Soup recipes

Soup "Merch"
1.1k - 40м -
A delicate soup of red lentils. First ate this soup in Turkey(1990), still doing it.... recipes took all the friends, girlfriends.. the soup is awesome... of course with lemon juice and spicy pepper chili (dry) Ratio is always made by eye, depending on the pan.
Soup of zucchini and not only
0.6k - 80м 6
Offer a recipe of soup - very tasty, fragrant and pleasant in all respects. Tried to trace the history of soup, I learned that it was sung in the poetry of 12-13 centuries, and perhaps he really appeared in the expanses of the great Roman Empire before its fall. Perhaps there is some gene that is inherent in many of us, so many are so indifferent to these delicious soups.
Mushroom soup with truffle oil and parmezanom chips
416 - 20м 2
I love mushroom soup, cook it very often, but I always want to add different notes, because even a favorite dish can get bored :))) I Propose You a little "cheer" everyone's favorite mushroom soup.
Cream soup with broccoli and Apple
370 - - -
Get ready for summer! Offer to cook a very easy and delicious soup-puree of broccoli and Apple. Diet can be delicious!
Pumpkin soup
353 - 30м 4
Hello dear cooks. On this site I for a long time. But your personal recipes as it is not meant to spread. But for the past two years as I live in Spain, in the part called the Basque Country. And I became interested in her kitchen because my husband is Hispanic, and baskovskijj people are hard to convince that in the world there are other equally delicious "food". As I know, most of the Spanish restaurants with three Michelin stars located in the Basque Country. And San Sebastian is a city with a record number "Michelin" stars per square meter in the world! But I'm not going to acquaint you with molecular gastronomy. Because at home, it is almost impossible to reproduce, we, mere home cooks. But what is different baskovskijj normal cuisine is simplicity, naturalness and usefulness. So, let's begin.
Cheese soup
316 - 45м 4
Vegetable soup with cheese flavor and hints of soy sauce. A great variety to your diet.
Cream soup of fennel with a creamy mint
312 - - -
Rarely in our Northern city can be seen in the sale of the fennel, and then only in the network of a large supermarket "Sigma", but they have... And then lucky jumped to buy gelatin and saw fennel. Fresh, sturdy!!! Well, how can one resist?!! I got fennel soup. Help yourself.
Soup seafood
310 - 30м 3
I live in the Primorsky Krai. We love to catch and cook fish, squids, mussels, scallops, shrimp. Seafood balanced in composition, they are easily absorbed by the body and are a low calorie diet. Diet based on the consumption of seafood reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps fight excess weight and even (checked temperamental Italians) increases libido. This recipe I picked up from eldest daughter. No wonder they say: live and learn. The soup is very light and low in calories.
Cream soup "Spring mood"
310 5 20м 3
A lot of green vegetables and no meat.
Mushroom soup with fennel
281 - - -
I've combined the seemingly incompatible products: mushrooms and fennel, and it turned out delicious, tender, velvety soup with a wonderful aroma.
Salmon cream soup
263 5 40м 4
Soup with creamy fish flavor and rich creamy texture.
Cream soup of cauliflower
259 - 15м 3
Do not hesitate! This is a very tasty soup! Be sure to try and do for their kids. Maximum benefit and tastiness, a minimum of ingredients and fuss.
Cream soup of kohlrabi
252 4 80м 8
Delicious, light and healthy soup.
Soup cheese
251 3 30м -
Delicious, hearty soup. Cooked very quickly, and the product is do not need much. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Cream of cauliflower soup with mushrooms
245 - 40м 4
The soup was composed right at the time of cooking is improvisation. Diet is not used (as usual in this case) cream and flour.
Soup "Cancer"
239 4 - 8
Very tasty soup cancer, for both adults and for children. Try it, You must like it!
Soup vegetable
236 3 - 6
Very simple to cook, takes much less time than, for example, soup. When made this soup for the first time, my husband ate the entire pan in one sitting. Now this soup - signature dish dining. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Soup "Bear stew"
232 - 30м 1
Delicious, healthy, almost medicinal broth
Cream soup of red lentils
229 - 30м 10
Very light, delicate taste of the soup. In this low fat, easily digestible and very useful lens, but because this is a great soup for those who are dieting or fasting.
Cream soup of spinach
229 - 30м 4
Very delicate, healthy and delicious soup.
Soup black bean with bacon and prunes
228 - - -
That brings me to the end of my "Star week". The time passed quickly and it turned out that he was too little to share all the fun that I have. But it's not terrible. Finally, I want to offer you something quite extraordinary. It's a surprisingly harmonious soup and it looks nothing like what we usually do from the beans. The soft bean puree, smoked smell of bacon, the scent of thyme and the acidity of prunes merge into something divine. Definitely cook this soup in the oven. It takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it! I apologize for the delay, but 2 days starting from Saturday evening, the website for me was not available. Gave some error. And IU was able to log in even with another browser nor Opera, nor Safari are not supported.