Casserole with fish recipes

Fish casserole
242 3 50м 4
A very quick dish which can be do according to your taste.
Casserole of fish with broccoli
196 4 - -
Very easy, tasty and healthy dish. Light as in the process of preparation and use
Fish casserole in avocado
192 4 30м 4
Good in hot or cold for a light dinner, with a side dish of rice noodles with soy sauce for lunch.
Fish casserole in Portuguese
180 - 30м 4
Be sure to take into consideration this simple and delicious recipe. Fish stewed in ramekin with vegetables and white sauce under a cheese crust is just amazing! Fig Kuban will be a good garnish for this dish
Rice casserole with fish
160 - 60м 8
Recipe from the book "Polish recipes". Long ago I was eyeing this recipe, but somehow appropriate case fiction) and then there's the case has turned up! Prepared from the available products, delicious, hearty, flavorful casserole turned out!
Fish casserole with vegetables in adygeysky
149 3 - -
Love and respect the cuisine of the Caucasus, I think, like many here. So feel free to offer to try this dish with a Caucasian accent))).
Portion cabbage casserole with fish
143 - - 3
One day when my husband asked for a side dish to fish stew cabbage - I was somewhat surprised - for me, the side dish for the fish - either mashed potatoes or white rice, but after trying, I realized that it's a combination I like and now use it in different ways. Cabbage for casseroles can be put out in any usual way, and use the fish, or boiled or roasted.
Potato gratin with smoked salmon and bacon
139 3 30м -
Another dish of potato... Very tasty.. in fact, a separate dish))) I Advise to try)))
Carrot-fish casserole with chickpeas
136 - 60м 7
Juicy, tender and very flavorful hearty casserole of fish, chickpeas and vegetables. Suitable for family dinner, and treats for friends.
Potato-fish casserole with seaweed
130 - - -
Juicy, hearty layered casserole of potatoes and white fish. The addition of sea cabbage gives the dish a spicy flavor.
Fish casserole
126 4 50м 4
Very tasty and tender casserole.
Buckwheat casserole with fish
123 4 90м 5
Another experiment with buckwheat. This time the baked fish.
Casserole of salmon "Holiday"
122 - 35м 6
My dear! I want to share! Us dish is always useful! And they will have guests to impress! After all, fish kitchen impossible not to love! Gentle, airy, with salmon, vegetables! Casserole is delicious! See for yourself! Friends, all to the feast are invited to the table! And valiant our men, congratulations!
Casserole with fish and vegetables
118 5 50м 3
Lovers of fish.
Casserole fish
117 4 60м 6
I thought and thought what should I cook fish, that's what happened. For lovers of fish.
Dietary fish casserole for Dukane
114 - 50м 4
Diet tasty and healthy dish.
Fish-rice casserole with cheese sauce
114 - 40м 2
Simple and hearty dish for dinner. Bright spicy sprinklings of fish accompanied by rice in a soft creamy sauce - these are the notes of this dish!
Fish casserole
113 - 60м 6
A hearty meal for 60 minutes.
Fish casserole "Ukrainian"
112 4 60м -
Casserole of fish with dumplings, cauliflower and other vegetables
Fish-potato gratin
112 4 60м 10
A delicious and hearty dish of fish and potatoes. Today is fish day :)))
Fish casserole with broccoli "Dressy"
112 4 - -
This brand meatless dishes can be a decoration of any table and not just in the post. Also very tasty and healthy. The contest "Fast from Moulinex". If anyone doubts whether it is possible to eat fish during lent. Only on Annunciation and palm Sunday. That's for sure.