Porridges recipes for Easter

Sochivo of barley with honey and dried fruit
355 - 60м 6
Don't know what to make from barley? Make sweet dish - sochivo of barley with honey and dried fruits! Sochivo is a Orthodox Lenten dish made from grains with honey and fruit that is traditionally served on the eve of Christmas, namely Christmas eve! It is a sweet porridge made of grains of wheat, rice, barley, barley, to which add honey, nuts, dried fruit, Mac. Variations of the meals are prepared on Christmas and Epiphany eve, a birthday and a christening. I offer you the recipe sochivo from barley! Barley is for everyone, it is available and useful, besides preparing just enough! Let's get started!
Porridge of green buckwheat with mushrooms
343 - 40м -
Dish for those fasting, who does not love fat and healthy meals. Green buckwheat is a living buckwheat, and the brown color it acquires after the heat treatment. It is very important to eat green buckwheat, because it has a lot of nutrients. An interesting fact that up to 50 years in the stores selling green buckwheat, maybe that's why the people at that time looked healthy and blooming.
Quick and healthy Breakfast
250 - 15м 1
We all probably happens when you get bored of the usual food and want something unusual. And I'm tired in the morning to eat a simple oat porridge, scrambled eggs or cottage cheese. From dad I got an interest to experiment with food, this time he again played a role and I combined the 2 options for Breakfast: oat porridge and cottage cheese. I hope many will like this yummy
Pilaf with quince and dried fruits
243 - 65м 8
I wanted early in the morning on February 14, to please your favorite and least favorite new dish. Omelets in the form of hearts, sandwiches and other fast food has become boring, and I wanted something unusual, and at the same time Murcielago, no pink thingies and there are different wrappers. Imagine the result on your court, dear cooks. Just say, the recipe inspired me in one remarkable person, BUT I have contributed more add and cook it in their own way, therefore, it is quite a may be considered to be my copyrighted recipe.
Rice porridge with Mandarin orange and raisins
239 5 25м 4
Now comes the post, so I decided to cook for my family rice porridge with tangerines and raisins. The family loved it, so I decided to post on the website.
Creamy Guriev porridge with nuts
206 - 180м 5
It's not just a semolina casserole or dessert... It's a great combination all together! Guryevskaya porridge is delicate, airy, creamy, - I think, like everyone!