Garnish recipes for Lent

Barley with vegetables in the sleeve
0.5k - - -
Barley and vegetables... What prose... But, no! Pearl barley with vegetables cooked in the sleeve, is incredibly tasty. Fragrant, crumbly and soaked with vegetable juices, bright, beautiful and very appetizing. Do not pass by, help yourself!
Fried potatoes with tofu
389 3 20м -
But this dish was cooked to diversify so beloved of my husband fried potatoes. And surprisingly, he gave me for the fries even praised!
369 3.5 30м -
Semolina with vegetables. This is a simple, tasty and nutritious Indian dish well suited for the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Braised sweet and sour cabbage bavarois
340 - - -
Beautiful, harmonious taste of vegetables. It is great to diversify post, but on ordinary days perfect with pork. Welcome aboard!
Caviar beet
332 - 30м -
This caviar gave us in the garden, if you remember (and why I then did not eat?) To cook it learned much later from her mother-in-law. Very easy recipe: 1 ) easy and fast dish, especially important for "unloading" after the holidays and during fasting; 2 ) it so happens that after making a salad, for example, "Herring under fur coat", I got a few sokolac and where to attach them, You don't know... ; 3 ) can be used as a side dish, such as sausages, meat or spread on bread. In addition, I will tell you how to cook beets (I'm sure not all young Housewives know how to do it... ) the site has few recipes for beet caviar, but mine is the taste of childhood, no extra spices and ingredients... Everything is just...
Cous cous
278 3.5 10м -
Cous cous is semolina (and dish it), the Maghreb or Berber origin. As a rule, couscous is prepared from semolina of hard wheat (Triticum durum)is Very tasty... plus it is not necessary to cook... and the need to brew.. which significantly reduces the cooking time... because it is prepared like salads.. for Example.. Tabbouleh and hot meals!I hope in Russia it is sold.. the Contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Noodles "Lo-Min."
269 - 40м -
Delicate noodles, flavorful mushrooms and a rich, bright vegetables is a complete meal, but it can be served as a side dish. The noodles in this version turns out very rich and elegant, and yet low in calories and lean. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user Evgeniya19899449 called "Noodles "Lo-Min"" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Tofu with honey and mustard
259 4 - -
And again, tofu. This dish can be served as a side dish, but can be a separate dish. Tasty, juicy, unusual....
Potato roll
258 5 80м -
A great dish for lent.
Roasted vegetables on the side
255 5 80м 6
This spicy vegetable side dish I dedicate my vegan friend Diana (of Diana's Delicious)!!! Recipe long ago took Yulia Vysotskaya, only the ingredients changed a bit. Fast, easy, useful and tasty!!!
Slices of potato with mustard
184 5 - -
Delicious potatoes with mustard sauce, baked in the oven.
Roasted Brussels sprouts
181 - 20м 2
For variety of vegetarian menu decided to use a variety of cabbage. And Brussels sprouts are no exception.
Green buckwheat with cauliflower
168 - 30м 1
A useful side dish and a separate dish in the post.
Vegetable side dish in Chinese
167 3.5 15м 3
Garnish in Chinese with wood mushrooms, muer, soy sprouts, mushrooms and celery,. The dish is perfect for meatless, vegetarian and diet food. And just as a vegetable side dish to meat or fish. Very tasty, easy and quick dish! "MoER - Black tree fungus (muer) known to people for thousands of years and since then is an integral part of Oriental cuisine, contains a set of 8 amino acids, vitamins, provitamins, mineral salts. It has a high content of protein and sugar with a small amount of fat. In the East they say that mushrooms prolong life, postpone aging, improve the heart, liver, kidneys, brain. Regular consumption of wood fungus reduces the risk of cancer, cleanses the lungs and stomach of toxins, prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels. Fosfolipidy contained in the product, especially valuable for the development of the nervous system. A large number of iron helps treat anemia. These fungi excrete harmful substances. Unlike the woody mushroom from other edible mushrooms is that it does not accumulate heavy metals" (p. ) Be beautiful and healthy!
Mustard-onion potatoes
164 3 35м 6
Continuing the theme of side dishes offer a simple and delicious option for feeding potatoes. I got the idea from "cookbook", changed by itself. As they say, "that is all."... I had not thought of?
Rice with vegetables
159 - - -
I offer you the recipe of vegetable rice with vegetables and a wonderful garnish to meat dishes.
Rice with sweet peppers and carrots
158 - 30м 4
I love the combination of rice with peppers, it reminds me of summer. The dish always turns out very tasty, despite its simplicity. Hearty and flavorful side dish of long grain rice with the addition of sweet red peppers and carrots, this recipe is from the category of "cheap and cheerful", because you can even use frozen pepper, carefully stockpiled in the summer. This dinner is always fast to cook, tasty and bright. Help yourself!
Delicious and healthy pasta
157 - 20м 4
I do not believe that pasta is a good thing? Here is a good example. It remains only to cook.
157 - 15м 3
Easy vegetable dish, a combination of buckwheat with colorful vegetables - it's spring awakening! Help yourself with vitamins! "Fast from Moulinex"
Roasted pumpkin with vegetables "Agrodolce"
156 - - -
Delicious, aromatic, moderately spicy dish of pumpkin with vegetables. It turns out sweet and sour and a slight kick. Great for a side dish to meat, and as a separate dish it is the place to be.
Vegetables on the grill pan
151 - 15м 3
A simple and quick version of the popular side dish to any meat, fish. And a separate dish for the girls - an easy and useful) At the time when I first decided to make himself a grilled vegetables, first climbed on the boy and, to his surprise, found a very simple basic recipe! I had to experiment on their own. And now I'm ready to fill the gap and to share the recipe with budding home.