Croutons recipes

Toast with strawberries and cream cheese
203 - - -
This is a very simple and delicious summer Breakfast! Fragrant French toast with berry filling, combined with the slightly salty cream cheese! Prepared very quickly, but how much fun! With such Breakfast the morning will surely be good! :)
Go on
192 3 - 3
The taste is awesome! Try it for Breakfast with a hot Cup of coffee.
French toast
173 - - -
A rich Breakfast, which will give strength. Crispy sweet bread, sweet filling combined with the sweet and sour cherry sauce.
146 - 30м 6
In General... this recipe... very "dangerous" threat rostikov... Why? It's simple - they are very quickly prepared and quickly eaten. And cooking this process to name language does not turn... let's crunch together!
French toast-a quick and delicious Breakfast
143 - 15м 1
A hearty and delicious Breakfast!
Sweet toast from the loaf with the egg
139 - 10м 1
I love these sweet croutons from the loaf with the egg in the pan. The recipe is convenient in that all the products necessary for cooking, always in the fridge. For the time it takes a few minutes. They turn out sweet and delicious with a crispy crust and soft, tender inside. I love these French toast as kids and adults.
Sweet French toast out of cake
132 - - -
Sin to speak, write and even think, but cake to eat my already tired. What can I do? To dry? Can and drying, but I do so...
Go on and jam
129 - - -
Go on - taste, familiar from childhood! We may not know that this is French toast in French... BUT, many are probably mothers and grandmothers fried slices of bread previously dipped in milk and egg mixture. And the tooth still and powdered sugar sand, smeared with jam, jam, condensed milk. And now many of us cook these croutons for their children or grandchildren. I suggest to try the French toast in French with jam from the "Mach". I took his toast with strawberry jam. And You can cook with a different favorite flavor.
Croutons for Breakfast
121 3 20м 2
Very tasty, sweet, quick, easy, beautiful and nice! Will be very pleased when you try! The idea is taken from an American site and everything else up with my husband. I'm sure that many cooks on this website have already prepared something similar, but I liked it so much that I took the liberty to share this recipe.
Go on
118 - 15м 4
Sweet, tender, tasty and melt in your mouth toast is a wonderful Breakfast for the whole family!
Caramelized toast with honey and berries
118 - 10м -
Caramel honey toast! All easy and very simple! Will they crust, very soft inside! Moderately sweet, flavorful! Prior to the table nice! Them with ricotta serve, the berries are put to them! Health, help yourself! And happy stay!
Sweet toast with jam
117 - - -
Waking up to gloomy cold morning, think of just what to do to the mood has risen? The answer is – a good Breakfast! Here's one idea for a positive start to the day. Sweet toast with jam – what could be better for a hearty, healthy and tasty Breakfast?
The original toast for a quick Breakfast
115 - - -
A quick Breakfast or on the side of the croutons. Or another option, how to save stale bread. Well, what is there to write?) Go to the kitchen, quickly prepare and try)
113 5 20м -
Very quick, easy and most importantly, a favorite with children (and not only) dish...
French toast with plums
109 - 20м 10
Tingling, sweet sour, almost tart. Oven just 10 minutes you can breathe in the kitchen easier than after sereznyh culinary exploits.
Sweet croutons, "My way"
109 4 10м -
Perfect for a quick Breakfast or just as an addition to tea. Toast is a juicy, just melt in your mouth. Try it!!!
C croutons baked Apple and cherry sauce
106 - - -
Delicious and colourful Breakfast that will appeal to both children and adults. Crispy French toast with baked apples in cherry sauce, not only a hearty Breakfast but they could be the final lunch, dessert, and a great dish for brunch.
French toast with plums "easy"
104 3.7 40м 3
This recipe is for those who, like me, loves to bake. But anyway, sometimes I want sweet. But to stand at the stove for hours and bake such masterpieces that spread our cooks, for me as a Chinese puzzle. While there, Chinese I quickly learn, than to learn to bake as our virtuosos. Simple recipe. Fast. Without the extra calories. No, not for the contest, but in the morning for Breakfast with some coffee. And as kids love these croutons to carry.
French toast with orange marinade
102 - - -
For a bright and beautiful beginning of the day are offered to taste croutons with a summer palette of flavors of orange and raspberry. Of fullness and usefulness, add the cottage cheese and honey.
Sweet croutons, "Bakers" for Breakfast
102 - 10м 3
When I was little, dad used to make me them for Breakfast before school... Now I have my own family, your children... dad for a couple of months as there is in this world... so decided to share this recipe with You. Such is not found) is Very fast, easy, tasty, hearty and kids love!
Toast new
102 - 70м 12
On Sunday morning, while the household still awake, prepare for them, this is an amazing Breakfast. It is very tasty! Mouth-watering slices of bread combined with a delicate and fragrant pudding with bananas will surprise your loved ones with its uniqueness. Serve these toasts with a Cup of good coffee and enjoy the morning with family! For the recipe thank Andrew Rudikova.