Smoothies recipes

Fitness cocktail coconut bran
0.7k - - -
VERY vitamin cocktail it turned out! The composition of oat bran, which contain natural fiber, minerals and vitamins b and E. in cocktails coconut, parsley, etc. He will support our bodies during Great lent, when at the end of the stock is useful, but we need strength both mental and physical! In addition, it will help prepare for the summer season to those who are watching their weight. I suggest to prepare this cocktail, as soon as possible!
Smoothie with banana, orange, ginger
476 5 10м 2
Vitamin fruit smoothie with banana, orange and ginger - a very simple drink-desertik that you can quickly and easily prepare Breakfast or snack, but you can dine if you want something easy and useful. The details of preparation, you can see in the video.
Banana smoothie-oatmeal with sprouted rye
439 - - 4
A smoothie is a drink-food. The energy and the source of vigor, strength and inspiration - that means a smoothie for me! Of course, sometimes the inspiration I have a Cup of English tea and biscuits or coffee and toast. Well, now, I'm making a smoothie. And believe me, the whole day I - on wings!
Dairy-free fruit smoothie
439 - - 2
Light, fragrant, icy fruit dessert. The contest "Tired sun"
Banana-strawberry smoothie
429 - 10м 2
Prepare this drink for Breakfast to your loved ones. He can easily replace morning cereal, and even opposers of cereals (like my baby) think I will eat it with pleasure. It is only one benefit to the organism, and charge enough energy for the whole day.
Smoothie "Trang"
427 - 5м 2
Staying here was like 3 months in Vietnam, we tried a bunch of different tropical cocktails and smoothies, experimenting in the kitchen with the blender yourself, but still, in my opinion, it's not tried. With you I want to share with one of the most successful alcoholic drinks, which comes out at the same time soft, juicy and refreshing.
Cherry-cranberry smoothie with kiwi
417 - 5м -
One of the options smoothies!
Smoothie "Mango-Coco Jumbo"
410 - 20м 3
Recipe once or twice, but I will still be 3 steps ;-))). Invite all the cooks and the jury cool in this nice cool dessert after tasting the fiery dishes from the contest!
Smoothies melon-cherry
404 - - -
Tasty, fast, useful. While summer is over, you need to complete abyme to boost your vitamins and for this diversity to its menu, juices, smoothies, cocktails, fresh juices!
Fruit smoothie-berry
400 - 10м 2
Offer to cook for Breakfast, great smoothies, delicious, healthy, creamy consistency.
Yellow smoothie "Exotics"
394 - - -
My family loves smoothies. St. the son has accustomed us to this magical drink. No evening without a smoothie, we can not do. I offer you this exotic, incredibly fragrant, thick smoothie.
Fruit smoothie-berry
393 - 7м 1
Very tasty drink smoothie cocktail. We are always stocking up on summer berries for the winter. And if You tried to freeze melon? It happens when we buy a melon, it is not very sweet but flavorful! Suggest to freeze and make delicious drinks in the winter! In General, you can add anything you want!
Smoothies of kiwi
378 - - -
Love smoothies, for me, this dish is perfect, it does not create heaviness in the stomach and provides the body daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.
Smoothies mango-banana blueberry
377 - - -
The last time my granddaughter was fond of smoothies. Make them from all that is at hand. Very tasty obtained.
Smoothie "detox"
377 - 15м 3
I love Smoothies, I offer you 3 option to remove toxins from the body.
Smoothie "Citrus"
372 - - 2
For smoothies you can use frozen berries - they will make it cooler. And to make it sweeter, you can use sweetened yogurt.
Smoothie cucumber-tomato with greens
370 - 5м 2
A creamy delicious smoothie. Not only quenches thirst but also hunger. It refreshes, energizes and nourishes great for a long time.
Peach-raspberry smoothie
360 - 20м 1
In summer, hot day when you do not want anything hot and heavy, you can treat yourself to delicious, healthy, cool smoothie!
Smoothie with cottage cheese
358 - - 2
Offer You, the cooks prepare home-made soft drink on the basis of cheese grilled on sourdough from Orsika. This simple, tasty, healthy drink satisfies your hunger. Great for those who follow the figure - this drink has no sugar, no honey. Help yourself.
Banana smoothie papievis
353 - 5м 3
Today I want to offer you to prepare of vitamin smoothies, because sometimes our body is not even enough of all necessary vitamins and minerals. This smoothie is prepared in minutes and turns out very tasty, healthy and refreshing!
Pear-ginger smoothie cinnamon
352 - - 3
Offer to prepare a refreshing pear smoothie. Quick and easy!