Hot beef recipes

Meat casserole Georgian "Siskins-pyzhi"
0.9k - - -
Versions of this casserole exist about a thousand! Its filled with all that is at hand: eggs, greens, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes. It is a variant stuffed with eggs and greens.
0.8k - 90м 8
This dish is a Changeling from the Mediterranean cuisine, and in particular, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and other Arab countries up to Egypt. Preparing is quite simple. Very original taste due to the presence in the recipe of spices - cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg. In my opinion, the dish is very different from a pilaf. It has a soft and mellow taste. I recommend to try!
0.7k - 50м -
There are many types of this dish. Yet it is called "moussaka". I have tried many, but I prefer "MUSHA Armenian." The dish is simple but the result is tasty and satisfying.
Steak "Machete"
0.7k - 30м 2
This steak is for real men and true gourmets! Even the most knowledgeable people will appreciate the taste of this piece! It is cut from the diaphragm of the steer, the structure is very fibrous and has a distinct taste of meat!
The meatballs in Belarusian
0.7k - 40м 6
Recipe Belarusian cuisine. The simplest recipe for those who love pancakes but don't like to mess around with the stuffing in the chops! Welcome to visit!!!
0.6k - 80м 4
Popular Swedish dish, which is served in restaurants (Planck - plate, stack the steak) - the steak on the plate. Look at the history of the dishes, I saw that this is not a Swedish dish, but Hungarian. In Hungarian this dish is called "fatanyeros". Seeing the store plank for cooking, I decided to buy them and prepare the dish at home. The result made me very happy! You can eat one of the favorite dishes, without spending a lot of money.
470 - 60м 8
Cube baked. Arab cuisine. It was based included the minced meat with the addition of bulgur. It is baked, kibbi, which is a pie stuffed with meat.
Beef steak in the pan
439 - - -
Try to cook the perfect steak. Marinated in vegetable oil with fresh mint beef takes on an unusual and brash flavour. It contrasts perfectly with roasted garlic, lemon or lime. The meat is so interesting in itself that requires no side dish. Pickle, fry and enjoy!
381 - - -
Suggest you try a very tasty and unusual dish of Moroccan cuisine. Very aromatic, delicious, satisfying and beautiful. This dish diversifies and quiet family dinner and festive table. Help yourself!
Guiro Hanpan
370 - 50м -
Uyghur dish!
The meat in Mongolian
366 - 70м 8
Today, I want to buy you a drink, cooks, hearty, juicy and incredibly flavorful meat: beef Mongolian. The meat just melts in your mouth. Your men will appreciate your efforts, because this dish can be called men - of piquancy and sharpness in it long enough.
Meat rolls "birds"
352 4 50м 10
I remembered how my mother cooked tender meat rolls - with simple products in the original performance.
Beef marinated kiwi
346 - 90м 6
Delicious, juicy, flavorful meat... Great to decorate a festive table! And hostess will not take much time for cooking! Happy, You Cooks!!!
334 5 120м 8
Recently gathered with her friends on girls ' night out, went to a new cafe-bar. In the menu, I saw the dish under a wonderful title "cat". After talking to the Cook, I imagined that this dish and in the end do not regret that I ordered then that's it! But I decided not to stay and to cook this dish at home.
Beef rolls in Czech
329 4 120м 4
The dish is quite popular in the Czech Republic. Here it is called "spanelske, tacky"
327 - 180м 8
I downright beckon books on cuisines from different countries, they did ask to me to make the journey with them. This time I opened the book my grandmother. She had a part of his life to live in Tajikistan, where she brought the experience of their national cuisine. Dishes in Tajikistan are characterized in that they are rather simple, homemade, quite hearty and inexpensive ingredients. I know that the quality of the meat is mainly used lamb and our lamb is too expensive to become a regular guest on the table... I picked the recipe with beef is Husan - dumplings baked with meat sauce. According to the technique of the dish is quite complex and loaded - consists of 3 processes is the preparation of the dough, cooking of the meat and meat sauce. In addition, require a pre-prepared chickpeas. But... when everything was ready and the dumplings were fragrant in the dish - all were delighted. My husband said that a very unusual dish. Juicy filling, meat sauce, which soaked into the dough, the aroma of spicy spices! very hearty and delicious dish that will open new dimensions because you can experiment with the sauce, spices and toppings, and maybe even get ready and dumplings!
315 - 180м 2
Game ( gheymeh)-a dish of Caucasian cuisine, thick gravy to the rice. Consists of meat (beef), peas, some fried potatoes, served with rice.
Meat grape leaves
311 4 30м 4
The stuffing with the taste of grape leaves.
Beef Peking
300 4.5 40м 4
This sauce can be prepared not only beef – any meat or even fish. The main thing – to respect the General principles of cooking
Zrazy semolina with meat
297 5 30м 8
Zrazy semolina stuffed with meat
Baked beef brisket in the style pastrami
290 - 1340м 10
This recipe I learned in cooking class in space "Kitchen". Thank you so much for him, Roman Vasilyev. Very much I love oven baked beef, but to achieve the desired softness and taste have been rare. And then I always get juicy, tender and very tasty meat. Great for hot, and cold for sandwiches or just to eat a piece - fun. In General, this recipe has become my favorite: easy, tasty and family liked. Happy to share with You this finding. Similar recipe on the site I met.