Hot dishes from mutton recipes

Saj kavurma-meat in Turkish
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Sac kavurma - Anatolian dish, cooked in a pan sac (saj). Hence the name of the dish. I have this special pan is not, so prepare in normal.
Lezgin pilaf with lamb
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What can you say about pilaf? How many nationalities - so much rice! Even more than that! How many chefs - so much rice! To claim that my recipe is the best, I won't... like not going to convince you that my recipe is the most correct and the most classic! It's delicious, hearty, self-sufficient dish! Take a few minutes to see how cooked pilaf Lezgin my family and I have. If you decide to cook in my recipe, you'll be surprised how easy and simple, and the result is always great! Friends who ate my rice, all take the recipe to myself and no one was disappointed! I am sure that you will not be disappointed!
0.8k - 180м 10
Gedre - rice with meat and chickpeas. Arab cuisine. Their crispy rice with the taste of beef broth and spices. Classic Palestinian version of this dish is prepared with lamb (as in this case), but it is possible with chicken or beef.
0.7k - 120м 6
Geshmak is meat stewed in tomato with vegetables. This dish can surprise and delight your guests. Cooked very simply, not need to closely monitor the cooking because everything is cooked on a slow fire, and the meat turns out tender and delicious. Geshmak great for cooking on the fire!
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Kibbeh Biel saniah (Кibbeh bil sanieh) is a very ancient food. It is mentioned in Assyrian and Sumerian writings, at the court of the Assyrian rulers was considered one of the main delicacies. It is a kind of meat pie without the pastry. There are many ways of cooking kibbeh in accordance with national traditions and family recipes. The main thing in this dish, it always contains a mixture of ground lamb, cracked wheat – bulghur and onions. Very, very tasty!!! My thanks to O. Baklanov.
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The recipe I saw in one of the Kazakh culinary magazine. Today I decided to cook and were pleasantly surprised.
Lamb ribs in adjika with cilantro
0.5k - 180м 6
Ribs of lamb, marinated in adzhika and baked on a bed of cilantro - the dish flavorful and surprisingly tender! The lamb was, as we say, a little over a year when he paid with his life in favor of our gluttony.
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This Cossack dish recipe I saw in the newspaper "Skatert-Samobranka", loved the combination of vegetables and lamb and was very juicy.
458 - 120м -
Kazakh sausage is the national dish of Kazakh cuisine. Prepared from meat of mutton, brains, rice and spices.
431 - 120м 4
Kazan-kebab - meat cooked in a pot without any technological cycles and much labor. This dish, with the unusual name of Kazan-kebab, translated means "barbecue in the cauldron", will be a great option for cooking on the fire while camping.
Behi Dimlama
419 5 120м -
What is DIMLAMA? (dimlama ... domlama...) I didn't know myself until yesterday. It so happened that he arrived on Christmas day MASTER (see the topic about the Risotto) and we decided to cook for the Christmas table a few dishes. One of them - this is DIMLAMA. The name comes from the Uzbek DULLES – steamed, warm up. Then prepare a dish of meat and vegetables that is steamed. But not a water bath, and for a few... in General, all will see, if enough patience to browse through the end. I must say that there are several ways to prepare this dish. Therefore, the possible experts do we have here. If you have other recipes or ways, what is called - IN the STUDIO! While we imagine Dimlama Behi or Dimlama with quince.
Lamb with rice in the Libyan
406 - 60м 4
A simple but tasty dish.
Lamb with herbs and plum
400 - 120м 6
... in explanation chakapuli. Of course, chakapuli, a food spring. Well, the beginning of summer. And all because why? All because at that time ripens rather begins to ripen plum. But, alas, it's now July to the end is coming, so get at us - "... in explanation chakapuli...". And it happened, believe it or not - very, very tasty.
"Alu gosht"
395 - 45м 6
Dish of Pakistani cuisine, is a meat stewed with potatoes.
" Baglama "
370 3 150м 5
Delicious, profitable, satisfying. The national dish, made of lamb meat. Not even fans of lamb, respond positively, is worth all the praise.
338 - 180м 6
Such a wonderful dish, you a bit sorry if you cook it, the tender meat, flavorful potatoes!!!
Pilaf Oriental
334 4 180м 12
Pilaf — a dish of Oriental cuisine, which is a first odarenny rice with spices, cooked in a special way (each with its own kitchen). Depending on the variation, the pilaf can be prepared with different combinations of foods such as slices of meat (usually lamb), vegetables (onions, carrots) and even fruits.
326 4 120м 5
The second dish. The word "ulus" means the portion.
Stewed meat in explanation "Kulchetai"
307 - 200м 3
This tasty dish is in the original that I try so far has failed, so without hesitation I made some kind of its variation. The family was thrilled!
307 - 70м 4
This hearty meat dish exotic Egyptian cuisine - a frequent visitor to my Desk. I already long time live abroad, including lived in Arab countries, where he borrowed, it is prepared the original way as it is cooked in Cairo. Since the Arabs almost everything is cooked in butter, and this dish is no exception, it is not a diet, but very tasty and unusual!!!
297 - 60м 4
A traditional dish of the Kyrgyz national cuisine