Muesli recipes

Muesli Swiss with whipped cream
262 - 40м 3
It's incredibly tasty, as useful and just a very "beautiful muesli"! Cereal, fresh juice, fruit, whipped cream, and it's not the whole delicious set of products... If it will be the first muesli that you try, you will fall in love with them forever! For the recipe thank charming Julia Vysotskaya! Help yourself!
Granola low calorie
217 - - -
Favorite healthy Breakfast American movie stars. Homemade granola is oats, nuts and dried fruit, baked in the oven until Golden and a fun crunch. More healthy food is difficult to come up with: the granola is full of fiber and vitamins that are saved due to the delicate heat treatment. No complicated recipes and fuss in the kitchen. Unlike store-bought options of homemade granola does not contain excess sugar, TRANS fats and artificial additives. Works well for digestion and metabolism plus cleanses the blood vessels from the "bad" cholesterol. Granola can be sprinkled on fresh berries and fruit, pour a cool yogurt or hot milk. If it stuff the Apple and bake, you get a delicious dessert. Granola is great for those who adhere to a vegetarian diet, as well as in the post.
Fresh Bircher muesli
177 5 10м 5
Breakfast. I think that in the menu of each of a 5 star hotel you are sure to find the Bircher muesli. In addition, they are an integral part of the diet of Hollywood beauties. After Swiss chocolate, and fondue is another culinary pride of Switzerland. But most importantly, they are healthy, tasty and loved by children and adults. Every morning, they "support" may look different because it depends on your desires, capabilities and imagination. I present my current version.
Energy bars with cranberries
170 - 30м 12
Energy bars. Extremely tasty, with a pronounced honey-nutty flavor, toasted oats and sour cranberry bars, perfect snack and a great replacement for the purchase bars, which are not cheap! They can be made from almost any mix of nuts and dried fruits that you prefer and love, and most importantly - it's very simple and affordable!
Banana muesli bars
144 - - -
Golden, flavorful granola bars! Rich, sweet but no sugar! All the sweetness from banana and dried fruit - dates, dried apricots and raisins!
Baked chocolate-fruit muesli
138 - 60м 6
Muesli with taste and aroma of your favorite fruit, the combination of which can change the mood, and chocolate notes is a great start to the day and will appeal to both adults and children
Pumpkin granola
111 - - -
While children sleep, I have a few minutes to recharge for the day. A good exercise is a delicious and healthy Breakfast. For me it is a Cup of green tea and homemade yogurt with pumpkin granola. Granola - simply granola - dried grasses, with the addition of various dried berries, dried fruits and nuts.
Oat rolls with banana
110 - 20м 2
This dessert is a lifesaver, not only for morning tea. You can take it with you to work and you will always have at hand an incredibly tasty vitamin bar. Cooked very quickly and simply. A mass of vitamins for the whole day. This dessert is loved by all, both children and adults. We always keep in the refrigerator for a bit some of that sugar. Ends one a double portion, immediately prepare another.
Bars with apples, raisins and nuts
109 - 40м 4
Crumbly and crisp, juicy Apple and rich from dried fruit, and at the same time so tender and light. Invite over for coffee and healthy treats. Recipe taken from the magazine "School Deli" with my changes.
Baked muesli from Yulia Vysotskaya
108 - 30м -
I love recipes from Yulia Vysotskaya and trust them completely. Offer You a recipe of delicious baked granola (bars). This is a healthy Breakfast, a snack or snack for adults and children.
Granola with melon, blueberries and cinnamon
108 - 20м 10
The season of exams, and since lately I don't eat chocolate, had to prepare something that would give energy and was very tasty. The choice fell on bars granola (muesli), which I used to eat almost every day. Recipes I searched for a very long time, but could not choose which one is suitable for me, so I combined a few and got your. The granola turned out very flavorful and delicious: candied melon with blueberries gave a wonderful combination, and the caramel cinnamon give a unique smell! Going to cook the girlfriend and my mom for the summer, in the store to buy more will not! Bon appetit, AA.
Oat bars
108 - - -
Biscuits, muesli bars and oat... There are energy bars, NUUUUU very tasty, WELL, VERY useful!!! Very useful in bars, eating in the morning that stay chipper all day!
Cranberry muesli with yoghurt
107 - 10м 2
These cereals are perfect if you decided to sit on a diet or arrange a fasting day. But for the common Breakfast - perfect. Tasty, juicy, nourishing, leaves no feeling of heaviness in the stomach. And each ingredient is a lot of useful properties. Fast, simple and very tasty.
Instant muesli with cinnamon "Elementary, my dear Watson!"
104 - 5м 8
These crunchy and mouth-watering granola ready in five minutes and can be kept long. This is a delicious and quick Breakfast or light dinner. Muesli combine well with any favorite drink, juice or milk.
Bars-muesli "Sandwiches with caramel"
103 - - -
These bars-sandwiches will satisfy your sweet tooth, because they caramel a layer of fresh-cooked condensed milk! And also pleases the eye with a scattering of colorful candied fruits!
A granola bar with nuts and candied fruit
101 - - -
Great Breakfast bars or snack. Nuts and candied fruits you can take to your taste. Due to protein bars are a great shape and cut
Bars made of dried fruit
100 - 40м 4
Granola bars prepared simply from natural ingredients, and a very good snack, trips, business trips: they are the complex product of a healthy diet.
Brittles up rice cereal
100 - 20м -
Almonds are a favorite treat for adults and children. There are many variations of this candy. Many people like sets of puffed rice. Let's say you decide to cook them at home. What if puffed rice was not? To make rice simple "air" for a long time, so in the recipe below we are going to "inflate" rice flakes (in stores line the shelves with Breakfast cereal), because it is much easier and faster.
Bars-granola cereal
98 - 40м 10
Delicious, nutritious, energy-rich bars, charge you with energy for the whole day, perfect for daily tea at work.
Cherry crumble chocolate in a pot
97 - - 2
In cool, rainy day can be tastier than warm, mouth-crumble? Gentle, soft sour cherries with bitter dark chocolate and the crunch cereal... Great idea for the evening. Hold the pot tight!
Granola bars with raisins and cinnamon
95 - 45м 6
Granola is one of raznovidnostei granola baked with honey, sugar or maple syrup. Granola can be prepared in advance and stored in a tightly closed container. A great Breakfast will be granola bars, a Cup of freshly brewed coffee.