Solyanka recipes

Team meat Soljanka
0.8k - - -
Arrived cold and wet weather, by this time the soup arrived. Well, what could be better than soup in this weather? But if a glass? It is a fairy tale. Solyanka is like borscht, everyone has their own, according to this I want to share his many years of proven prescription.
Solyanka in Georgian from Ilya Lazerson
436 - 90м 4
Brutal recipe from chef Ilya Lazerson, who, in turn, tasted this dish in one of the institutions of Sochi and shared with us on your channel page impressions and, of course, by a recipe. As simple as possible in cooking and available ingredients.
Hodgepodge "My fish"
328 3.5 - -
I belong to a small number of strange people who don't like soup. Well I do not like it, you can eat, but fun to me is not delivered. The only ear in my life that I ate with pleasure, had cooked on the fire. This backstory is told to what I was really afraid to cook fish hodgepodge. And me about her so many nice things to say. Well, decided... to my Delight there was no limit! I just fell in love with this dish with a spoon.
Meat Solyanka
315 4 60м 10
Of what was in the fridge :)
Caucasian bag
307 - - -
Caucasian Solyanka is Ossetian bean soup Kaduri bash. It feels heavy, but in fact there are a lot of vegetables: enough to eat, but not overeat. And most importantly — simple to prepare.
Hodgepodge "villager"
301 - 120м -
It's an old Russian rustic dish, this time potatoes with beef giblets cooked my precious husband on February 23 (his gift and the family a treat), so don't judge very strictly by my favorite chef.
Solyanochka at home
282 5 - -
Option for the first course. Delicious hearty soup. Yum!
Solyanka with sturgeon
281 3 120м 10
A classic recipe turns out very tasty, if not sturgeon can replace the red fish, is perfect for a celebratory dinner.
271 5 30м 6
Long live "Pink sea". Very fond of Mediterranean food! But today I cook Russian soup Solyanka (on its own). The site already has recipes for the dish. I hope that my will not be superfluous.
Meat Solyanka
260 3 120м 5
This is my version, not the classic!
Meat Solyanka
255 5 - 5
My recipe, not a classic. As I understand it, Solyanka is prepared according to the principle pizza - "What is lying around in the fridge - in case".
Hodgepodge of aspic
251 - 20м 10
Somehow after the holiday I was left with two sudecka aspic. Digest want, decided of the it-bag to cook! And it was very tasty! My family was so surprised, and my husband now, when I make the jelly in advance two sudecka protects the hodgepodge!))) I hope my recipe will be useful to someone! This is a great way out of this situation! I advise to look here! It is very tasty!!!
Meat Solyanka "My imagination"
245 5 - -
In the midst of Post I want to provide for Your consideration the recipe for meat Solyanka))) I, as always, break all the rules. Wanted to submit Lenten recipe, but then I thought it was boring. So show your solyanochku. I always cook it in broth from chicken Breasts. It is not greasy and tasty. Never add potatoes. It's a hodgepodge, not potato soup. Try when cooking, stick to the classics, but bring your.
Peasant woman at home
239 - - -
Simplified, homemade version of old dishes, villager. Peasant woman - a kind of soup.
A motley crew
237 5 60м 20
Awesome soup!
Solyanka cabbage
228 5 40м 15
Easy, delicious food. Suitable for people on diets. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Solyanka in Japanese
227 - 70м 5
Escanaba-Shire. "the Shire" in Japanese means "soup" and "estaba" translates literally as "the pot around" (in Japanese is not strong, therefore, we believe the Internet). That is, in fact, Estaba-shiru soup, into which you can put anything your heart and that there is in the fridge. In fact, it is the Japanese equivalent is known and beloved by many halophytes.
224 - - -
Another may not the diet dish. Although right look. The soups alone are enough low-calorie meals because of the relatively large amount of water. Just borsch and Solyanka high-calorie, than chicken soup. Especially now I calculated the calories and I came up with 55 Kcal per 100 grams. The dish is usually 200-300 grams of soup. 210-315 Calories not so much. So that at lunch you can afford and let the platter. This is the only soup that eats not show off my beauty. Fun certainly not cheap. But why not treat yourself sometimes. And yet, hodgepodge with potatoes, personally I bag not believe! Potatoes "kills" the taste of the broth. In the soup he may incidentally, but not in the bag! In short, come in!
The villager meat team from E. I. molokhovets
224 - 180м 24
Well, then..., meat Solyanka ... team. And I cooked it according to the technology (why applied this concept, I will explain the process) Elena Ivanovna molokhovets. (No. 59. The villager meat)
Solyanka on my way
211 3 60м 10
My husband loves the bag. I read a lot of cookbooks, watched a huge number of cooking sites to cook the most delicious and viable option for our family. PS Put a little tomato, so the color is not quite juicy. In the recipe you bring the right amount of tomato.
208 4 - -
Before the holidays the whole village gathered and everyone brought everything he's got... cooked "villager". Now there are different recipes, here is one of them...