Hash recipes

Okroshka on kefir
1.7k 5 30м -
How I cook it. Love it on a hot summer afternoon.
Nancy Korean hash
0.5k - 15м 2
I guess every kitchen in the world there are cold soups. In Korea this soup is called Nancy. "Nan" means "cold", and "Kuk" — "soup." Instead our brew Nancy pour a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and water. And keep everything very loose.
Green buckwheat with yogurt "Healthy Breakfast"
293 - 10м 3
Let's varied menu healthy Breakfast. The feature of the recipe that can be prepared both salty and sweet option. About the benefits of such food, no doubt. In addition, we will dispense with thermal processing.
One can
281 - 15м 8
Good option for our hash, only in Azerbaijani.
Hash "barbecue" with mustard
259 - - -
Recipe okroshka came up with my husband. To the country or to the nature we always take barbecue a lot of meat-cooking of different meats and poultry and of course fish too. But, in any case, meat is sometimes marinated or already roasted. And so it happened one day that brought the meat already roasted, but there are no longer wanted. The next day coming from work my husband was delighted "threshold" Dinner's ready!!! He made a hash. The hash is obtained with a very interesting taste-I have not tried before!!! I slightly corrected)))That turned a family recipe!!!
Okroshka with tan and ice-cold brew
244 - - 6
Hearty and flavorful hash with ice from the brew.
Hash family
242 5 50м 5
Cold dish, very tasty and quite satisfying. Especially popular in summer, although in our family any day she is very happy!
239 4 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Musical instruments of Azerbaijan. Easy soup that is just great, especially in the hot summer. Very nice cooling and very low calorie.
Easy-delicious hash
224 - 50м 8
Enough options for hash on the website! Decided to share with you. Sweet taste, will delight your entire family. My husband loved it when I'm cooking okroshka. It consists of basic ingredients, and nothing complicated. Nice cooking ❤
Cold soup of Armenia Matsnabrdosh
204 - 7м 5
So nice on a hot summer day to have in the fridge this, to satisfy hunger and thirst, giving a pleasant coolness... soup! The main thing is to cook to music and having fun! Vegetarian cuisine!
204 5 - -
This hash recipe is a little different from traditional hash.
203 3.5 40м -
The Georgian version of the Russian summer soup...
Cold soup "Wright"
202 3 - 4
Fermented milk drink, relatives of our hash. Well quenches thirst and soothes the stomach after spicy food.
Hash "everything"
194 3 30м -
What is summer without okroshka! We make it so.
191 3.5 20м 8
Another variant of okroshka is a cold soup, especially good in hot weather.
Soup "the heat"
190 - 30м 5
In the heat of summer there is generally not desirable. Or if there is, it is light and non-greasy. Just for this case and will fit my soup :)
The beet soup with fish
182 - 60м 10
Vintage Russian cold soup.
Just hash
176 5 20м 4
Hash I love everything - especially in the heat. But the HASH - hash strife. A variant on the old recipe of kvass making. The manufacture is described in the book the publisher Sytin, for 1886
Okroshka with calamari
172 3 - -
The taste of the hash resembles the taste of smoked sausages, try it.
Hash "up"
171 - - -
Today, 17 July, 32 years since the marriage of my parents. Mom to the wedding gave the book "up" about relationships and housework and cooking. About the hash there was a little paragraph, just lists that can be added to meat dishes, fish, mushroom. But I am very interested in the option of refuelling, which I want to tell. And the hash, in honor of the holiday, I cooked my mother's recipe.
Hash with aspic
170 - - -
When I first read about this contest, I thought that I would not participate. Hodgepodge I don't really like, although I often cook for her husband, and the recipe I have... But banal conversation with her mother in law learned some interesting family recipe. It turned out that they have in the village cooks always cooked with aspic, which in summer was kept in the cellar. Of course decided to try a family recipe in a new way.