Soup recipes

Soup with sauerkraut and mushrooms
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Soup - basic hot liquid dish on the Russian table for more than a Millennium. It steadily continued in different eras, though tastes changed, and never knew a social obstacle; it was used at all layers of the population. Great importance for the creation of a special, unique taste of the soup was the fact that they were prepared, and then languished (sit) in the Russian oven. Due to the accumulating at the bottom of the pan Zepter accumulates quickly and evenly heat is transferred to the food, which is prepared at low temperatures, consider stewing on the stove.
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One of the most famous Russian dishes - soup. It is believed that this dish was known in Russia long before her baptism. At first it was a simple soup and cabbage was not a required component. Then the soup became known as only cabbage soup. In Russia every housewife knew how to cook this dish, but the quality of the soup it was possible to determine its thriftiness. "Not the kind of hostess that spoke beautifully, and is that a good soup is cooking". Tastes changed, and people's love for the soup remained for centuries. Offer its own version of cooking.
Ural soup in a slow cooker
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We love soup. Especially in the winter. What could be better with a frost than a plate of nourishing burning cabbage! But sauerkraut, than the spring of the closer, the more acidic. And wash it – just vitamins to pipe down. And then I'm making cabbage soup Uralsky, with barley. And hearty, and the excess acid goes into the rump. I had to put these soup to uprivate in the oven, and now I cook in a slow cooker, where they miraculously reach.
Cabbage soup from fresh cabbage with peas
203 - 80м 6
Very tasty and light soup based on chicken broth. Transparent yellowish broth, white cabbage and green peas. The main thing is not to overdo the number of vegetables. The soup is supposed to be "watery", as in the Soviet canteens. More broth, less vegetables.
Sour soup with giblets and prunes
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A recipe from "School, grocery store," with my slight modifications. Soup with a rich, slightly spicy taste.
Lenten soup from Nina-superbabes
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This soup is quite possible to cook without oil, is also rich and delicious, aided by a large variety of vegetables. Go for it.
Soup "monastic"
197 - 45м -
A favorite soup of my son. He gave him the name in childhood. Once cooked, he ate with gusto. Then it took some time the son asked me to make a white soup. Cooked plain soup without tomato... it wasn't!!! My mother could not understand what he meant, for a very long time he was tortured and questioned... When I finally realized what kind of soup he says, surprised to ask: "Yura! But why "white" what To get from the child is a reasonable response: "Well, it's not red... " We both laughed... Soup is very tasty! Great for post. And even on the holiday table to put it is not a shame!
My soup
190 4.7 45м -
Nothing is easier, healthier and tastier! It is a plain SOUP!!!
Russian cabbage soup from cabbage
190 5 70м 7
Since ancient times in Russia were the most common soup hot dish. The recipe is illustrated with user Oxana_71 in the framework of "Coloring".
Soup of the Valaam
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These wonderful soup prepared by the monks on the island of Valaam. They contain no potato, no tomato sauce, as prepared by the monks since the beginning, even before Peter the great, when Russia did not know these products, after all, brought them to Russia Petrushka. But it in no way affects their taste. Thick, delicious soup with rich mushroom flavor, fragrant and delicious, suitable also for vegetarians. By the way, the soup can be put turnips, because it prepared soup in Russia, when there were no potatoes.
Soup with catfish
179 3 40м 8
Tasty, nourishing soup with catfish.
177 - 120м 10
If you can't cook delicious soup, try this recipe, nothing unusual about that, most importantly, proportioning, and it works, even for the novice cook:-)
Sour soup of sauerkraut
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I promised to post a recipe for this dish. That is a promise. Each hostess your recipe, maybe my method of cooking this delicious first course will be useful to someone.
Soup of sauerkraut without meat
165 3 30м -
Very tasty, quickly prepared.
The semi-diurnal soup on pork knuckle
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Yes, of course, usually soup are daily... But we do it always, can't wait any longer. We eat them faster than insist... Very delicious and flavorful soup! The site is not found, although it may be bad looking, if that show...
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The program is designed to prepare a typical filling soups like Solyanka, shchi, rassolnik.
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My version of the soup. Probably that already is there, sorry again!! This applies to a certain lady who's dissatisfied with the fact that here lay the duplicate recipes.
Soup "the Secret of Water"
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Water - a rather gloomy personality. But today he has a good mood! So he decided to open one of my secrets and share a recipe for a delicious dish!
Cheese soup
155 4 40м 6
Unusual first course.
155 - 30м 4
Honestly I've watched all 250 of the recipes of soup on the website and found nothing similar is not the soup which was cooked by my grandmother, originally from the Volga (1912, p.), so the recipe may have some authenticity. In addition, it is attractive for its simplicity, nepravilnosti vegetables and unequivocal reminder that the soup - the soup just from cabbage, and tomatoes. And although I love to experiment with different recipes, including those found on this website for other soup in this life I just never cook.
Soup with cabbage, chickpeas and bulgur
154 - 30м 4
In many countries soups are a symbol of a steady life and a family cosiness. Therefore, without the first meal wouldn't be complete! Try my variation on the theme of all your favorite soup!