Soup for the winter recipes

Soup for the winter in the Bank ", the Storeroom of the sun"
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The harvest season and preparations for the winter is in full swing, so, dear cooks, I want to share with you another recipe of canned soup. This blank soup can save you time and effort and favorite to feed the family a delicious lunch.
Soup for the winter "Country"
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Hi! Offer another preparation for winter - easy vegetable soup that is wonderful will save you time in everyday work and variety to your table. The author of the recipe Nina Strekalovskaya, "Recipes for an Encore".
Soup "Country"
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This name was given to this soup, my children, because for many years we cook it at the cottage and we never get tired of it. In fact, it was originally a salad, but I once made soup out of it. Then by trial and error, something subtracting something adding, a recipe I changed so that it was really a soup. This is a real lifesaver when time is tight and you need to quickly make dinner. Boil the soup for only 20 minutes, but first you have to make a billet. Now is the time cheap vegetables... so go to the kitchen.
Pickle for the winter without vinegar
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Every year (can not remember how many years) my mother kept me supplied for the winter with jars of this pickle. For his mother specially salted cucumbers. Now I roll it every year. I in this plan is easier - I love cask cucumbers, so salted from three orders: the first is salted, the second draught in winter, the third - pickle.
Harvesting cucumbers of any size for the pickle
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A very comfortable billet for the winter stewed vegetables, and salads, the cucumbers will fit any size and most importantly - it's very simple!
Filling for borsch "Torchin at home"
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"Why smear your hands with beet, crying from onions... ". Probably everyone remembers this ad, but I still decided to cry and smear his hands, and was very pleased with the result, it is a dish suitable not only for aromatic borsch, but simply spread on bread or in addition to garnish. Yummy... and the scent...
Filling borschova
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Very convenient in the winter - the little jar is opened and the borsch is ready in half an hour!!! Can vegetarian, the broth on the stew - generally a matter of minutes!
Pickle in a jar for the winter
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This recipe is time-tested and my family. Lifesaver in the winter and as cold appetizers to the table. Easy cooking during canning will make it one of your favorite recipes.
Soup in a hurry
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It's a blank. I think with the modern pace of life, it will be very helpful. Very desirable winter hot cabbage soup, but time is "scarce", and took out a jar, You need only to cook the broth and potatoes. And how it will help us in the post, I'm not going to tell You.
Pickle peas with pickled cucumbers
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Now maybe not at the time the prescription, but after a while it is probably useful to someone. Namely, at the time when they begin to sing the cucumbers and they need to preserve. But here's the thing - last year there were some jars of pickles. In the second year to leave them do not want to... Offer the option of winter preparations - the pickle soup with barley. Very easy cooking! The cooking time of soup is reduced to a few minutes!
Pickle with barley in the winter
0.7k - 50м 12
I offer you my recipe for billets for soup. Probably each of us there are moments when you urgently have to cook dinner, and time to spare, in this case, we will help zagotovochka in the Bank. This option is very interesting because anything in advance is not necessary to boil, fry or soak, it saves our time, and in the prescription only products that grow in your suburban areas. This wonderful recipe came to me from Belarus, as it turned out, there are similar recipes on other sites, that's just the way of cooking I have another.
Pickle canned
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The season ends with blanks, but maybe useful recipe. Saves time when have this piece. Just add broth and potatoes, the soup is ready. For fans of pickle.
Soup with peppers for the winter
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This billet I did before, in the perestroika era. Then somehow forgotten. And this year decided to make for my son. He lives in another city. Well, it was an easy, turns out a lot.
Dressing for borscht
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Dressing for borscht from dear old dad)) is also suitable as a side dish to meat, to pasta and potatoes. Simply delicious!
Soup canned "the Main thing-do not need to bathe!"
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Dear caring mom and Sokrovische! If you are worried for their children, which is never in a hurry to cook and eat first, make them for winter this magical blank for the soup. In winter, your favorite child (or careless daughter-in-law) thanked cook and eat this most wonderful borsch, spending all together ( and cooking and eating) no more than an hour. The soup will be very tasty, even if there is only water in the cooking will take 5 minutes. And if it be meat, or chicken, or corned beef and a few potatoes - the result will exceed all your expectations. This is my debut recipe on the site, but to place not afraid, I know exactly what I am ashamed for it. The recipe for this miracle of mine shared with me a girlfriend for 7 years, preparing soup is the only way, always turns out great. All my love borsch and can eat it almost every day. Now is the season of workpieces and for us to warm up still have))) but in winter you try this amazing soup and I remember the good word.
Preparation for a soup
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A very easy recipe soup blanks for soup, which in the winter-spring period it is possible to save time by preparing delicious soups in just minutes, getting favor from grown summer vegetables.
Preparation for the winter "Grub"
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For those involved in stocks for the winter. A bit of fuss in the summer and autumn, and in winter, if there is no time or an hour earlier reluctance to get out of a warm bed... I'll just boil the broth and put it in a jar soup. Fragrant and spicy and hearty soup is ready.
Dressing for soups, sauces and main dishes
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Experiment. Not always time after work to do dinner. This is a lifesaver for all working moms.
Pickle for the winter
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This soup I'm making for 4 years. My family very much. This recipe was shared by my friend, they call him "Breakfast" because they eat it as a first and second course.
Filling soup for the winter "mom"
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In the fall my mom always made this filling soup. Autumn - because it's a budget, fresh vegetables, and in General, winter is coming. Now my sisters and make this dressing. The dressing is made from fresh vegetables and added to soups. The advantage is that nothing needs to boil, add the vinegar, roll up in banks. Dressing perfectly stored at room temperature.
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