Milk soup recipes

"Zatirukha" milk
410 - 30м 6
Milk "zatirukha" - the taste of childhood. All children, as is customary in the summer and sent to her grandmother in the village. And Granny for dinner and prepared "zatirukha", the taste is amazing, supplements asked all... In memory of his beloved grandmother... And You remember the taste of childhood?
Marseille soup
267 4 - -
Delicious and healthy! Without meat, but with cream, very original.
Soup dairy in Mogilev
258 5 - 4
Noodles, made with thin starch crepes called Belarusians Lokshina. Soup of this Lokshina and hearty, and tasty. At the time of my youth, when we often had lunch in catering, this soup was one of my favorites. Now I cook it at home.
Soup "Cleopatra"
237 3.5 40м 12
I love mushrooms and cream, and especially their combination together!
Milk soup
237 4 20м 2
When it is necessary to feed the soup, and there's no time quite well!
216 5 - -
The Netherlands. Very tasty!
Milk soup "the Taste of childhood."
199 4 30м 4
I remember in kindergarten in the afternoon was often given milk soup, but it was sweet and I didn't like. But my mother used to cook this soup, and to this day I love him very much. When you do not want meat, or fish or poultry, cook this soup. To cook ridiculously simple.
Soup-puree of pumpkin and rice
194 - 20м 4
In countries with a mild climate the notion of seasonality of vegetables missing, besides the pumpkin is well kept fresh for a long time, so I suggest a simple recipe for this soup.
Cucumber-cream soup with smoked meat
191 5 20м 4
The soup has a delicate flavor and interesting combination products. On the website there are milk soups, but they are different.
Milk soup with dumplings
190 - - -
Delicious milk soup with dumplings, which will assess adults and children.
Soup with cheese dumplings
185 - 45м 4
My husband loves cheese and milk soups. So make them often and in different variations. This recipe of soup is no surprise, but I couldn't resist to upload it. It is so delicious, colorful and Sunny as the SUMMER! This is my first posted recipe. Please do not judge strictly.
Milk vanilla soup with couscous
181 - 20м 3
Who was born in "Soviet" the times, remember in children. gardens, milk soups with vermicelli. Starting from a recipe from the past, are treated to a very fast soup with the addition of apples and raisins. Pasta and couscous are needed for satiety. Will appeal not only adults but also children.
Milk soup with meatballs
179 - - -
Many moms know how it is sometimes difficult to feed the little nehochuha. Mess we're not eating, and in soups like diversity. This soup is for you. Gentle, pleasant and unusual - it will appeal to both small children and their parents.
Ear in Finnish
178 - 60м -
My mom's prescription. My favorite creamy soup!
Soup with sour cream and smoked meat
176 - 20м -
Delicious cream soup with smoked meat - will not leave anyone indifferent!!!
Milk soup "Soupe de Сhalet"
170 4 45м 3
Swiss cuisine is very diverse. But its main component is almost always cheese. And now we will prepare a new dish with its use. No, we're not going to melt in a fondue, raclette fry or bake like a badass. Today our menu milk soup "Soupe de Chalet".
Armenian soup "Cabas"
167 - 45м 5
One of the most popular dairy soups in Armenian cuisine. The combination of yogurt, wheat and lots of coriander make this dish very useful and quite satisfying. Soup "Cabas" perfectly restores the immune system, lowers blood pressure, relieves and prevents hangovers. Very tasty - treat yourself!
Milk soup with baked rice
161 - 45м 4
Taste of milk rice soup is familiar to everyone from childhood. To make this healthy and easy soup not tired of home, offer to cook it a little differently.
Sweet pumpkin soup with lazy dumplings
159 3 - -
Yesterday morning my husband was cooking dumplings, and my daughter and have planned your favorite pumpkin porridge. And all of a sudden took it into his head not a crazy idea, the result was very tasty, everyone was happy.
Hungarian milk soup with csipetke and cauliflower
157 - 40м 3
I advise everyone to diversify the home menu, this recipe. The soup is simple to prepare, with unusual taste and quite easy.
Soup "of Milky mushroom sweets"
154 3 50м 6
Delicious milk soup, fell in love with it from the first spoon.