jerky - a lot of recipes, but cod salted on the website is not found. But I really wanted to try salted cod. Had a little climb on the Internet. Here found this recipe. Try. Very tasty fish turns out. For those who do not like the smell and taste of fish oil - the most it! (I hope I'm not the only one.)
Salted mackerel
0.8k - 30м 8
A wonderful recipe from my mom. Delicious, tender, spicy, oily mackerel. And can be stored for several weeks. Although more than a week have never lasted. Too delicious, and for onions from banks can be a fight.
Canned "Saury smoked in oil"
0.8k - 60м -
I love canned fish, especially saury in oil, Yes, but now prices bite, and the quality, to put it mildly. Open the jar, and in it, swims in a muddy mire, nor understand why! So I decided to try to cook the canned food itself, so much they will fish and gold, but with the smoke! Help yourself!
Canned fish with vegetables "yum"
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For a long time was online only reader. But having tried this dish and learned the recipe, decided that he absolutely had to tell the world about it))) Yummy unusual!!!
Home cod liver oil "Gifts of the Baltic sea"
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Cod liver oil, prepared according to this recipe turns out very tasty, and at a cost much cheaper than store canned.
Salting red fish
0.7k - 1470м 1
Independently to pickle red fish is quite simple and will turn out even tastier than the store. You can use any fish of the salmon family - salmon, salmon, chum, sockeye, etc. in Just one day we get a delicious fish for appetizers and salads without additional preservatives and organic products.
Canned mackerel in sauce "Pickle"
0.7k - - 2
Canned mackerel cook with MAGGI Dressing for the Pickle. It's a fine canned fish with the taste of pickle, which can be served at dinner to the hot potatoes or taking to the cottage, cook a delicious fish soup.
Homemade canned
0.7k - 180м -
Cold winters opened a tin of sardines in tomato sauce with vegetables, cook the soup or the soup, but you can with potatoes. Remember the familiar taste of the USSR-ovsky.
Mackerel in tomato sauce with vegetables
0.6k - 150м -
Do You like canned fish? They can be cooked at home, no big deal. Offer a recipe of fish diseases. Help yourself.
Canned fish
0.6k 4 - -
I offer billet of fish that will have you at hand at any time. For a picnic, quick dinner. For preparation of soups, main dishes, salads and a variety of fillings. And much more.
Canned fish
457 - 420м 9
Incredibly delicious homemade preserves from river fish. Preparing easy and simple!
178 - 20м 4