Hot beef recipes for Easter

Meat in peasant
321 - 180м 6
For this dish I took the beef, though, I think we can make it with lamb or lean pork. Generally, in old Russian cookbooks, the word "meat" almost always refers to beef. About veal said too much. And almost never mentioned pork. I focus mainly on the book by P. Alexandrova-Ignate eve "Practical foundations of culinary arts", but apparently, not just her.
Steak "5 minutes"
306 - 5м 3
I suggest you try the incredibly delicious steak ready in a few minutes. I was amazed how this recipe is simple and affordable, and the taste of the steak is amazing. Juicy, soft, flavorful, with a salty crust! This steak will be the main dish for your holiday table and I'm sure no one will remain indifferent! Also, this recipe is perfect if you suddenly have guests and you need to cook something tasty! Help yourself!
284 3 - -
Juicy, spicy beef, marinated in wine. Recipe from the cookbook with my adjustments.
Pot roast with apples
159 - 180м 20
Boys and girls, I want to introduce to Your attention fragrant, with a sweet and sour touch of braised meat. Come in, I'd be happy!
Kettle goulash
156 - 90м 6
Somehow, recently, I have accumulated a whole bunch of washed linen, and I decided to pet him. And you know, I love to stroke in front of the TV. Will make the Board lower himself on the couch, in front of the telly... Well, what to see? Well, not Malakhov? I think I'll watch some regular exercise Ilya Lazerson, the benefit of the Internet and now in TV is. He showed this most bograch-goulash, a Hungarian dish, it happened. So, translated from Hungarian, it turns out, means the cauldron. And I, if I hear the word cauldron, I immediately make the rack as a hunting dog. In short, the pants I did, finished watching the video, and the next day made my own version. It turned out amazing! Hearty, abundant meat dish with a strong taste of pepper, moderately spicy, in General, not what any of us has ever seen in the canteen under the same name goulash...
Beef "shabu-Shabu"
147 - 20м 2
In fact, the recipe is, perhaps, not name. Rather, "the way of eating meat". But very tasty. And, besides, the event. Not sitting, sadly, drawing, spoon soup, and participate in a ceremony, mouth and stomach not wronged. As he wrote in a sort of Agatha Christie novel: "... a lucky guest - the guest busy".
Meat "in Brazil"
143 3 90м 4
Very peculiar. Prepared for Easter. My foodie loved it.
Beshbarmak in my opinion
132 - 240м 10
My Pets adore beshbarmak. The dish is simple, tasty, hearty. Will decorate any holiday table. To cook long, but easy. Get even the beginners. The secret of beshbarmak - tasty meat. Good with lamb, beef. It is prepared from horse meat, but we don't have to buy. I had a veal ribs.
Meat muffins with egg
130 - - -
Was on the Internet looking for some interesting recipe with minced meat and accidentally saw the recipe for these mini cupcakes. With a slight change and addition to decided to cook. The result was just super! The cupcakes turned out juicy, delicious, fragrant and unusual. Help yourself!!!
Venison in cranberry sauce
128 - 180м 12
Venison in cranberry sauce – the dish is very Siberian, there is a lot that is often found in these parts. Starting with the deer. Meat diet, low-fat, it is cooked rather easily, but this ease can be wrong: as easy to mess it up, overexposed, for example, on high heat. In short, deer – an animal timid and therefore requires a delicate approach. But when all is done wisely and with sufficient tact, the result is not just gorgeous and breathtaking!
Rendang beef
128 - 120м 3
Vintage dish Rendang (Malaysian mentioned in sources as much as c 1550) became a symbol of Indonesian cuisine. And if you look, Rendang -the creation of ethnic Minangkabau. They serve it at ceremonies special guests! Very popular now not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia and Singapore, etc. and It is clear the taste of the Rendang is incredibly rich and full-bodied. Because the meat is cooked in coconut milk with spices until the liquid is boiled, and the meat itself is not maximally saturated taste of the spices and become tender-peninim. Try to cook it in our kitchen.
