Pellet recipes

Cakes with couscous
0.7k - 60м 4
Today again, I experimented with tortillas, this time the dough with the addition of couscous, and flatbreads flavored with aromatic spices set - seetaram! It is very fragrant, tender and flavorful! Welcome aboard!
Kazakh pellet "Zheti Nan"
0.6k 5 120м 7
I congratulate all Muslims on the occasion of Kurban AIT!!! Today on the tables such that the pellet - Zheti Nan that in Kazakh means "7 pellets"
478 - - -
Calpak - thin Uzbek flatbread. You say - what are they slim?! But... do not get me the cakes thin. Bake a third time and rolled out thin, but the dough is still greatly increases in volume. I'm not particularly worried, the taste remains the same. Simple to prepare and very tasty cakes!!!
Armenian Gata
429 - - -
Very tasty and easy to prepare burrito's.
390 4 210м 3
Kattama - translated a layered cake
The cake was on the brew with tomatoes, cheese and olives
335 4 - -
Conventional, Gostovskogo unfiltered kvass shelf life is very small, and bought more than mastered, pour mind, went to work, good, delicious. Products in the brew turned out delicious, but this cake is one of them. Offer, as an option, a quick Breakfast, tortilla for the test of kvass and vegetable stuffed tomato, olives and cheese. And done quickly, and eaten even faster.
321 - 30м -
Incredibly delicious thing hichina with cheese and herbs, and even with potatoes and greens for dinner. Pellets of potatoes went well with sour cream, but with cheese – eat with your fingers!
Pellet "In the path of the track!"
303 5 30м -
These cakes-scones childhood memory.. my mom we always roasted them when we were driving somewhere! And who doesn't know or remember.. just boarded the train and immediately eat hunting))) So in these moments, we, sister and brother, waiting for the most unusual pies!!!
Video Russian
282 - 120м 8
Well I can not share your recipe khachapuri! This recipe has been perfected for a relatively long time. Because once tried Armenian khachapuri, and picked up the recipe from memory from fit naturally. Ie is a good choice. Now every ingredient in its place. And in Russian- because added its own flavor. And no it's not the same...
246 5 25м 15
My previous recipe Moroccan twisted pancakes, many frightened by the complexity of cooking. So I present to you another recipe of Moroccan cuisine, easier - pellets from semolina "NASA". They are prepared just like lightning. The recipe is simple and sooo delicious! I promise I will appeal to all without exception, even the most ardent opponents of semolina.))
Pellet "Italiano"
244 - 30м 6
Great cakes for the festive table - flavorful, perfect for vegetable salads. Particularly attracted to the ease of preparation and the holiday hustle and bustle, this small detail becomes a huge plus!
242 5 30м -
Tortilla of potatoes and cheese. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Bulgarian rogovitski
226 4 30м 4
The best dough for chebureks. As far as I know, traditional rogovitski are done a little differently. But in our family for 4 generations rogovitski doing so. It's kind of pasties from a very light, thin, porous dough stuffed with cheese and herbs. By the way, the dough then just velikolepnaia for pasties perfect. I advise everyone to try.
Pellet "the Warmth of autumn"
226 - 50м 8
Tender scones with a sexy, bright, tasty, spicy stuffing. Prepared quickly, and the result is satisfying and divinely delicious!
Thin Chinese biscuit "Bao Bing"
225 4.7 - -
Bao Bing. It's not a pita. Although, I think, can replace the pita bread, the dough is much easier. In addition to flour and water you will need some patience to roll out the fondant thinly, but if you have ever self-made pita bread, then difficulties will not arise. And make a second, third time will come and skill. Biscuits You can replace the bread and prepare a variety of dishes with pita bread. They can be stored for a long time in the fridge.
220 - 120м 8
Dear cooks! First of all, I want to congratulate all with Old New Year! (just try to explain to a foreigner the meaning of this phrase) I Wish you all health, prosperity and food abundance to create new culinary masterpieces! Now the preamble. Each time watching the film "prisoner of the Caucasus," while showing the scene where the heroine grabs Varley brought her a tray of cake and begins with an appetite to upisyvat, my eyes light up, and there is increased salivation. I always wanted to know what kind of magic pellet. And recently could not resist. Went online and... found! It turns out that it is called "Gata" (accent on the last syllable) or "Kata" and belongs to the Caucasian cuisine. But the name isn't everything. I wanted to find this recipe below and it was delicious and done quickly. Break a lot of sites I finally came across the channel a young Armenian pastry Milan, where she is on camera demonstrates the preparation "Ghats" according to their family recipe. I understood what you need. And I did it! The taste is indescribable! I love Caucasian cuisine (affected genes grandmother-a Georgian) while baking in the Caucasus is just awesome! I realized that it is imperative to share with you this recipe, especially since this site definitely not - I checked. Oh, by the way, lately I have been thinking of what to do snapshots of the cooking process somewhere in the middle of the process. So it was with the "Tatar Mazurka" and "Pork fillet stuffed with mushrooms and pancakes". So I had to describe in detail the preparation to those who wish to cook, did not feel the inconvenience of the small number of images. This time I was prepared! Each step was accompanied by a picture. In the end, they are 35! You don't even have to describe the process - photos "talk" about this very eloquently. And yet...
Flatbread with sorrel
220 3 - -
Quick and tasty. In this recipe I combined the 2. Which was shown earlier (Pies with sorrel and bread with cheese). And is shown here on request. Asked to see this recipe as a separate dish. What to do!
220 4 50м -
Pita bread is most often used in the East. At the present time women to reduce time in the preparation, use pita bread in a variety of dishes. Promised to do yesterday.
Tortillas in the pan
215 - 90м 5
Prepare these cakes with different fillings instead of bread, it turns out very tasty! With this recipe can handle any cook, the dough will be very pliable and elastic, it is easy to form a pellet. Tender, soft and delicious scones will surely please You!
211 4 - -
Pita with Adygei cheese.
Almost pita bread or tortilla
209 3 60м 10
These scones are structurally very similar to Armenian lavash or Mexican tortillas! Of course, Armenian lavash at home to cook not because you need a special technology and furnace, and they must be fresh (water and flour), and Mexican tortillas – tortillas. But they are so similar. ... Try to cook is not difficult! Soft, elastic, won't crack - well, right, pita....