Hot dishes of pork recipes

Hot pork "Moravian Sparrow"
3k - 100м 6
Dear cooks, I represent on your court is another recipe of traditional Czech cuisine. This is a known Moravian Vrabec, or, to put it more clearly, Sparrow. In my recipe I'll tell you how it is cooked, the Czechs, i.e., with a potato dumpling and spinach sauce, although, of course, is only one of the types of feed, the mass of options. This is a very tasty and satisfying, but knowing that the Russians don't like dumplings, I suggest to adopt at least the recipe for cooking meat, which can apply with the more familiar side dish - mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Of course, in the Czech Republic now rarely makes the dumplings on their own - they are sold in the stores are ready, but in Russia it is not, therefore, for those who nostalgically vspominayut journey through this country and especially your visit to the Czech masters, post the recipe for the dumplings to cook "Sparrow" in its classic form!
Pork pigtails
2.4k 4 - -
Meat dish
Leg of wild boar baked in milk
2.1k 4 - -
Leg of wild boar roasted in milk with rosemary and juniper. If You don't know hunters who will bring You their prey, take just a pork leg.
Theater-baked brisket or podcherevok
2.1k - - -
Them is brisket, podcherevok, bacon baked in the oven or in the oven. Very popular in Western Ukraine, served with scrambled eggs, cold or hot. Feature of them is that this dietary fat, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. In the lard contains digestible by the human body and is very beneficial fatty acids that do not lose their properties even after heat treatment. During the long roasting most of the fat and leaves the meat evaporates, and the output is a tasty and slightly dry diet product. Also, the little fat carbohydrates and protein, which is also useful from a dietary point of view since such a product, even when consumed frequently in small portions allows you to not grow stout, but saturates due to the large calorie.
1.8k - 50м 7
This Korean dish is pork fried with vegetables. I'm a little Russified it for you, dear Cooks as a condiment of Korean cuisine will not find on the Far East, and treats you really want ))) help yourself!!!
Pork ribs in sauce "Narsharab"
1.5k 3 - 6
Bright, juicy, slightly sweet flavor of this dish, I think, will not leave anyone indifferent. Meat lovers dedicated!!
1.5k 4.3 60м 4
Tasty and tender pork. One of the favorite dishes of my husband.
1.5k - 100м -
Not just dish, but the national pride of the Estonians. Happy is prepared and eaten on national holidays, but, in my opinion, more suited for the cold season - a winter meal. Like many national dishes, simple but very tasty and satisfying. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user Jaana131 called "Mulgikapsad" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring". So... let's eat!
Dinner at the cottage
1.5k 5 - -
Simple and delicious.
1.4k 5 - -
This weekend my dad went for pork in the village, brought me meat ))) and in the appendage portion from pigs. I thought, thought, what to cook from it, and I thought I'd rather not have thought of, and looked through all their books and found a recipe called "Salceson". If somebody need a recipe, I will be very happy!!!
Crispy pork Filipino "Lechon-kavali"
1.4k - 60м 60
This recipe is for all lovers of pork, which is not particularly worried about your waistline. It's pork at its best – crispy skin, tender with melting fat and juicy meat inside. If you have any remorse for what you eat not very healthy food, comfort can be found in the fact that, at least, you do it rarely, but with great taste and pleasure.
1.3k - 90м 3
Came in on a Saturday the husband from the street and said the magic words: the former site of the café, next to the house, opened Soblazna. And immediately joined "podarochnaja memory": the beginning of the 2000s: summer, heat, sun, in Moscow poke of summer cafes, we are free, young, to put in the country, we-the feast of disobedience. Go where we like, do what you want, about her husband's work was a tent cafe where they served one dish and called it "Gyros". Although, in fact, it was Gyros. Also a Greek dish but prepare it differently. And home usloviyakh almost impossible to do, because it is cooked on a vertical spit and is a kind of a kind of middle Eastern Shawarma. The children grew up and escaped from the greyness and bad weather in the "bounty". And I decided that it is not a sin for the youth to remember. I invite You to go "on the waves of my memory". We are waiting for all lovers of meat, vegetables, simple but tasty dishes
1.3k - 50м 4
On the website there is already a recipe for this wonderful dish, but mine is a little different, so I want to share with You my version of cooking. Suddenly, someone come in handy. This is a wonderful, fragrant and very filling this dish is Georgian cuisine. A wonderful combination of Hops-Suneli, fresh herbs, garlic, potatoes and pork, will not leave You indifferent. So, let's eat!
Meat in breadcrumbs
1.2k 4 30м 4
Repulsed pieces of meat, fried in breadcrumbs
Ham baked "Tom and Jerry"
1.2k - 180м 4
If you watched the cartoon "Tom and Jerry", it could not ignore a juicy delicious piece of meat with bone, which is constantly dragged cat and mouse. My youngest son (he's 19 ) grew up on this cartoon. And yesterday when I got a piece of ham for baking, he exclaimed: "Mom, it's meat from "Tom and Jerry!" So to the recipe and "stuck" is the name. And the meat turned out juicy, tender and spicy at the same time.
Buckwheat Suvorov
1.2k - 30м 4
Buckwheat and liver we accompany the whole life from childhood to old age. This is a simple dish to prepare and very useful.
"Drunken" pork knuckle
1.2k 5 - -
This pork knuckle is well served with braised cabbage or mashed potatoes. Choose for yourself who you like more....
Cellophane with pork "Red dragon"
1.2k - - -
Incredibly delicious, rich dish. Sliced pork with vegetables in a sumptuous sauce with numerous combinations of spices and flavors. Sharp, sour and sweet combination in the environment gentle funchoza will leave the most pleasant impressions. Help yourself!
The meat in the captain's
1.1k - 90м -
This is a dish I remember from childhood. My mom made it on major holidays and when it was ready, my brother and I were running and stealing the potatoes in pieces - it was really very delicious :) Now I have two kids who eat the same as I was at their age - picking their Cutlery on the plate, thinking that it will be sweeter and tastier :) With the meat in the captain's things differently- sweep the plate for five seconds, ask for seconds, and then ran to the pan to steal another slice of potatoes :) a Few tips: 1. do not pour a lot of cheese. if it's a lot, then a cheese layer, under which potatoes will turn out not very tasty. 2. be sure to cut the potatoes into strips
Meat with cheese coat
1.1k - - -
A delicious recipe for juicy and tender meat under a cheese coat. I am preparing a pork almost every holiday and often indulge his household in ordinary days. French meat turns out very soft, tender and juicy. This dish is the first razletaetsya from the table.
Pork "Yam Khor Moo Yang"
1.1k - - -
Traditional Thai dish. However, unlike most other Thai dishes, it turns out very affordable in search of ingredients, and in terms of cost. The dish is suitable both for holiday and everyday menu.