Pies recipes for Lent

Pie "Two love"
0.6k - 60м 5
In Spanish folklore, lemon is a symbol of the bitter, deceived by love. Sweet love the orange symbolizes. But how often do these two love to go with us through life hand in hand. Making knots in our memory. And this cake is sweet, but it tastes bitter lemon. And the knot orange, lemon.
Lean Apple pie "hostess"
371 - 30м 6
One of my favorite pies, delicate and moderately sweet, found on the Internet. Why I called it "hostess"? Because he prepares well, very simple and fast! Everyone treat, this pie is like. Maybe you, dear cooks have to taste.
Vegetable pie "an explosion of Citrus"
316 - - -
Today we had very Sunny weather and my mood was appropriate, and that there was a bright and Sunny cake is a cake. For anyone who loves citrus, very aromatic and delicious pie-cake. The recipe is meatless, so if you are fasting and you are going to visit, then this recipe will be very useful.
Pie "Health"
274 - 60м -
Plain, bulk cake. The recipe is very simple, with minimum ingredients and is suitable for fasting, so for those who are "not all". It can seriously help out when among your guests there are people with limitations, and entertain want.
Lean biscuit Apple pie
272 - 60м 8
In lent to eat this cake is just fun. Tasty, healthy and delicious without breaking the post. The dough was biscuit, vegetable, difficult to distinguish from a real biscuit. Simple to prepare, try it.
Lean oat cakes
259 - 75м -
Filling in pies does not matter what. Just left the cabbage is fried with onions and buckwheat. Decided to lunch a little quickly knead the dough and to cook baked vegetable oat cakes with this filling. A wonderful addition to mushroom soup.
Lenten carrot cake with pineapple
250 - - -
Lenten carrot cake with pineapple and coconut. Very fragrant, moderately moist, delicious and delicate cake. I'd say such an exotic carrot surrounded by pineapple, coconut and walnuts!
Patties with bulgur and mushrooms
224 - 160м 6
Great vegetable patties from whole wheat flour with bulgur and mushrooms. Hearty, tasty, spicy. Will be an excellent addition to vegetable soups, and for tea they are good!
Pie "Khokhloma"
211 3 40м 8
Long waited for this pie. Don't remember where I copied his recipe, but he is interested in me an unusual composition: a bright and diverse as Khokhloma painting. Finally decided to bake it and have not regretted, especially that cake lean. Ate in the blink of an eye! But managed to take a picture!:-) By the way, this pie is done very quickly, but eaten even quicker.
Carrot-oat cake
202 - 120м 12
Carrot? Or oatmeal? Or carrot?... no, it's oatmeal! Ufff... All good, loved and useful, these two pies suddenly become the "theme of the season" in our house. But what to bake this time?... It's time to combine the recipes and put in doubt the point!
Lean Apple pie
190 5 45м 8
Another Apple pie. I apologize in advance to all the chefs, maybe not very original, but delicious. Besides, my parents are diabetics and I try all the recipes eliminate sugar.
The red bilberry
190 3 - -
Open berry pie... the Technology of preparation of straight dough yeast dough in the recipe "Apple Pies"
Lean cherry pie cake
182 - - 5
On this divine nutty taste of cherry... like I'm mad about it, and in combination with black currant jam... I Give my word, he will not leave you indifferent.
Vegetable pies with cabbage
177 3 - -
You can not just fasting.
Lenten orange cake with dried cranberries
174 - 50м -
This fragrant and airy pie is so delicious that once you try it, You'll bake it again and again!
Red pie with pea porridge
171 - 60м 8
You love pea porridge? I love it! Meatless tomato pie with a delicious, delicate pea porridge will be indispensable on your Lenten table.
Meatless mushroom pie
168 - - -
An interesting and tasty option for meatless pie. Can be served cold, but you can with hot sauce! Help yourself!
Lean honey gingerbread with coconut and Apple
160 5 50м 6
Recipe website Cook at home, but instead of walnuts I used shredded coconut. The gingerbread is very cute, flavorful and simple to prepare
Vegetable pie with peanut butter pasta
154 - 40м 8
Tastes like lean chocolate muffins, but instead of chocolate flavor is nutty, along with orange aroma. In peanut pasta always turns out delicious pastries, and so boldly went for an experiment and this is the result: a cake eaten for a day and took the order again!
Cake with orange-banana filling
154 - - 12
Lenten cake for lovers of citrus and fragrant baked goods. Bright,"solar", a yeast cake with orange pastry, with orange and banana filling, will be a great addition to a family tea party.
Lean chocolate-cherry pie
150 4 45м -
Post, and sweetie want to... by: rich chocolate flavor, cherry acidity, nutty flavor. Delicate crispy crust. What's fluffy! Try it and you bake it, not only during lent!