Pies recipes for 23rd of February

Detachable cheesecake " Fiction"
1k - 30м 50
Incredibly delicious cheese pie "FICTION". Insanely delicious and beautiful cake will raise the mood and will appeal to all. So good cheese will not leave you indifferent.
Pie "Polytechnic"
0.6k 4 - -
The cake is called Polytechnicum because all products take in the same amount - half a Cup. Usually I cook this cake with a meat filling, but since it was a lot of greenery and that it is not lost, made a cake with egg-rice stuffing.
Stroiteley cheesecake with red currants
0.5k - 120м 12
In the middle of the season red currants could not treat you and myself on tasty new pastries! Curd, more like silk cream, crumbly and crispy dough, our beautiful red currants! Help yourself, dear!
Apple pie with cottage cheese and apples
462 - - -
Tender, juicy, soft and delicious Apple pie with apples and cheese will not leave anyone indifferent. The dough will be very soft and porous. The combination of the cheese with the apples makes it taste divine! Make sure to prepare.
Pie "Kelo,"
451 - - -
Today I want to share with You, cooks, delicious dessert cake that is cooked... Yes, Yes... of crumbs (preferably, of course, home). The pie turns out perfectly smooth (baked it in round and in square and rectangular form), with soft, loose structure. Invite everyone to a tea party!
384 - - -
This is not an original recipe of the famous Tatar pie. And adapted to the tastes of our family meat pie. And since this cake is popular not only among my family members, but the regular recipe is overwritten guests, neighbors - who still managed to eat of this pie. I decided to your own risk - to put your option on the cook. Recipes cubeta here a lot and they like each other, yet a little different, there are differences. So I hope that my recipe will be useful to someone.
365 4 60м 25
Here and samosas came all a pleasant appetite! natural samsa in originale is made from lamb but due to lack of time I was blinded from what it was and I had fresh beef, fatty! actually, meat should be cut into cubes, melki but I had minced coarse!
Lemon tart from Menton
328 - 80м 8
In the French town of Menton is held every year a Grand festival of lemons, which is accompanied by fairs, costumed processions, concerts and a fire show. Naturally, lemon cakes plays an important role in this celebration of life. Cooks compete to see who will bake the most delicious lemon pie. Here is one of such cakes and we're going to bake. All lovers of key lime pie dedicated!
Christmas cake "Honey cranberry"
317 - - -
For the holidays offer to bake a delicious pie that will fill your home with aroma of honey, vanilla and cranberries!
Iraqi walnut-date cake "Hilargi"
310 - - -
"Do You love dates so much as I?" - so I wanted to start the description of this recipe. But... after making and tasting a piece of the pie with neperedavaemye taste, I realized... If and when, in those ancient times, actually existed Scheherazade told her tales to the Sultan, I'm sure that Sultan dreamily listening to her, eating a cake, drinking tea, and enjoyed his taste. For this sweetness, are truly worthy of Kings!
Lemon-orange cake
275 - - -
For fans of lemon cakes, this cake will definitely have to taste! Unreal explosion of lemon freshness with subtle hints of orange. Rich, aromatic, delicious... what can I say? Try it for yourself!
Lean biscuit Apple pie
272 - 60м 8
In lent to eat this cake is just fun. Tasty, healthy and delicious without breaking the post. The dough was biscuit, vegetable, difficult to distinguish from a real biscuit. Simple to prepare, try it.
Cheesecake " Friendship"
264 - 25м 35
Pie " Friendship" as a child sold in cooking with cottage cheese in 25 minutes. So good cheese will not leave you indifferent the Recipe couldn't be simpler. It is very tasty, light, delicate, just melts in your mouth and quick to prepare. Ideal for tea and will not leave anyone indifferent.
Fried pies "a saltwater lagoon."
253 - - -
Dear cooks, I want to share with you the recipe of a wonderful airy, soft, delicious dough for fried pies with a savory filling of fish, smoked and vegetables. A small part of the wheat flour I substituted corn starch, powdered milk and dry cream. The pies turned out very tasty and lush. Hope you like it.
Devonshire Apple pie
248 - 45м 4
On the website we are very fond of Apple pies, it's easy to guess at the number of recipes of these pies. Quite by chance I saw on the Internet an Apple pie from Devonshire. What I want to say a cake is not only seductive-aroma suspected, but tasty, crisp, airy and with a pronounced Apple taste. For the dough and baking takes a little time, which is very important for many of us.
Onion pie recipe Olga Matthew
233 - 40м -
Good day)) so I saw a recipe on one amazing channel, and so I wanted to try this recipe. Now, I will share with you this recipe) My family was ecstatic, the kids that onions of any kind do not eat, was eating for both cheeks))
Pie of the day
232 - 50м 5
A cake flavored with honey, cinnamon, almonds, orange will brighten up Your weekend and make you occupied all family members into the kitchen for a celebratory Cup of tea.
Two-layer cake with apples and berries
224 - 60м 6
Tender, juicy and soft two-layer cake. It is very tasty and looks appetizing. Berries and apples give it a unique taste.
219 - 40м 6
Well, who would be able to refuse! Today fruit cake! Love it very! The aroma will fill the house! Let's try friends! To the table for tea, I call you!
Pie with Camembert and cherry tomatoes
218 - 30м 12
I present to You a cake with cheese and cherry tomatoes. Prepared quickly and easily. The result will please You. Try it, very tasty!
Pie "candy Apple"
210 5 60м 1
Delicate Apple tart with caramel filling and sweet sprinkles.