Hot beef recipes for 23rd of February

Steak "Machete"
0.8k - 30м 2
This steak is for real men and true gourmets! Even the most knowledgeable people will appreciate the taste of this piece! It is cut from the diaphragm of the steer, the structure is very fibrous and has a distinct taste of meat!
414 5 120м 8
Recently gathered with her friends on girls ' night out, went to a new cafe-bar. In the menu, I saw the dish under a wonderful title "cat". After talking to the Cook, I imagined that this dish and in the end do not regret that I ordered then that's it! But I decided not to stay and to cook this dish at home.
Meat in peasant
321 - 180м 6
For this dish I took the beef, though, I think we can make it with lamb or lean pork. Generally, in old Russian cookbooks, the word "meat" almost always refers to beef. About veal said too much. And almost never mentioned pork. I focus mainly on the book by P. Alexandrova-Ignate eve "Practical foundations of culinary arts", but apparently, not just her.
Steak "5 minutes"
306 - 5м 3
I suggest you try the incredibly delicious steak ready in a few minutes. I was amazed how this recipe is simple and affordable, and the taste of the steak is amazing. Juicy, soft, flavorful, with a salty crust! This steak will be the main dish for your holiday table and I'm sure no one will remain indifferent! Also, this recipe is perfect if you suddenly have guests and you need to cook something tasty! Help yourself!
Porridge with meat
303 - 400м 5
I suggest to remember about the porridge from field kitchens - one meat and gets such a hefty vats. In this nostalgic vein. Now some of this is already 20-30 years as there is, if we are in the field and kicked the dining room, and here's IRP. Well, okay, like to cook in the kitchen nothing will prevent us.
300 - 120м 7
Recipe dimlama very simple
284 3 - -
Juicy, spicy beef, marinated in wine. Recipe from the cookbook with my adjustments.
Bajan Do
263 - 100м 4
Kurdish dish, easy to prepare and very tasty.
For those who are tired of barbecue!! (Kabob)
167 - 120м 6
Insanely simple, but at the same time, crazy delicious recipe for Kabob. This recipe is perfect for those who are tired of barbecue!!
Pot roast with apples
159 - 180м 20
Boys and girls, I want to introduce to Your attention fragrant, with a sweet and sour touch of braised meat. Come in, I'd be happy!
Kettle goulash
156 - 90м 6
Somehow, recently, I have accumulated a whole bunch of washed linen, and I decided to pet him. And you know, I love to stroke in front of the TV. Will make the Board lower himself on the couch, in front of the telly... Well, what to see? Well, not Malakhov? I think I'll watch some regular exercise Ilya Lazerson, the benefit of the Internet and now in TV is. He showed this most bograch-goulash, a Hungarian dish, it happened. So, translated from Hungarian, it turns out, means the cauldron. And I, if I hear the word cauldron, I immediately make the rack as a hunting dog. In short, the pants I did, finished watching the video, and the next day made my own version. It turned out amazing! Hearty, abundant meat dish with a strong taste of pepper, moderately spicy, in General, not what any of us has ever seen in the canteen under the same name goulash...
Soldier's porridge
153 - 90м 8
War, front and... cooking? Items seemingly difficult to reconcile. To each his own: one in the trenches – soaked in biscuit Creek, the other in the office – specially brought from the capital by plane delicacy... When guns speak, the muses seems to be supposed to remain silent. Including Coline – the patron Saint of cooks. But, says Russian people, like burst, and stamped. In other words, war is war, and lunch schedule. And today, when interest in the culinary side of our lives has increased dramatically, and almost no one to talk about the fact that Russian soldiers, as two hundred years ago, could even cook porridge from an ax, and his gastronomic ingenuity were matched only by the ability to beat the adversary. This is one of the most widely used recipes during the war. Porridge is a thick soup or very thick, but very hearty porridge.
Beef in a spicy sauce
151 - 90м 4
By and large I made a simple beef stew. The highlight is that prior to cooking the meat is marinated in "compound" sauce, seasoned with Basil and two types of pepper.
Burgers "Juicy" universal
150 - 30м 6
Offer you a recipe of cutlets, which supplanted all other options. Unnoticed. Unexpectedly. Recipe for incredibly juicy burgers Without eggs, no bread. Do not rush to throw a Shoe at me. Great burgers themselves, Burger, with some bread or salad! Try it! Bon appetit!
147 - 60м 2
Fillet steak with eggplant - gorgeous dish. Try it and you will not regret! Bon appetit!
Beef "shabu-Shabu"
147 - 20м 2
In fact, the recipe is, perhaps, not name. Rather, "the way of eating meat". But very tasty. And, besides, the event. Not sitting, sadly, drawing, spoon soup, and participate in a ceremony, mouth and stomach not wronged. As he wrote in a sort of Agatha Christie novel: "... a lucky guest - the guest busy".
Steak from young beef
144 - 30м 2
A recipe adapted from the masterpiece of Austrian cuisine. A little gift for lovely, kind and cheerful person Victoria/ms/.
Spicy beef "."
143 - 60м 6
Traditional Mexican dish of spicy fried meat and vegetables served in a flour tortilla or in lettuce leaves.
Beef Chinese style with rice
139 - - -
Very delicious and flavorful Chinese food. Very easy to prepare. I'm sure that this dish can be a decoration of any holiday table or just a family dinner. Please try! Bon appetit!
136 3 60м 12
Delicious, delicious dish will not leave anyone indifferent!
Solyanka Abkhazian
134 - 120м 6
Solyanka Abkhazian is the dish tried that, You will forget about soup from a sausage, which is served at Russian cafe. Solyanka is a soup and a second dish that you can serve the garnish, IMHO. Spicy, fragrant, rich dish of meat, but rather just the meat)). I cooked it according to the recipe of aunt Wali of Gechripsh, which trained us in the dining room throughout our stay in Abkhazia in 2014.