Porridges recipes for Valentine's Day

Cold oatmeal in Swiss "Bircher muesli"
491 5 20м 5
This amazing dish was invented in his clinic for patients of Dr. Bircher. He thought it was oatmeal and apples-the elixir of longevity and health. From myself only I can add that in Switzerland in any store you will find a lot of types of ready-made Bircher muesli. They, of course, long-term storage, i.e. with preservatives. Hotels of the world Breakfast will be offered it Bircher muesli. I suggest you to prepare this healthy Breakfast yourself. I've experimented and found a perfect recipe.
Pumpkin porridge
455 3 - -
This recipe is a sweet porridge from the pumpkin without adding grains
The rice on the fan
323 - 30м 3
Do not judge strictly, but I have so many interesting recipes learned. Was completely unexpected and wonderful meals. I want to share a special production of rice. Unfortunately my kids only recognize this figure.
A variation on the "Rolls"
317 - - -
Decorate the holiday table is such an unusual dish and you will not regret, as it will not remain indifferent! Or even a weekday to please family and myself, something original. Where did the idea... somehow by the Discovery, in the culinary category, showed the chef, a foreigner who has worked for many years in Russia and he was preparing a "sushi" of buckwheat! Oh, how I wondered!!! I was surprised, but also tried - delicious! Here only the original filling not remember, we had options to invent... Very original look on the table, they all want to try such an unusual combination.
Yellow risotto
256 - 30м -
​Is a popular and tasty rice dish came to us from Italy and became wide-spread in many world cuisines. In appearance it is something between a soup and a liquid porridge, the taste is different from the traditional pilaf, although the processes are similar. In the process of cooking the rice releases the starch, which gives the finished dish a creamy texture. Recipes for this dish a lot. In the preparation of rice for risotto is one secret that is to bring it to readiness gradually.
Pilaf with quince and dried fruits
243 - 65м 8
I wanted early in the morning on February 14, to please your favorite and least favorite new dish. Omelets in the form of hearts, sandwiches and other fast food has become boring, and I wanted something unusual, and at the same time Murcielago, no pink thingies and there are different wrappers. Imagine the result on your court, dear cooks. Just say, the recipe inspired me in one remarkable person, BUT I have contributed more add and cook it in their own way, therefore, it is quite a may be considered to be my copyrighted recipe.
Millet casserole with cream blanket
243 - - -
Flavorful, hearty casserole of millet with dried fruit and nuts. Will decorate any table and bring benefit and pleasure to all. We have Bang goes with tea, despite the fact that spouse doesn't really like millet.
Porridge of rice cereal with strawberry jelly
214 - - 2
Such a mess you can be served at Breakfast to the children and to cook for Valentine's Day or just to delight your family, an unusual pitch!
25 - 20м 4