Pellet recipes

Armenian Gata
6k - - -
Very tasty and easy to prepare burrito's.
2.7k - 60м 10
Shelpek is a thin Kazakh pellet. Shelpek be prepared from three ingredients: flour, salt and water (not including oil for frying), but despite this, came out very tasty. And if done correctly, I'm sure, shelpek will be a frequent guest at your table!
Kazakh pellet "Zheti Nan"
2.3k 5 120м 7
I congratulate all Muslims on the occasion of Kurban AIT!!! Today on the tables such that the pellet - Zheti Nan that in Kazakh means "7 pellets"
1.6k - 30м -
Incredibly delicious thing hichina with cheese and herbs, and even with potatoes and greens for dinner. Pellets of potatoes went well with sour cream, but with cheese – eat with your fingers!
1.6k 4 210м 3
Kattama - translated a layered cake
1.5k - - -
Calpak - thin Uzbek flatbread. You say - what are they slim?! But... do not get me the cakes thin. Bake a third time and rolled out thin, but the dough is still greatly increases in volume. I'm not particularly worried, the taste remains the same. Simple to prepare and very tasty cakes!!!
Cakes with couscous
1.5k - 60м 4
Today again, I experimented with tortillas, this time the dough with the addition of couscous, and flatbreads flavored with aromatic spices set - seetaram! It is very fragrant, tender and flavorful! Welcome aboard!
Lazy khachapuri for Breakfast in 10 minutes
1.4k - 10м 8
DELICIOUS KHACHAPURI FOR 10 MINUTES. Quick, delicious and hearty Breakfast on the table in minutes. From them nobody refused, not having eaten to cool down.
The cake was on the brew with tomatoes, cheese and olives
1.4k 4 - -
Conventional, Gostovskogo unfiltered kvass shelf life is very small, and bought more than mastered, pour mind, went to work, good, delicious. Products in the brew turned out delicious, but this cake is one of them. Offer, as an option, a quick Breakfast, tortilla for the test of kvass and vegetable stuffed tomato, olives and cheese. And done quickly, and eaten even faster.
Almost pita bread or tortilla
1.3k 3 60м 10
These scones are structurally very similar to Armenian lavash or Mexican tortillas! Of course, Armenian lavash at home to cook not because you need a special technology and furnace, and they must be fresh (water and flour), and Mexican tortillas – tortillas. But they are so similar. ... Try to cook is not difficult! Soft, elastic, won't crack - well, right, pita....
Pellet "Italiano"
1.3k - 30м 6
Great cakes for the festive table - flavorful, perfect for vegetable salads. Particularly attracted to the ease of preparation and the holiday hustle and bustle, this small detail becomes a huge plus!
Katlama with onions in a frying pan
1.2k - 50м 4
Offer to cook a very delicious Uzbek puff cakes in the pan – Katlama with a bow. They are prepared from simple ingredients, and it turns out very tasty and satisfying.
Moroccan lamp scones
1.1k - - -
Every feast day begins with the morning, and the morning, as you know, Breakfast. Treat your big and little men here with such unusual round pancakes (Rghaif) - Moroccan Meloui (Melvi, Melui)
1.1k - 60м 5
Katlama is a very simple, delicious and hearty tortilla with onions. If the fridge is empty and I want something tasty for tea, then this is the perfect option as us to prepare you need only water, salt, flour and one onion.
Vegetable burrito
1.1k - 60м 6
Replace the bread in the post. Experiment. My husband decided to adhere strictly to the post and refused to simple bread. I decided to try to make such a change, now just do the bread refused...
1k 5 25м 15
My previous recipe Moroccan twisted pancakes, many frightened by the complexity of cooking. So I present to you another recipe of Moroccan cuisine, easier - pellets from semolina "NASA". They are prepared just like lightning. The recipe is simple and sooo delicious! I promise I will appeal to all without exception, even the most ardent opponents of semolina.))
Tortillas with cheese filling
1k 4 - -
Scones choux pastry, the taste and the aroma gives the filling of different cheeses with herbs and garlic. Thin, slightly crispy crust, while at the same time, very tender dough with savory filling inside. Delicious scones and good both hot and cold.
Chudu with cottage cheese and greens
1k - - 7
I offer you the dish of the Dagestani cuisine "miracle". This time I have a stuffing of herbs and cheese, but other options are possible toppings. For example, meat, potatoes, and even pumpkin! Dagestan is famous for its multi-nationality and each nation has its own characteristics of this dish! So for example, in Dargin in the stuffing add the nuts, and Lezgins called "aparar". Prepare a "miracle" in a special oven Saji, but in the absence of such a furnace would be a regular frying pan.
In explanation parathi
1k - 60м 10
Love simple and easy recipes) the Minimum of ingredients and little cakes with a crispy crust and cheese flavor ready... Mmm, with a hot Cup of coffee, the most it :)
Pellet "In the path of the track!"
1k 5 30м -
These cakes-scones childhood memory.. my mom we always roasted them when we were driving somewhere! And who doesn't know or remember.. just boarded the train and immediately eat hunting))) So in these moments, we, sister and brother, waiting for the most unusual pies!!!
Pellet from Suriname "roti"
1k - 60м 10
These cakes – the relatives of Indian bread chapatti. Brought to Suriname them immigrants from Indonesia and from Suriname, they were in the Netherlands. Soft, flavorful, filling, and tasty lunch.