Soup recipes

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Soup "BM"
1.3k - 90м 5
This soup I learned to cook ex-husband, actually, because he - BM) the Recipe I have set up for yourself and daughter, and she and soups, in principle, not love. But this soup - soup BM - em all with pleasure. Especially dedicated to the same opposers of soups as I eat this soup all!
Ukrainian borscht
0.6k 4 - 1
Long, but good. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Soup "licenovski"
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Soup "my way". How much borscht or boil and still it turns out different.
0.5k - 120м 8
It is winter, and we need to eat, keep warm and to enjoy the process. We'll cook the soup. Not throw in my old sandals and do not say that borsch recipes already a lot! Recipe where it is cooked in the cauldron yeah in the fire, yet certainly was not!
Vegetable soup with lentils
0.5k 4 20м -
Recipe for Lent, when the vegetable oil allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays. Lentils here ensures the intake of proteins and replaces the traditional beans that must be soaked overnight - and with lentils you can cook spontaneously.
Kuban borsch with beans and prunes
478 5 - -
Love this soup. The prunes give a sweet taste, acidity of tomatoes, adjika acute. The potatoes in this soup are not put, it is superfluous. Very tasty, try it.
Naval borsch
463 - - 6
In my life I tried different variations of borscht, but as cook and eat for the first time. This recipe is treated more reverently, as the soup - dish responsible and all that is connected with fleet - is sacred to me.
Soup vegetarian
449 5 20м 6
Wholesome, delicious, diet. For photos thanks to the cook of Mizuna.
Soup "Moscow"
448 4 - -
The fourth collector from my collection. Very tasty, with the aroma of smoked meat... it is Better to try once!
Favorite soup of Brad pitt
437 - 300м 15
I swear, not my notion, is soup, prepared according to this recipe, was one of the favorite dishes of a famous actor. Served soup and can be served still in one of the "Russian" restaurants in America. I tried to reproduce the recipe as close as possible to the original. The tests were performed on the husband and were successful (they asked for more and garlic). Recipe from the book "Recipes of Kremlin chefs".
Green soup "Swan song"
430 - 40м 6
A little soup all grandmother nursed.. And because we, the grandchildren, it was a lot! On a tiny pension she could not live, she managed all of us to please! Borschets I called Swan song: eat it in one sitting - and interesting to live!!! We were inspired intense heat on my grandmother's borschets from childhood: come the summer time that you don't want much dish of the test...
Borsch with donuts "My way"
398 - 120м -
Yes, I know, there are many options of cooking soup, after reviewing all honestly, add your own version. It differs by cooking technique and the result is delicious, beautiful, fragrant soup with fresh summer vegetables. This recipe I want to dedicate to one wonderful boy, our sweet Natalka-Poltavka, our piratica (yohoho).
Borscht a beet kvass
390 - 90м 6
I bought at the market beets, but it is not as Burgundy as it should be, with white stripes-streaks. Upset, thought to throw away, but in time remembered that a beet grandma calls "print" and cook the soup with her. The other does not recognize. I - theses is a traditional dark Burgundy soup (as pictured in "the Book about tasty and healthy food"). Well, what can I do? And then swept me back: a winter vacation, I'm at my grandmother's house, ride a roller coaster-steep slopes on sleds to the state "caspary fingers came" eating grandma's soup, looking out the window at the neighbor's yard, the snow kuchugury, and so I love it... Yes, there is to remember! Help yourself!
Soup sweet and sour with beef bones and beans
386 5 120м -
Sweet and sour soup taught me to cook by my grandmother. As Jewish cuisine is characterized by its sweetness, its soup I always liked. So I decided to share the recipe with you...
Soup in Polish
372 - 60м 6
This recipe happened to see on the Polish culinary website called "little Russian borsch". Made and decided to share with you this not quite ordinary recipe but rather the approach to its preparation.
Borsch with pampushkas lazy
372 - 120м 8
Each housewife has her recipe for borscht! Try mine, it is very tasty and nourishing. And together with the lazy pampushkami -voosche impossible to put down! Try it!
Soup family recipe
369 4 - -
Every family has its own recipe for borscht. This recipe was preparing the soup my great-grandmother, grandmother, and now prepare my mother. And interestingly, this soup is for both cheeks devours my husband who doesn't eat vegetables (apart from potatoes).
Soup Of The Crimean
367 5 60м 6
Delicious soup recipe husband.
Almost Soup
363 4 100м -
Soup of the day)))
361 - 360м 10
Sorry for th recipe of soup! This is my debut on the site. And to start I decided on the dish, once cooked me. Such a soup there yet, but he deserves to be. The name of the soup I gave the recipe as it shared with me my sweet mother – Galina Petrovna. Its roots, like soup, go deep in the Ukraine. This recipe was cooked when she was little. I he appeared six years ago, but I use it only a year and a half. I was very confused by the cucumber in the soup. Skeptically I approached it – whether soup, or pickle... As practice has shown – in vain! I probably would never have ventured to execute this recipe, if... we Arrived somehow back to town for the day to collect berries. Lunch was soup. From the second I refused. After two bowls of soup it wouldn't have fit. For dinner I also asked for soup. And jar I a poured. I am 17 years old I cook borscht. Tried a bunch of different versions of recipes. For themselves settled on this. May be this taste like.