Skoblyanka with mustard sauce
124 - 50м 3
To prepare skoblenko a pleasure! The ingredients are very simple and affordable, common to most cuisines in the world. To prepare skoblenko you with several types of meat or fish - the result is a very tasty and nourishing food for the family table. Offer its own version of skoblyanka with mustard sauce - spicy and delicious, grain mustard French nice blend with meat and mushrooms.
Beef in mustard
120 - 45м 3
Tender beef in a crispy crust. I rarely eat beef, but if cooked, it is only such meat. Fresh meat was not frozen. It melts in your mouth. For this recipe I double-cooked beef - frozen meat and fresh. Frozen a little rough and need to chew it longer. My family all really like beef in mustard. The recipe I learned from one Estonian woman who works with me at the SPA. The meat is served with marinated pumpkin...
Roast beef
118 4 10м -
"I highly recommend you for daily lunch English roast beef - this dish is very hearty, healthy and, moreover, economical, for going on two days..." V. F. Odoevsky, "Lectures of Mr. Poof"
Rib-eye steak with a classic pepper sauce
113 - 15м 2
If you have a premium piece of meat, the main goal is just not to spoil it! Everything else is already done for you. But what if you have available the meat is quite good for steak, but still does not belong to the most perfect part of the carcass of the bull breeds Angus, fattened carefully selected grain, nagoeva his neck under the warm Arizona sun on the meadows? Then in the head immediately come the French, who claim that with the right sauce you can eat even worn-out soles! Note - cooking steak with a classic pepper sauce!
110 - 90м -
Steak. As I remember it. At the beginning of the eighties, I first tried this dish. We then still a young girl, at lunchtime occasionally went to is located next to the cafe. The prices were expensive and you had to choose from the menu to get something cheaper. But the steak was just treated to an expensive meal. As I remember, was made to order soup with profiteroles, steak and tea. I may be wrong, it took a lot of years, but the lunch cost me then something on the order of 3.50 RUB the Money was at that time considerable. And here caught the eye book of my friend "About tasty and healthy food". And here is the steak! I looked online, ways of cooking steak and came to the conclusion that the exact recipe as it does not exist. Everyone cooks it differently. Remains unchanged the composition is minced minced beef, salt and ground black pepper. Some add egg, garlic, chopped bacon, onions, but that's my own preference. I did not copy recipes from other authors and decided to cook steak the way I remember it the taste and appearance.
Braised beef in Hungarian
109 - 80м 8
Delicious and very simple recipe that is perfect for those who are watching their figure and loves to eat:)
Meat baked in the sleeve "Spicy"
109 - - 2
Very tasty, flavorful meat. A minimum of effort and a great dinner provided! You need only to marinate..
Veal a La cream
108 - 180м 10
The recipe comes from pre-revolutionary editions of "Practical foundations of culinary arts" Pelagia Alexandrova-Ignate eve. This monumental work in 1899 and was reprinted 11 times up until 1927. The book was reprinted not long ago by the publishing house "AST". The recipes in it are excellent, translated into modern language. All highly recommend and recommend. About the recipe: very gentle, festive and incredibly delicious. Difficulties in recipe no. The recipe is a little adjusted under themselves.
Swedish meatballs
108 - 40м 10
It is believed that there were these meatballs (meatballs) in Sweden, in the 18th century. And even in the famous fairy tale about Karlson mentioned this dish. Delicious and juicy meatballs are cooked simply and quickly from simple ingredients. Perfect for both everyday and festive table. Especially like the children.
"Manpar" - a gift for my dear girlfriends
108 - - -
Girls, girlfriends, my dear, happy holidays to you all!!! Be happy!!! This is my gift for you all. Like many Asian dishes, it has its own legend-the story appeared. According to legend, one of the noble Khan lost his way while hunting in the forest and came upon the hut of the old woman, asking for bed and food. And that, because of its poverty, had nothing (as is usually the born genius dish). Then she kneaded the dough of flour and water, pulled it into strips and picked by hand into small pieces that are boiled. Gathering of vegetables in your garden, it is roasted, and added to the water with the test. Khan this food seemed the most delicious in the world. Try to cook this dish and we, but only on its own, modern twist.