Custard cake recipes

Karpatka cherry
2k - 60м 8
Cake for fans of profiteroles, because it is a custard cake, essentially a large profiterole where lots and lots of cream😋 Very easy dessert, enjoy every bite of soft, creamy cream that resembles an ice cream.
Cake "pigeon milk" in Armenian
2k - 90м 10
Cake bird's milk, I think tried everything but bird's milk cake in Armenian or "Troni Cat", tried not many. Home Armenian feasts is very common to see this cake, it is incredibly delicious, soft and tender. Recipe found on the Internet, bake more than one year. Help yourself!
Cake "Karpati"
1.8k - 70м 8
Very tasty and easy to prepare cake with custard pastry and custard. For fans of eclairs.
Cake "Lady fingers" with cheese and dried fruits
1.6k - 120м 10
Traditional cake in an unconventional performance. Cake soaked in sour cream, stuffed with prunes and dried apricots. Believe me, it's mind-blowing delicious!!! And cheese added to the bottom layer of the cake, gives it a flavor of ice cream. Yes, ice cream.
Custard cake with fruit
1.3k - - -
Gentle. easy, flavorful cake!
Choux ring with walnuts and cream
1.2k - 60м 6
You like eclairs? And if you try to make them in the form of cake! A cake in the shape of a ring of choux pastry will look very nice on the festive table.
Cake–Gato "Saint-honoré"
1.1k 3 - 6
Everyone knows that France is a trendsetter. And that France is famous for its bread culture and the vast and invaluable experience in breadmaking. Holidays and festivals devoted to the grain business, are held regularly on a large scale and are extremely popular. Maybe such a beautiful baking is because of all the French bakers and pastry chefs know that they have a patron Saint and patron Saint honoré (Saint-honoré; or Honoratus, Bishop of Amiens in the sixth century). Once in France, in 1846, the famous pastry chef Chiboust created in his Paris shop, cake-Gato "Saint-honoré". Cream "Chiboust" and profiteroles choux pastry. It has been named the cake–Gato in honor of the patron Saint honoré and the streets of Paris, which was the shop of Monsieur Chiboust. I want to offer white color in my trio of flowers in France. Cake–Gato "Saint-honoré". This non-traditional chocolate version.
Cake "Dust"
1.1k - 120м 8
Choux pastry, custard cream, light meringue... such a "dust"!
Cake "Country custard"
1.1k - 45м 8
I want to offer you a cake made of choux pastry with cottage cheese and strawberry filling.
Cake "the Most delicate lady fingers"
1k - 120м 12
Very easy-to-make cake that can cook everything. But! despite the simplicity and plainness of the recipe, the cake is just insanely delicious, whatever portion You did everything exactly little!!!
Ellery cake with cherries
1k - - -
Preparing a cake for her husband's birthday. It is not very sweet, therefore, the Council for ardent sweet - add more sugar. And my husband loves the cherry. Moreover, a fresh as something not very much. But in cakes, juice, jam, ice cream well, just love it! The cake is prepared in three stages in the complete conspiracy!
Cake "Big Eclair"
1k - 60м 6
Neobychnyi, unusual, with inexpressible tender, not beaten (I can list!) taste - this cake just conquered all of my family and friends! And paired with... but, see for yourself!
Custard cake "Golden domes"
0.9k - - -
Do you love cakes? Whether you love them like I do? Perhaps the only dessert, to resist I can not. And if a lot of cakes, and generally, this whole cake is just a feast! And when the cake combine different tastes - spicy and drunk cranberry, creamy caramel, different textures – crispy batter, soft cream and cool the density of the jelly, then this is the New year!
Custard pie-cake "Karpati"
0.9k - 60м -
Have you ever been to the Carpathians? But they can not only see but also to try. The unusual name of this cake was bumpy due to the structure of custard cakes, resembling a mountain range. The "Karpacki" only 2 layers and one thick layer of delicious cream, taste like ice cream.
Cake "Paradise"
0.9k 4 90м -
Just a little, and taste )))
Cake "Holiday"
0.9k 4 60м 10
Powerade have already started to prepare a festive table on our wonderful site.. please Accept my contribution to a festive table... and congratulations Dear Powerade)))Cake I combined two favorite in our family.. Cake " Lady fingers" Recipe I showed here and Terrine chocolate fruit recipe here
Peach-strawberry cake
0.9k - 60м 16
Surprisingly gentle yoghurt cake!!!
Cake "Lady fingers"
0.8k 5 60м 3
Abeldielil cake! Light, delicate and airy. Quickly prepared and quickly eaten.
Cake "Kremesh"
0.8k - 40м 6
Such an easy and quick recipe, I've never met, all the same cake! Maybe not exactly familiar to us, Kremesh worthy of looking at a family tea party or coffee with friends.
Cake "Lady fingers"
0.8k 5 - -
Long bake eclairs, but this cake haven't tried. But now we know that very tasty and easy.
Cake for a loved one "Lady fingers"
0.8k - - -
I come to you with commemorative 250th recipe! And with a well-known cake: "Lady fingers". Cooked it today for your sweetheart on his birthday. Yes, there is a website and not one. But to-day, but not like this. Here I will reveal the secrets that revealed a participant of the 4th season of Masterchef-Ukraine Samvel Adamyan in the "All Bodo relish" that will help to make the cake neat and beautiful, not like a stack polena different thickness and length. And yet, despite the large number of step-by-step photos, recipe is very simple and accessible to everyone in their execution, and in the products! Go!