Snacks of pancakes recipes

Pancake cake with mousse of trout
257 - - -
For making pancake cake can go absolutely any toppings. I suggest you make pancake cake with mousse of smoked trout. Original, tasty and beautiful dish. Prepare a cake to surprise your loved ones.
Pancakes "Morning delight"
173 - 90м 4
The spring rolls themselves are very nourishing food, with your favorite toppings, they always come out delicious and arouse appetite. The dough is mixed in milk and eggs, stuffing is sausage and cheese. Ready pancakes turn out very tender with a crispy crust.
Salad "rings"
167 - 25м -
In principle, it is the familiar, beloved crab salad, but in a slightly different form. So to say on a holiday on Shrove Tuesday. Help yourself.
Pancake pie with cream of avocado
161 - 60м -
Pancakes, made from a dough with wheat and rye flour. Cream of avocado, cheese and sour cream. It all came together in a charming, useful pancake cake for a special celebration Breakfast. Cake suitable for a festive table in the form of snacks if we cut into a small and beautiful sector-triangles.
Pancake pie with chicken and mushrooms
157 - - -
I want to share with you the recipe of a simple but delicious pie that requires no additional baking in the oven. It can be prepared just so, and even on the festive table, as it looks very impressive.
Julien in pancake bags
149 - 120м 8
Often prepared Juliani in pancake pouches, though, and ramekins there, but so beautifully decorated. Checked, this feed is sure to delight, guests and family. Very tasty, tender, flowing at a cut filling will not leave anyone indifferent. These pancakes can be prepared in advance, they will not get soggy, thanks to the added starch, and before eating just reheat in the micro.
Pancake casserole with mushrooms and cheese
146 - 60м 6
This casserole is delicious in hot or cold. You can serve it hot as main dish or slice and serve as appetizers. The filling can also be varied and supplemented according to your taste.
Custard pancakes with milk filling
145 - 60м 7
Very tasty and tender pancakes made with milk and butter. Is thin and elastic. They can be made with different fillings. Ideal for Breakfast and snack, and snack.
Pancake casserole with liver and onions
144 - 200м 6
I offer very delicate and delicious pudding pancakes with liver stuffing and caramelized onions. This dish is perfect for family dinner or lunch or to serve to guests. A wonderful combination of juicy toppings and a slightly crunchy, sweet onions.
Pancake cake with herring
143 - - 4
Our family very much appreciated the pancake cakes, and especially savory. Except that the younger prynts more sweet specialist. This time, I hasten to share a cake with yeast recipes RYE and HERRING-cheese layer. Have more than confident that it will become Your favorite.
Rose pancakes
141 - 4м 1
The beauty of pancakes it will take 4 minutes.
Eateries pancakes with egg
140 - 30м 4
Offer to your attention a delicious Breakfast. you can prepare in advance, bake pancakes, to cook the meat, and quickly apply in the morning a great Breakfast on the table and to surprise family. Cook it for a total of about 7-8 minutes. The filling can be prepared any, were important to the pancakes and eggs, and meat you can substitute sausage, vegetables also add any.
135 - 40м -
Pancakes is one of the most popular dishes of Russian cuisine. Variations of cooking a lot, each chef prepares it differently. I suggest You "your" option - pancake bags with chicken, mushrooms and cheese. Bon appetit!
Pancake cake with meat
135 - - -
On Shrove Tuesday a tradition to bake pancakes, and a lot of different. And decided to cook all sorts of dishes and treats. I recommend you to prepare an alternative version of empanadas, a tasty snack pancake cake, which will decorate your table and will surely win the hearts of your friends and loved ones if you arrange. This is a treat you can't refuse!
Fake pasties of marrow 2
133 - 60м 9
Of course this is just of zucchini fritters with fish yield of bread, a favorite in my family dish which does not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults! I changed the recipe, given the reviews chefs, finalized and the result was very pleased, so feel free to share it with you. Delicious!
Pancake casserole with meatballs
129 - 90м 4
Very quick to prepare casserole in that case, if you have on the table are yesterday's pancakes, and in the fridge ready meatballs. But even if not, take your time and prepare this wonderful casserole.
Pancakes with quail eggs and bacon
127 - - 2
Offer a diversified menu for Breakfast, cooked a delicious, nutritious and unique dish, with the participation of the heroes of Maslenitsa – pancakes :)
Sandwich of pancakes with stuffing
126 - 70м 5
Sandwiches made with pancakes with chocolate banana filling is delicious! Especially like this feed the children.
Pancake pie with salmon
124 - - -
Pancake pie with salmon, fried onions and cheese real festive treat. When you expect guests on carnival the best ever. Pancakes can be anything, but better if they are thin and slightly sweet, then the filling will be felt brighter, and the cake will be sweeter taste and beautiful to look at! For the cake I made pancakes on a fast yeast SAF-Moment.
Pancake snack cake
123 - 110м 8
A simple but delicious snack cake made of pancakes and stuffing! Perfect for celebrating carnival!
Snack casserole "Pancake"
120 - 120м 6
Delicious, aromatic, crispy casserole. It is made in the form of envelopes of pancakes with filling. A wonderful option unusual dinner on Pancake week. By the way, not necessarily to cook for casseroles fresh pancakes. Perfect yesterday, which did not have time to eat. This will considerably reduce the cooking time.