Hot dishes of pork recipes for Valentine's Day

Meat with cheese coat
425 - - -
A delicious recipe for juicy and tender meat under a cheese coat. I am preparing a pork almost every holiday and often indulge his household in ordinary days. French meat turns out very soft, tender and juicy. This dish is the first razletaetsya from the table.
Meat rolls stuffed with plums and bacon
413 - 70м 8
Tasty, juicy and fragrant spring rolls of pork! Add fresh plum acidity, and smoked bacon will give the same tangy flavor! Will serve in a cream sauce with horseradish! Good by itself or with any side dish. Welcome to the table!
The meat in the captain's
377 - 90м -
This is a dish I remember from childhood. My mom made it on major holidays and when it was ready, my brother and I were running and stealing the potatoes in pieces - it was really very delicious :) Now I have two kids who eat the same as I was at their age - picking their Cutlery on the plate, thinking that it will be sweeter and tastier :) With the meat in the captain's things differently- sweep the plate for five seconds, ask for seconds, and then ran to the pan to steal another slice of potatoes :) a Few tips: 1. do not pour a lot of cheese. if it's a lot, then a cheese layer, under which potatoes will turn out not very tasty. 2. be sure to cut the potatoes into strips
Pork wassce
357 - - -
I do not know how anyone, but my husband loves grilled meat, but rarely gets it))) Just as holiday meals! Romantic dinner - just the case - I cooked the pork in wassce, with a few additions-changed the third. Dish Hungarian cuisine. The meat is tender and juicy with meat flavor, not clogged with marinade and spices is loved very much. Try? Favorite to share!)))
Baked pork "Bear claw"
352 - 180м 4
That was the end of summer: hot, muggy. Only the first day of autumn, and already regret that summer is gone. Recently I read a funny status to "Classmates": "But still there are people who will say: "But summer this year was not". The younger son went to study in third year of University, so decided to make him happy, to eat something delicious. He loves pot roast and found this simple recipe.
Dolma unusual
340 - - -
This dish, of course, is not traditional, authentic dolma... But there's one ingredient that makes it taste even more unusual. The recipe I did it accidentally. Left after the holidays a piece of home pastrami. We don't really love, although it is considered a delicacy. Throw a pity... I Decided to dream a little. And so was born the recipe of my famous dolma. And guests always ask what I'd prepared this variant and not traditional. So you have to always have in stock not only grape leaves, basturma.
Pork knuckles with cabbage
330 - 420м 8
The dish is very tasty, although a long time getting ready. To German cuisine. Although German cuisine variations of cooking pig's trotters with cabbage, there are many, as always – we each cook a recipe. Not to be confused with a dish called isban! It is made from pork shank, in our case – namely the legs, with hooves.
Pigs in a blanket a La "Jambon an cool"
329 - 250м 3
Jambon en croute. Good day, I want to share a Christmas recipe meat, who hails from the Alsace region of France. The dish turns out very fragrant, with a crisp pastry, tender meat and certainly festive! Traditionally it is prepared with boiled pork ham, but it is possible to replace just the flesh of pork, veal, kasseler or other smoked meat. And the pastry you can replace the puff.
Noodles with pork and vegetables in Chinese style
320 5 25м 4
A simple recipe starch noodles with pork and vegetables in Chinese, you can use any noodles, always turns out tasty)
305 - - 4
Meatloaf. We really liked the recipe Fillout (Fishloaf) from Alena (Dania Happy) that we are very fond of them. Making the recipe some replacement ingredients, a new born taste of the dish. It turned out so tender the meat souffle, which I've never tried it. The dish is perfect as a hot dish for the second and as snacks. The or thank you very much for such a delicious recipe and with her permission, I share with you my version.
Pork "Fun"
305 4.5 - -
This name arose from the fact that I like when cooking, experiment with this part of pork. The meat always turns out excellent! Especially marinated in a mayonnaise-mustard marinade filling, layered with pear, tomatoes and garlic and baked until Golden brown.
Dinner for your beloved No. 2. Rolls with mushrooms
289 - 60м 2
Thank you all for your comments and for the "CHEF of the DAY", they say that beginners are always lucky))) And nevertheless the husband to stay hungry can not. Today I had more time to prepare, and such an occasion, now I am with you))) Is very tasty rolls with mushrooms and cheese!!!
Rose of love
251 - 60м 2
This dish will decorate any festive table, you can cook a whole bunch of these delicious colors!
Burgers "Student"
246 - 60м 2
At all times students it is important to be economical. The cost of this dish was 60 RUB. for Two portions, but what meat. It is possible to divide them into smaller portions.
Meat "The Pig"
198 3 20м 8
Very tender pork.
Boar knee
178 5 240м 2
After a family trip to Prague any recollection of Czech cuisine calls my husband and salivating!))))Search on the Internet anything intelligible did not give, could not stand - called a friend there! This is what happened! Yummy!!!!
170 4 - -
A traditional Easter dish.
Pork "the Sound of France"
164 4 - -
If You love "Parmesan".. that's just blasphemy to do it with the Mayo... that meat must be prepared exclusively with sauce "Bechamel".. the taste is truly Royal.. a dish worthy of any holiday table.. the Sauce has already become a legend among sauces. Simple, elegant, allowing you to experiment, and always delicious, the sauce also has a very high origin. His pedigree is a dish leads from Louis de Bechamel Marquis de Nuantel, who served as Chamberlain of the French king Louis XIV. Feeding famous sauce to meat, fish and vegetable dishes. .. this dish is cooking is so simple, that it under force the most inexperienced cooks.. BUT it's SO DELICIOUS!!!.. that just AH!
Pork in sweet and sour sauce
160 - 20м 1
In Chinese, this dish is called Guo Bao Zhou. It is prepared in much the same way, it can only vary the size of the pieces of meat and degree of doneness. In a cafe Chinese cuisine of pork cooked as in the photo. The dish is quite reproducibly at home, the main thing here is to know how to be, to smoke, to heat the oil in a wok. If you do not have an electric stove and gas, it will not be a problem. With an electric, of course, more complicated. You can cook on a normal stove village, clearing a circle, and a bonfire.
Pork ribs in pomegranate sauce
159 - 120м 3
Always in pomegranate sauce cook fish. I decided to experiment with meat. Very good, very...
Pork steaks in coconut sauce
159 4 - 4
Pork steaks, marinated in coconut milk... the lemon... turmeric... then exotic marinade turns into the most delicate sauce... for the Amateurs of unusual and exotic. source - "Cooking with confidence. Creative kitchen B. Burda"