Porridges recipes for Christmas

Sochivo made from rice
0.6k - 60м 10
Christmas eve - the night before Christmas. Necessarily according to tradition, Christians eat sochivo is a traditional Lenten dish that is prepared on Christmas eve. According to legend the one who will taste sochivo, will live happily all year. The main ingredient can be wheat, barley, buckwheat, barley. But we are more used to rice, we'll cook from it. Supplements can be quite different to your taste. The dish must be juicy, it will achieve, thanks to the honey pouring. Happy New year and merry Christmas!
Porridge monastery
0.5k - 60м 8
The Nativity fast is the last multi-day post of the year. It begins 15 (28 - new style) in November and lasts until December 25 (January 7), lasts forty days. Advent is sometimes called groats. The hostess Desk is currently a mess.
Pumpkin porridge
455 3 - -
This recipe is a sweet porridge from the pumpkin without adding grains
Sochivo of barley with honey and dried fruit
355 - 60м 6
Don't know what to make from barley? Make sweet dish - sochivo of barley with honey and dried fruits! Sochivo is a Orthodox Lenten dish made from grains with honey and fruit that is traditionally served on the eve of Christmas, namely Christmas eve! It is a sweet porridge made of grains of wheat, rice, barley, barley, to which add honey, nuts, dried fruit, Mac. Variations of the meals are prepared on Christmas and Epiphany eve, a birthday and a christening. I offer you the recipe sochivo from barley! Barley is for everyone, it is available and useful, besides preparing just enough! Let's get started!
Porridge of green buckwheat with mushrooms
343 - 40м -
Dish for those fasting, who does not love fat and healthy meals. Green buckwheat is a living buckwheat, and the brown color it acquires after the heat treatment. It is very important to eat green buckwheat, because it has a lot of nutrients. An interesting fact that up to 50 years in the stores selling green buckwheat, maybe that's why the people at that time looked healthy and blooming.
340 3.5 40м -
Though Christmas has passed, but Christmas pudding can be a tasty, sweet and healthy dessert today.
Swedish rice porridge with roasted pears
259 - - 2
This is one of the options to traditional Swedish rice porridge. (Her story You'll find in the recipe). Sweet porridge with a hint of cinnamon combined with honey, caramel pears, crisp and refreshing sour berries and nuts that will pleasantly surprise You.
Pilaf with quince and dried fruits
243 - 65м 8
I wanted early in the morning on February 14, to please your favorite and least favorite new dish. Omelets in the form of hearts, sandwiches and other fast food has become boring, and I wanted something unusual, and at the same time Murcielago, no pink thingies and there are different wrappers. Imagine the result on your court, dear cooks. Just say, the recipe inspired me in one remarkable person, BUT I have contributed more add and cook it in their own way, therefore, it is quite a may be considered to be my copyrighted recipe.
Kutia Christmas
240 - 120м 10
Kutya is a ritual dish of Orthodox Christians, porridge cooked from whole grains of wheat, drizzled with honey, with the addition of poppy, raisins, nuts.
The Christmas pudding with cherries
238 - 30м -
Christmas pudding for the Christmas dinner so many, we try every year to try different recipes and this year made with cherries.
Kutya with uzvar for Christmas and Epiphany
229 - 90м 4
Cooked Christmas pudding on Christmas Eve - the first Holy night. 18 January - Epiphany Eve - the second Holy night. The Christmas pudding on the eve of the Epiphany prepares the same, but tradition is on Christmas Eve to remember the dead and their souls leave for the Christmas pudding on the table, and on the eve of the Epiphany follows the entire Christmas pudding to eat. A dinner with meatless dishes - fish, dumplings, pancakes, Christmas pudding and uzvar.
Christmas pudding with a compote of cranberries and apples
223 - - -
Long thought, what is so festive to prepare for the 100th recipe. And unexpectedly found a solution. It's Christmas on the nose. So why not cook two dishes, without which no traditional Ukrainian Sweater (Christmas Eve): kutya and uzvar.
Kutya or Sochivo
222 - - -
On Christmas eve, Orthodox Christians maintained a pious custom not to eat anything until the first evening star, reminiscent of the phenomenon of star in the East, heralded the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Church Constitution in the days of the eves - Christmas and Epiphany - Orthodox Christians are required to eat sochivo or kutia. And how to cook it? I offer a recipe corner.
The perfect Christmas pudding
219 - - -
I have at last posted the recipe for kutya of wheat. But then I found out many little things about which I was unknown. I came out much better than it was before. Here and post another version of the excellent Christmas Kuti. Bright night!
Kutya of wheat with candied fruit and nuts
189 - 40м 1
Kutya of wheat with this recipe turns out very tasty. For its preparation, be sure to use purified wheat as usual will not work.