Garnish recipes for 23rd of February

0.6k 5 50м 5
Somehow my husband was fascinated by the TV series "the Sopranos," in this series the characters are constantly eating some kind of dish called Ziti. Ate with a good appetite, so we also wanted to try what it is. The recipe was found online, adapted themselves and were preparing constantly. So if you love pasta, sausage, tomato sauce and cheese, you too will surely enjoy this recipe.
Side dish "Potatoes double cooking"
263 - 90м 2
A new taste for those who love French fries. If you decide to cook something in the oven or in a large amount of oil (e.g. schnitzel), as a garnish you can cook the potatoes the so-called double cooking. This side dish has become very popular in the English gastro-pubs, sometimes even triple cooking (in my opinion this is overkill, though tasty). As one English food critic - French fries double and triple cooking has breathed new life into this classic dish.
155 - 15м 3
Easy vegetable dish, a combination of buckwheat with colorful vegetables - it's spring awakening! Help yourself with vitamins! "Fast from Moulinex"
Baked potatoes with garlic
154 4 50м 3
A wonderful side dish to poultry, meat and fish dishes. Our family was very favourable to garlic, so this potatoes - the most...
Vegetables on the grill pan
151 - 15м 3
A simple and quick version of the popular side dish to any meat, fish. And a separate dish for the girls - an easy and useful) At the time when I first decided to make himself a grilled vegetables, first climbed on the boy and, to his surprise, found a very simple basic recipe! I had to experiment on their own. And now I'm ready to fill the gap and to share the recipe with budding home.
Potato leek
140 - 40м 4
It's soft, fluffy, flavorful mashed potatoes with milk. A wonderful, delicious side dish for grilled meat, poultry and game! Help yourself!
Rice Thai
137 - 40м 3
Once in Thailand, and tried there fried rice, I couldn't forget that taste)) so I decided to cook it at home. Turned out, I think, not nearly as good... maybe lacking some spice, but I don't know what to put Thais.
"Duck hunting" duck breast with egg noodles and vegetables
137 5 35м 4
"Duck breast in her soft pink version, and a sauce of quince, her fettuccine and vegetable stew". Menu expensive restaurant? Completely. Just had exactly 35 minutes before your favorite TV show, and the dinner wasn't cancelled!
Rice "Sloane"
135 4 80м 8
The unusual presentation of the well-known rice with meat, mushrooms and vegetables. Will even decorate the holiday table.
Potato dumplings in tomato sauce
134 - 60м 4
Potato dumplings in tomato sauce with leeks and Basil. A great alternative to the usual side dishes! :)
Potatoes "Fragrant"
133 - 25м 4
In wartime the country was starving.. Potatoes are always our family was saved! And grateful to her to this day, and we! What supported them in the difficult days! Friends! Victory Day congratulate all of You! Great happiness, health wish! Defenders remember! Be Proud Of The Country! All of us a peaceful sky over your head!
124 4 - -
Attention! Attention! Now open the world recipe ziti. This recipe was sent to me herself Carmela Soprano (For those who don't know, she is the wife of a mafia boss from new Jersey. Only it is not necessary to give publicity to)
Garnish "Bulgarski"
121 - - -
If You wanted to diversify their menu of side dishes, I would advise to try bulgur I love to cook and during the week, and holidays. Bulgur is parboiled and cracked corn durum wheat. It perfectly harmonizes with meats, chicken and vegetables. The combination of pickled carrots with onion, sweet notes of raisins, spice aromas and crisp bulgur, and here is the original spicy-spicy palette of tastes on your table!!! Help yourself to health!!!
117 4 10м 6
Most of us loves buckwheat and know how to cook. On the website great variety of ways of cooking. But this method of cooking buckwheat slipped (my) plunged me into shock. And believe me - delicious side dish to meat and poultry for the HOLIDAY table and can not think! They are chaff in the family of my beloved, and now in my family.
Rice with wings grill
116 - 35м 2
Delicious and quick dish with rice Mistral bags. Wings can be pre-marinated. While boiled rice, wings ready.
Potato roses
116 4 40м -
Such roses will make a wonderful garnish to meat and to poultry, and fish. Will decorate any festive table and amaze friends.
The potatoes in the oven in Armenian
113 - 70м 3
For fans of tater tots offer a simple recipe of potatoes in the oven in Armenian. The name may not be entirely correct, but to me, this recipe came from friends of Armenia, so in our family it is known exactly.
Ducal potatoes
112 - 40м 12
15 years ago I was given a book of Elvira Magicboy "Russian cuisine", it is the first time I saw potatoes, served in this form, and recently learned that these potato things are called so beautiful. Delicious, a favorite mashed potatoes in the "evening make-up," so elegant that is worthy of the table of the Duke. And delicious because cooked by a special recipe. A collection of video recipes cooking.
Mashed potatoes with onions and cheese
109 - 20м 4
Like me mashed potatoes! The option is very simple! Share it with your family! Hearty, juicy, flavorful! Before that it is nice! Cheese onion and gently! Delicious is inevitable!
Dinner poor Swiss
107 - 100м 5
This dish is often my mother-in-law (Swiss), exact names she does not know, but this dish has existed for a long time. I think it is in the likeness of our salad (although, in principle, has nothing to do with it), when people are put into one bowl all, they had edible :))) and the cheese they have always been)) you May find this a strange combination of potatoes and pasta, but it really is delicious! And in General, all brilliant - easy! ;)
Mashed potatoes with broccoli
107 - 20м 5
It is strange that I found nothing on the website.. is puree I cook, starting with the first feeding... her daughter's ears from it will not delay!)) Broccoli, mashed potatoes gives lightness, makes it more delicate and spring-green is able to decorate any holiday dish! Besides it is very tasty!!!