Herbs and spices recipes

Tangerine powder with vanilla
340 - 5м 4
I like to use tangerine powder with vanillin in the process of preparing dough for baking and desserts. Tangerine powder to flavor and color not inferior to the peel of citrus fruit and additionally it is fragrant vanilla smell that gives cakes and desserts a beautiful Golden hue and an excellent flavor.
Rye malt
335 - 5м -
With́Lod — soaked and germinated seeds of grains: mostly barley, a less — rye, wheat, corn, triticale. The germination of cereal crops allows you to start the fermentation process. To stop further fermentation and removal of excess moisture germinated seeds are dried with hot air.
Spices "Garam masala"
311 5 20м -
Well, that got around to continue my story about "Method, Masala" the art of cooking spices. This time I want to tell you how to prepare such mixtures of spices as "Curry", "Tandoori Masala" and others. Tell you the example of the most popular blend in India and among the professional chefs of the highest skill. The use of this mixture in the dishes almost always ensures success, imparting unique flavors and absolutely stunning aroma.
Sesame fried
199 - 10м -
You like sesame seeds? Try it fry, it is very simply and quickly. The main thing to observe a few simple rules. Roasted sesame seeds can be eaten with a spoon, and add to vegetable salads, natural yogurt, breading for stir-frying, etc. And what a delicious batch turns out with the same sesame!
Svan salt
173 - - -
Svan salt — a Georgian condiment, which received its name from the area in which it is produced — Svaneti. It is sometimes called a spice, but it's wrong. Svan salt — a mixture of spices. Svaneti is a mountainous region of Georgia, and all of the herbs are part of the Svan salt, grow there. The main ingredients of this seasoning — salt and various spices. This seasoning gives the dish a unique flavor, pungent and spicy taste. It can be used for soups, sauces, fish, meat, vegetable dishes, salads. Original flavor it gives marinades, kebabs.
Almond oil
170 - 30м 6
Almond oil - a valuable product for vegetarians, for those who are fasting and for those who want to reduce in your diet the consumption of animal fats. You can add it to the dough, to spread on bread or to fill their porridge. A recipe from a magazine " Deli ".
Svan salt
169 - - -
Again I come to you with seasoning and garlic again))) But what a wonderful seasoning it! Residents of Georgia surely know the famous Svanetian salt. I do not claim the authenticity of the recipe, especially the claim that he is kept in strict secret, and even in Georgia buy a real Svanetian salt is not easy. The recipe was found online and added my own.
Dried eggplant with chili and rosemary
168 - 60м -
Very tasty harvesting eggplant with spicy-hot mushroom taste and smell. Suitable as an additive in the dough, salads, vegetable stews and the filling for the cheese. You can store the chips in a dry form or butter. Or grind and use as seasoning. The idea is borrowed from Lana19.
Preparation for the winter "Chile"
158 - 15м -
I placed the blank in the diaries, but the girls demanded that recipes moved. Here are doing.
Imeretian saffron
154 - - -
Dear cooks! Tracking a long time recipes, published on the website, I came to the conclusion that almost all cooks love to use in their dishes spicy! And of course, most of these spices are purchased... Often, when you buy, you may encounter either with the high price of spices, or low quality... today I Want to share with you how we do house one of the most popular of spices - Imereti saffron. At home we simply called "saffron", but in fact real saffron is derived from other plants! How homemade "saffron" fragrant purchase, words cannot Express! And to do it at home not working. The scope of this spice is very extensive: drinks, meat, fish, vegetables and cakes sweet and not sweet! Look! Read! Take note. PS Wanted this information to be published in journals or useful advice, but came to the conclusion that the diaries and tips are not so popular among the visitors of the website, how popular the directory recipes... And hopefully more people learned how easy to cook this spice!
Adjika "red-eye"
149 - 20м 1
Hot, spicy, rich sauce for lovers of spicy!
Aromatic salt with wild garlic
140 - 20м -
Continue to share recipes flavored salt. The wild garlic season is short, but you can make it salt and enjoy the long smell and taste of garlic. Salt is very good seasoning for any dishes, salads, and marinades.
Walnut salt
137 - 20м -
I propose to plunge into the magical world of spices. Walnut salt is one of the most aromatic spices. Walnut salt you can add at will to almost all dishes: salads, soups, stuffing, marinades, sauces, chicken and even fish dishes.
Mushroom powder. Seasoning
131 - - -
This year a great harvest of mushrooms. Faced with the fact that many do not know how to properly dry. Rules of drying as a bonus. And I want to offer a preparation of mushroom powder. Don't buy all kinds of cubes and seasoning with "flavor" of mushrooms. But chemistry there mushrooms and does not smell. This mushroom powder can be added to meats, sauces, omelettes and any other dishes at your discretion. And what kind of bread turns out!!!
Meat powder
131 - - -
Offer Cooks a recipe for a meat powder home manufacturing. This billet can be used for cooking various dishes.
Baking powder
130 - - -
The other day I called a girlfriend and asked for the recipe for a delicious cracker that I was treated in the country of their guests. I started to list the ingredients and as soon as I got to the baking powder, I heard: "No, I bake these cookies I will not!" my question "Why?" Tanya said, "but where I can find baking powder?!" I told Tatiana how to make it at home. Decided to lay out for beginners this recipe. This recipe I learned in high school on the lessons of labour.
The oil of sea buckthorn meal
128 - - -
From sea buckthorn juice make excellent preparations for the winter and, as a byproduct, it remains cake. Offer a simple recipe of homemade oil, infused sea buckthorn pomace. This healthy, flavorful oil is perfect for salad dressings, bread baking and other applications on request!
Adygei salt
122 - 15м -
This useful product gives the taste of any dish. In Adygea in all restaurants served this salt on the table. As they say in Adygea and the taste gives and ailments expels.
Nut mix of Egyptian "Dukka"
117 - 20м -
Continue to acquaint you with the Eastern spices. Today it is dukka. Dukka - fragrant, tasty and very popular seasoning in the Middle East and Africa. The main ingredients of Gucci are a variety of nuts - peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts or cashews and cumin and coriander. Come visit for tea
Almond extract
116 - 20м 10
Almond extract used in baking, in the manufacture of chocolate, various desserts and drinks. Homemade almond extract is not as flavorful as store-bought, but your costs cheaper. And it is much better quality and naturalness than any essences and flavors. In the shops of Minsk, such a product is rare, it is easier to do it yourself.
Drying strawberries in the tea
114 - 600м -
It's not even a recipe, most likely the Board. But without knowing some details, I could not properly to dry strawberries. Now, in the winter we always fragrant strawberry tea.