Decoration of eggs recipes

Dyed eggs with citric acid
98 - 30м 10
Today I want to offer you dye the eggs using citric acid. Citric acid will give the eggs a very unusual picture that will appear when painting.
Easter eggs
90 - 45м 4
Dye Easter eggs using dye and tissue paper. This exciting activity can be done together with children.
Easter eggs "Space galaxy"
62 - - -
Offer my favorite "space" method of coloring eggs. The method is very simple, and if you involved the whole family, it will be a very fun and exciting.
60 - 20м -
And so I think of me to paint emptied eggs. And why not?! Fun and festive, unusual, but beautiful!
Easter eggs with watercolors
57 - 60м -
Certainly can about this idea and someone knows, but I'll remind you, and someone will give it. Relevant in the present time, when people with children sitting in quarantine. You take their children from small to large and I think they would be happy to work with you to draw on the eggs. Because the pictures can make any... from a single flower or a ladybug to a certain ornament... Yes, just the eggs to paint "dot". Watercolor honey for children.
Eggs Bunnies decorate with the kids
55 - 15м 4
The decoration of eggs is very important at Easter. But any other day is also interesting, and with children even more enjoy.
Easter eggs, dyed with dyes using paper towel
53 - 20м 5
They are called "space". And I did it with a kind of "lace" or "mesh". Generally, this is an interesting exercise, as the result of the mixing of colors can be unexpected. The recipe is suitable for those who do not mind the use of industrial paints in cooking. Bright.
A simple way of decorating eggs for Easter
52 - 10м 3
Simple and fast decoration of eggs for Easter with paint balls, disposable package and Scotch tape manicure.
Creative bags with eggs "Gift"
48 - 120м -
More likely for the needle, but not necessarily to sew bags "fancy". You can make them simple and made of beautiful fabrics with lace and ribbons. About the eggs: for colored eggs have only used the peel from the red onion. Eggs get a rich Burgundy color and of course eco-friendly due to the painting of natural materials.
Dyed Easter eggs
46 - 45м 4
Colored eggs speckled.