Porridges recipes

4k - - -
The traditional meal was of wheat, with a deep Christian meaning. The recipe is addressing to the believers who follow religious holidays, fasts and traditions. Coliva be sprinkled and eaten on Friday, the first sedmitsy of lent, when honored the memory of the great Martyr Theodore of Tyrone. In Greece Koleva decided to highlight and give and the greatest funeral Saturday and in the days of remembrance of the departed. Despite the simplicity, Koleva incredibly tasty treat! I want to show you how to prepare Koleva in Greece, according to all the traditions. The only negative - the right coliva is preparing not for one day. Let Koleva was ready on Saturday morning, preparations start with Thursday night... stop by if interested!
3.3k - 20м 1
Sambo preparing my father and also learned to cook this dish. The most delicious zamba obtained from campy. It turns out very nutritious and satisfying dish. All the secrets of cooking a little I know my dad has a lot of subtleties so that the recipe is updated do not be surprised.
Semolina "Instantly!"
2.4k 4 5м 1
Now Breakfast full progress! We cream of wheat cooking Express! Minutes! And the dish at our table! Burnt pots no more! To help the grandmothers and mothers! Health kids! And adults too, semolina is useful in the morning! I would be glad if this is useful to you recipe! At the stove messing around in summer, no desires, no!
Oatmeal with young cabbage
2.4k - - -
Savoury and very tasty version of oatmeal. Even for Breakfast, even for dinner! And a bit of history of the phrase "Oatmeal, sir!"
Rice for sushi
2.2k 5 30м 8
Rice is the basis of sushi of any type. Even the word sushi refers to the rice. Literally, it means "sour taste". Try to cook rice for sushi at home. As I was making rice for sushi you can see in the video.
Armenian harisa
2.2k - 300м 6
At the hearing, often perceived as "harisa". This specificity of the pronunciation in the Armenian language. Very useful hearty dish, simple in content, but very time-consuming to prepare. I taught him to cook my close friends from Gyumri (Leninakan). In this recipe I will offer a few, well-known and tricks for easier cooking this wonderful dish without losing flavor. At least this recipe at the time of publication on this website only as close as possible to the original.
Cereal on the ice cream with chocolate sauce
2k 5 - 2
I love porridge and make it quite often and with different additives. But from this mess I was left in complete awe!!! Delicate, creamy, with aromas and flavors of ice cream under a rich chocolate syrup... Even the great nehochuha will not abandon this Breakfast!
1.9k - - -
This meatless dish Orthodox cuisine is not the last place in Lenten menu many of the monasteries. It is used as a side dish with fresh vegetables! And for Breakfast with lean creatom or bread and a Cup of coffee or green tea!!!
Sochivo made from rice
1.9k - 60м 10
Christmas eve - the night before Christmas. Necessarily according to tradition, Christians eat sochivo is a traditional Lenten dish that is prepared on Christmas eve. According to legend the one who will taste sochivo, will live happily all year. The main ingredient can be wheat, barley, buckwheat, barley. But we are more used to rice, we'll cook from it. Supplements can be quite different to your taste. The dish must be juicy, it will achieve, thanks to the honey pouring. Happy New year and merry Christmas!
1.8k - - -
Gomi, or Hominy - Georgian dish made of corn flour and cereals. In principle it is a thick, sweet porridge, served with smoked Suluguni and normal. I also use and Imeretian cheese. As a rule, Gomi eat instead of bread and is served with meat, vegetable and fish dishes. Gomi turns out tasty and interesting, filled with cheese is cheesy smoked tint. Help yourself!
Porridge "5 cereal" Yorkshire pudding
1.8k - - -
How to spice up your morning porridge? So tasty and unusual? I propose to apply it in edible "plate" of the Yorkshire pudding!
Hominy in Italian
1.8k - 50м 4
Hominy is corn porridge. Traditional Abkhazian dish, it adds different additives: pork rinds, cheese, etc., I want to present the Italian version of this dish, where it is called polenta. Imagine this taste: creamy porridge with pohrustyvanie grains of corn under the magic sauce of tomatoes, which gives a tremendous zest to this dish. The recipe I spied in one of Ukrainian cooking TV shows, cooking up his famous chef Hector Jimenez Bravo, he argues that in restaurants, this dish is not small money and we can cook at home from available ingredients. Do not judge strictly, this is my debut on the site, decided to upload something because we are waiting for a special recipe... and so tasty not to repeat.
Quick sweet rice porridge in the explanation of Shir-bring
1.7k - 10м 2
Shir-bring - Afghan dish. Means "milk - rice". Rice porridge with a specific flavor of cardamom. Delicious and interesting combination of pistachios. And the flakes almost lightning-fast preparation.
A dessert of rice porridge with mascarpone
1.6k - 40м 1
Weekends have the opportunity to spend a little more time to cook for his beloved granddaughter Breakfast. Usual rice porridge you can apply quite unusual. In this version it is more like a dessert. Delicious, hearty, tender, mmmmmm!
Rice porridge "bounty"
1.5k - 10м 2
It would seem the usual mess... but no! A little imagination and a Breakfast of cereal turns into a feast for the sweet tooth! And thanks to the use of cereal - super fast cooking.
Garisa or Haris
1.5k 5 600м -
"Gar-RIS-s-s-s-a-a - a-a!!!" my whole family as a kind of invisible magic flute runs on the smell to the table without any appeals. This is the dish on my home. Simple to prepare, delicious and very hearty and healthy dish. However, it takes a long time, but requires minimal effort
Porridge in the pumpkin
1.5k 3 60м 6
Fragrant porridge is suitable for both children and adults. And if you cook milk and water, and in the post you can eat.
Millet porridge with sesame seeds
1.5k - - -
I don't even know who took my hand when I decided to add millet and sesame. In any case, thanks to him. Get a new tasty porridge. And honey, mmmmm...
""A magpie" cooked gruel... "
1.5k 3 10м 1
For our TREASURES, which are still quite small, but foodies and milk porridge has flatly refused!
Oatmeal drinking
1.5k - 15м 2
And not to have our porridge? This is no joke! How to persuade your child to eat healthy porridge? To represent it in the form of a cocktail! I invite you to try tasty and healthy porridge prepared with whole grain rolled oats Extra from TM Mistral, with the addition of yogurt and cherries. Such a mess you can give the baby to school with you, pack it in a jar with secure lid.
Millet porridge with pumpkin in Kazakh
1.4k 3 - 4
Sweet porridge, suitable for both adults and children. For photos thanks scullion Khorkina.