The sauce for the winter recipes

Adjika "Cossack joy"
302 3 - -
From "Recipes for an Encore". A wonderful piece for those who like to feel like a fire-breathing dragon )) Sharp fusion sauce... For those who physically can not withstand this amount of pepper, tip: decrease the quantity of pepper, at least, five times. Please in the comments don't write that it's not a real cheese sauce, I know that, but since the author called the sauce a chutney, leave him this right.
Adjika raw
251 - 120м 1
This is my first recipe I decided to spread the network. I must say, the sauce for those who like real thrills. So, after reading all the recipes are there, its not found. The chutney I make for several years and all on it is always great. And the recipe too. This recipe I got from my aunt, but remade it in his own way. This sauce is stored in the fridge almost until spring.
Siberian adjika or bollocks
247 3.5 15м -
I think everyone knows this cool!!! seasoning to the dumplings, manta rays, spaghetti, even just on bread... Very surprised, finding it to "Cook". Maybe a different title? Well worth in the fridge all winter without twist. The perfect accompaniment to vegetable soup, the recipe of which I posted earlier.
Adjika with horseradish without cooking
239 - - -
Very tasty and healthy sauce. Not require cooking, which preserves the useful properties of the products. Perfect for meat dishes, can be just the bread to the entrees. Very tasty, try it!
Adjika of pepper
229 - 30м -
Recipes for adzhika - car and truck. Love your recipe for speed of preparation (boil 10 min), the minimum of ingredients (no tomatoes, onions, carrots, apples), and most importantly - for excellent juicy taste (without sunflower oil)! Although the cheese and cooked, but the taste is very juicy and has a beautiful red color. From the specified portion is obtained 5 - 6 half-liter cans. For winter harvests 5 servings (25 bottles) and the fly is eaten whole. Pepper buy large, fleshy, then less waste when cleaning. The recipe stated 4 pieces of bitter pepper, but who likes spicy sauce, you can put 5 - 6 pieces: Bon appetit!
Sauce "Krasnodar" Soviet-style
193 - 60м -
Our family loves tomato sauce, especially "Krasnodars cue" buy it boxes. And now I found the closest to that, really. The recipe is on the website Say7 the girl Marina, the name is saved.
Pasta plums "Turshu"
192 - - -
Dear cooks, not so long ago I published the recipe of the national dishes of Azerbaijan "Chicken lavangi" and in the list of ingredients indicated the ingredient turshu... But unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to purchase this ingredient from your city... So offer to cook turshu plums at home! The process is long, but worth it! You can use it not only for lavangi, but also for marinating meat, vegetables and just add to your favorite dishes.
Adjika of pepper "Faces"
180 - - -
Delicious and simple harvesting of red pepper. Does not require cooking. Stored in the refrigerator.
Ruby confit of tomatoes
177 - 120м 3
The recipe for this unusual jam I got from a friend. She never cooked, still can not decide. And now, with some changes, I realized that ruby miracle. I'll be honest - this is the bomb! Sweet and spicy, moderately spicy, with a fragrant bouquet of spices and garlic... I have not tried! Tomato sauce-the jam will come to the barbeque and the potatoes, and very tasty on bread with a slice of cheese - delicious! From the "diseases".
Green sauce of Basil for the winter
170 4.5 30м 2
Hello! Today we will prepare a delicious green sauce of Basil and walnuts. It is a spicy plant with serrated leaves, exuding a bright aroma and has incredible taste, is adored by chefs around the world.
Adjika "uh! U-u-x! Oh!"
168 5 45м -
For fans Oooorah! And who likes less spice - all the sharp components are less than half use. You can eat immediately, can be rolled up for the winter.
168 3 2м -
The chutney I found on another website about 3 years ago, don't remember the author, but a big thank you to her, if the author finds out your recipe, I am very grateful to him. Adjika very tasty as you open it, right-I just couldn't be, teaspoons, eating :), is there and the bitterness from the peppers, and slightly sour, and sweet taste. I boil the chutney in the autumn, when the vegetables are cheaper, well, if anyone own kitchen garden you have growing these wonderful vegetables, then no words, harvest for the winter... :) so here it is..
Adjika-recipe №1
160 5 - -
A delicious snack for the winter.
159 - - -
I understand that the season harvesting is in full swing? I want to add more to the collection of their recipes. This seasoning I'm doing the 4th year in a row. Love my husband and children eat in really small portions. One sorrow long standing, because it is all raw. But it does not matter! The main thing - to have time to enjoy the gifts of nature in the middle!
Tomato sauce
154 3.5 60м -
This recipe is probably familiar to many, and maybe someone will read it for the first time and like it. Well when winter can get tomatic own cooking add it to any dish or make it into a simple sauce.
Cherry sauce
154 - 120м 1
Hello! You still don't know how to cook a felt cherry then must see this video recipe!
Adjika Caucasian
150 4 - -
Delicious homemade adjika
Ketchup Julie
147 - 80м -
This ketchup will conquer Your family, it can be done both for children (if you change a recipe with less pepper and garlic) and gourmet spicy (add more garlic and hot pepper).
Pepper-walnut relish
147 - 15м -
If I haven't tortured her peppery spices, today will be another one with walnuts! In fact - it's the sauce, but use cake mix, which turns out amazing, fragrant, gourmet sauce to any dish. It is very tasty!
146 - 60м 7
Cook the chutney for the third year for 4-5 servings. Goes with a BANG.
Homemade ketchup
139 - 180м 5
I want to share with you my homemade ketchup recipe, exclusively from tomatoes and simple seasonings, preparing for a long time, but this yummy worth it!!! Cook the ketchup for this recipe three years in a row and kind of brought it to mind!!! HUSBAND loved it, and instead stocking up on sauce purchase for the future, for the whole winter!!!