Pickle recipes

Soup "Goju"
0.8k - - -
Have you ever been ever Ukrainian weddings, so with all the traditions.. in the village.. and not in a cafe or restaurant... but in the tent... And then the wedding? - ask... And that's it for this wedding, but on the second day (walk and celebrate there one day) I tried this the first time "goju", it probably is brewed specially, so after the tumultuous festivities and received degrees, a little easier this morning, because the celebration will be a long... ) For these weddings specially build a separate kitchen, a small cabin, with clay build oven, convene the most famous cooks of the village and cook all sorts of Goodies... mmm-mm. the Gojo boiled in huge cauldrons, all the guests))) and it is eaten instantly))) I tried to reproduce the recipe of The "goju", but at home, as it is cooked in bone broth and 8 -10 hours on the stove, that is "weary" the whole night, then of course a little different my recipe))) But the taste - it is the most... and with each spoonful I remember those fun days of childhood))) And since now another Great post I offer a lean option with mushrooms, and when the fasting is over it will be possible with the meat on the bones to cook it)))
Pickle "Azzolini"
494 - 40м 6
Mature women Cook And pickle the young maidens Prepare Osolnik! Suddenly the skies brighten On the horizon of the scarlet sails! And young Assol, In the form of Goodies will Feed Solnica long-Awaited Prince! The dish turned out Well, just "AH!" The recipe we will write in verse!
Pickle "superfood"
484 3 30м 4
This recipe of pickle, I have never seen. Although... a pickle is a pickle. As always, cucumbers, barley... But this is my recipe to try I recommend to fans of the brine soups. Tastier I have not tried.
Soup pickle "Special"
467 - 120м 15
Boil the pickle for many, many years, but this time decided to change the usual barley, which was cooked all these years, and take instead, whole wheat. It healthier and tastier! And as I thought wheat was roasted, a bit faster, after a preliminary roasting. Maybe I was a bit mistaken, the exact time I said no, but about an hour and a half after we fry. Wheat is softer and much tastier than barley. Try it, you'll love it too!
Pickle pot with goat cheese "Feta"
439 - - -
Very tasty and easy to prepare soup. With goat cheese. Very tasty!
368 4 40м -
Saw mom cook, but never tried myself, well all once done the first time.
Pickle quick
365 3 35м -
Easy, diet soup quick cooking.
Pickle on-Kuban
362 - - -
Very interesting recipe. Soup so came to taste my husband that he literally snilsja two weeks, "Prepare... prepare me the soup again!" how can you resist... of course, cooked! It so turns out that the jubilee recipes, I always get the soup. Not especially, honestly. Here and now - 300-hundredth recipe... soup again...
Pickle with chicken broth
361 3 - -
Pickle is loved by many. And what types of pickle, no! And with mushrooms, and buds, and without buds, and even (I saw somewhere) with fish. Today I cooked a soup with chicken broth. Decided to share the recipe.
The pickle soup with meatballs and oatmeal
358 - 20м 6
Offer you to cook delicious, flavorful, almost a diet version of pickle, in just 20 minutes, using the "dressing Pickle" MAGGI.
Pickle with chicken necks
340 - 60м 6
I saw on the counter chicken neck and decided to cook with them, pickle. It turned out rich, flavorful chicken soup with pearl barley.
Pickle with salt tomatoes
340 - 60м 8
I have not prepared the pickle and began to get a jar of delicious green tomatoes, cooked Urinoma xmxm recipe came to mind, that with them something very worth a try. And for good reason!
Pickle without potatoes
327 - 60м 7
There are many different pickle recipes. I will propose a rich soup, with meat broth without potato based of course pickles cucumber pickle barley, which gives it a unique taste. Perfect weekend lunch for the whole family.
Pickle quick
315 - 20м 4
In the holiday time period on what is missing, spinning like a squirrel in a wheel. And to feed their Pets should be good. My pickle just from the category one, two and you're done! And he's doing great in a pot over the fire in the campaign. Try it!
308 5 - -
Delicious soup.
Pickle fish without potatoes
289 3.5 30м 4
Quick soup, I recently do not eat potatoes, that is cooked without it.
Pickle meatballs
286 5 - -
Delicious hearty soup with meatballs!
Homemade pickle with red fish
286 - 40м 4
Fish version of this dish has a special taste, as the soup prepared with the addition of cabbage and celery.
The pickle soup with meatballs from canned fish
279 - - -
Quick and delicious pickle turned with meatballs of canned tuna and special taste and speed of preparation will give us MAGGI Dressing for the Pickle.
278 4 - -
One of our favorite soups.
Pickle herring
270 - 30м 6
Original recipe: easy to cook. it turns out delicious!